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August 2/98 8:33 am - Adrenalin Update, Final Tour Stage Begins

Posted by Editor on 08/2/98

Whistler - Kokanee 12 Phat Hrs of Adrenalin (9 pm local time)
(courtesy Otto Kamstra)

We are three quarters the way through this 12 hour mountain bike relay event and there's been some changes in the leaders in each of the categories. The sun stayed out most of the day and the heat was not very forgiving. The sun set was a welcome relief for most riders as it meant that the temperatures dropped to a cooler, more comfortable level for riders. Yet now the excitement begins. Riders head out not only into the darkness of a course that looks different with bike lights on....but also into the darkness of their own fears. Most riders say these races are not just about the physical test...but also the mental test. Night time riding at the end of a long day of riding provides the vehicle.


* GT Bicycles brought out their road crew Trials Guy, Cory Johnson, to do some incredible feats on 2 wheels. He even jumped off the top of the Kokanee Road Crew Trailer that stands about 20 feet off the ground. If you really like this kind of stuff, and you are in have to come watch the best Trials guy...Hans 'no way' Rey who will be doing demonstrations throughout the Kokanee 24 Hrs of Adrenalin race at Hardwood Hills on August 15th and 16th.

* Animal sightings so far include a baby bear. No momma bear to be found (lucky for us we think).

* There was a film crew shooting...potentially for a commercial for Kokanee....stay tuned to your TV sets for that one.

* The Kokanee Mountain Patrol was on-site for most of the day.

* The Chevy Cow Bells are earned through competitions as tough as mountain bike quiz questions or as easy as being the closest person with brown eyes and hair. The bells add alot of excitement to the race particularly as the end draws near.

RACE STATISTICS AS OF 9:00 PM - Pacific Time

SOLO -Female
1. Leigh Ann Collis 7 laps

SOLO - Male
1. Greg Blackwell 15 laps
2. Troy Lynn 15 laps
3. David Norona 15 laps

1. Syncros 17 laps
2. Team ADAPT 16 laps
3. Team John Henry 14 laps

1. Spice Girls 15 laps
2. Dirty Girls 15 laps
3. Spin Sisters 13 laps

*Change in category....Grunt N Groan is in the 80-119 category 50-70 as originally reported

1. Boogy Knights 19 laps
2. Mechanical Failure 18 laps
3. Grunt N Groan 10 laps

1. Kokanee/Grinders 18 laps
2. Terra Pro I 17 laps
3. Assault & Battery 14 laps

CORPORATE (4-6 riders)
1. Glacier Shop 18 laps
2. Norco/Clif Bar 17 laps
3. Fabuluous Bonner Boys 16 laps

As the race ends at midnightish....the final results will not be available until sometime on Sunday at the earliest. Thanks for taking the time to read through this. We appreciate your support of this race and...of the Canadian Cyclist Web Page. Hats off to!! JR signing off.

Tour Begins Final Stage

The riders have begun their final stage - the parade into Paris. This is a sprinters day, the chance to win on the Champs Elysees. Pantani‚s team have reportedly dyed their hair yellow...

We will be bringing you the results of the stage, however, TSN and ABC will be providing special coverage at 5:00 pm EDT (2:00 pm Pacific) today, so you may want to watch Phil Ligget mangle a few adjectives...


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