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March 21/05 3:45 am - # San Dimas Stage Race: Women's Stage 3 and Final GC Results

Posted by Editoress on 03/21/05

San Dimas Stage Race

Report by Jim Williams, Quark Cycling

After two days of steady to heavy rain the skies opened and showed the magnificent hills that surround the San Gabriel Valley. The sun and dry conditions were a welcomed change as the riders took to the Streets of San Dimas for the San Dimas Hospital Old Town Classic.

Generally the final day crit has very little impact on the general classification but with milli seconds separating the top two GC placings and 40 seconds in time bonuses up for grabs the outcome of the race was far from over. This set the stage for what would be an exciting day of racing. The pace of the race was fast from the start as the Webcor team and race leader Erinne Willock went to the front to discourage attacks and protect Willock's yellow jersey. The green of Webcor had help from the yellow of Quark because the first hot spot sprint contained points as well as time and Quark wanted to secure the Green jersey for Tina Pic.

As riders made the wide sweeping left onto the finishing straight Quark's Pic and Laura Van Gilder gave the peloton a bit of foreshadowing of what was to come as the crossed the line 1, 2 cementing Pic's hold on the jersey. Kristen Armstrong of T-Mobile picked up 3 seconds for 3rd and moved within 26 seconds of Willock. The field remained together and the pace remained high all the way to the second sprint which was once again won by Pic. Second was Webcor's Christine Thorburn gaining seconds to protect her teammates lead. Armstrong again took third.

From that point on the Quark team moved to the front and began setting up their lead-out train. With 2 laps to go it was all Quark with Candice Blickem, Audrey Lemieux, Helen Kelly driving it. Down the back stretch Annette Beutler took over lifting the pace even higher and sweeping left after the final corner. Pic then launched her sprint with Laura Van Gilder tucked right behind after spending the last lap sweeping her teammates wheel of the other sprinters. At the finish it was Pic with VanGilder in second with her arm raised high. The battle for third was won by Magen Long over Victory Brewing's Gina Grain.

San Dimas Hospital Old Town Classic
1. Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team)54:29
2. Laura Van Gilder (Quark Cycling Team)
3. Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)
4. Gina Grain (Victory Brewing Cycl)
5. Grace Fleury (Quark Cycling Team)
6. Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile)
7. Annette Beutler (Quark Cycling Team)
8. Laura Yoisten (TEAM DIET CHEERWINE)
9. Brenda Lyons (Velo Bella)
10. Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders Cycl)
11. Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)
12. Amy Moore (Victory Brewing Cycl)
13. Michelle Beltran (Colavita/Cooking Lig)
14. Cindy Carroll (Dewars Racing Team)
15. Kristin Armstrong (T-Mobile)
16. Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)
17. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Cycl)
18. Melissa Sanborn (Subway Pro Cycling T)
19. Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders Cycl)
20. Kim Anderson (Colavita/Cooking Lig)
21. Leigh Hobson (Diet Cheerwine)
22. Liza Rachetto (Subway Pro Cycling T)
23. Julia Whiteside (Paramount Racing)all s.t.
24. Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders Cycl)0:11
25. Jill McLaughlin (Velo Bella)
26. Elizabeth Begosh (Velo Bella)
27. Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)
28. Betina Hold (Webcor Builders Cycl)
29. Chrissy Ruiter (Ford-Basis)
30. Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella)
31. Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's Serio)
32. Lana Atchley (Paramount Racing)
33. Yukie Nakamura (Webcor Builders Cycl)
34. Lynn Gaggioli (Monex)
35. Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Lig)
36. Crystal Yap (Subway Pro Cycling T)
37. Sima Trapp (Subway Pro Cycling T)
38. Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Lig)
39. Juliane Mortello (Landis/Trek/VW)
40. Brooke Ourada (T-Mobile)
41. Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing Cycl)
42. Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders Cycl)
43. Melodie Metzger (VeloBella)
44. Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing Cycl)
45. Kristin Danielson (Ford-Basis)
46. Helen Kelly (Quark Cycling Team)all s.t.
47. Carla Figueroa (Paramount Racing)0:22
48. Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)
49. Melinda Johnson (Paramount Racing)
50. Betsy Bloom-Galenti (Bicycle John's Serio)
51. Nichole Wangsgard (Express Racing)
52. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Cycling)
53. Jennifer Wilson (Amgen)3:20
54. Jennifer Gersbach (Colorado Premier)
55. Gabr Gonzalez-Ferrat (Velo Bella)
56. Dolly Ginter (radsport)
57. Carolyn Donnelly (Landis/Trek/VW)
58. Maria Bello (BorCal Velo/Hammerge)
59. Ashlee Zimmer (Eastside Cycles/Mari)
60. Lea Adams
61. Darcie Murphy (Ogden One Cycling Cl)
62. Anna Milkowski (CRCA)3:35
63. Laura Perdew (Firestone/Griffen)3:36
64. Genevieve Jeanson (Rona-Colnago)6:05
DNF. Sarah Tillotson (ABD Cycling Team)
DNF. Maegan Daigler (Colorado Premier Tra )
DNF. Candice Blickem (Quark Cycling Team)
DNF. Aimee Vasse (Velo Bella)
DNF. Kele Hulser (Ford-Basis)
DNF. Jennifer Reither (Bicycle John's Serio )
DNF. Kara Vidaca (Bicycle John's Serio )
DNF. Dorothy Wong (Bicycle John's Serio )
DNF. Lisa Hunt (The Olympic Club)
DNF. Carol Neal (Paramount Racing)
DNF. Tara Ross (Team Diet Cheerwine)
DNF. Rhonda Stickle (Team Diet Cheerwine)
DNF. Lauren Trull (Team Diet Cheerwine)
DNF. Allison Carter (team kenda tire)
1. Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders Cycl)3:44:41
2. Kristin Armstrong (T-Mobile)at 0:23
3. Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)0:30
4. Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders Cycl)0:31
5. Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team)1:01
6. Annette Beutler (Quark Cycling Team)1:12
7. Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders Cycl)1:32
8. Lynn Gaggioli (Monex)1:35
9. Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Lig)1:50
10. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Cycl)2:13
11. Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders Cycl)2:17
12. Grace Fleury (Quark Cycling Team)2:21
13. Kristin Danielson (Ford-Basis)2:30
14. Amy Moore (Victory Brewing Cycl)2:36
15. Julia Whiteside (Paramount Racing)2:39
16. Sima Trapp (Subway Pro Cycling T)s.t.
17. Jill McLaughlin (Velo Bella)2:52
18. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Cycl)2:53
19. Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing Cycl)s.t.
20. Kim Anderson (Colavita/Cooking Lig)2:57
21. Michelle Beltran (Colavita/Cooking Lig)2:58
22. Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing Cycl)3:19
23. Leigh Hobson (Diet Cheerwine)3:28
24. Laura Van Gilder (Quark Cycling Team)3:33
25. Betina Hold (Webcor Builders Cycl)3:34
26. Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Lig)3:38
27. Cindy Carroll (Dewars Racing Team)3:54
28. Liza Rachetto (Subway Pro Cycling T)3:57
29. Helen Kelly (Quark Cycling Team)4:05
30. Brenda Lyons (Velo Bella)4:12
31. Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)4:16
32. Gina Grain (Victory Brewing Cycl)4:23
33. Laura Yoisten (TEAM DIET CHEERWINE)4:30
34. Melodie Metzger (VeloBella)4:35
35. Nichole Wangsgard (Express Racing)4:37
36. Betsy Bloom-Galenti (Bicycle John's Serio)4:55
37. Melissa Sanborn (Subway Pro Cycling T)5:20
38. Elizabeth Begosh (Velo Bella)s.t.
39. Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)5:23
40. Yukie Nakamura (Webcor Builders Cycl)5:34
41. Genevieve Jeanson (Rona-Colnago)6:50
42. Gabriel Gonzalez-Ferrat (Velo Bella)s.t.
43. Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella)7:08
44. Chrissy Ruiter (Ford-Basis)8:08
45. Dolly Ginter (radsport)8:24
46. Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile)8:51
47. Darcie Murphy (Ogden One Cycling Cl)10:39
48. Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's Serio)12:42
49. Carolyn Donnelly (Landis/Trek/VW)13:14
50. Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)13:23
51. Anna Milkowski (CRCA)13:45
52. Jennifer Gersbach (Colorado Premier Tra)15:41
53. Brooke Ourada (T-Mobile)16:15
54. Carla Figueroa (Paramount Racing)16:53
55. Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)17:38
56. Juliane Mortello (Landis/Trek/VW)18:23
57. Lana Atchley (Paramount Racing)18:40
58. Melinda Johnson (Paramount Racing)19:10
59. Crystal Yap (Subway Pro Cycling T)19:26
60. Ashlee Zimmer (Eastside Cycles/Mari)20:40
61. Maria Bello (BorCal Velo/Hammerge)22:09
62. Jennifer Wilson (Amgen)24:10
63. Lea Adams26:14
64. Laura Perdew (Firestone/Griffen)28:19


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