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April 1/05 9:23 am - Redlands Prologue, London Velodrome, Be One Canada Team, Victoria Track Program

Posted by Editor on 04/1/05

Redlands Classic - California

Prologue - Mount Rubidoux TT 5 km

1 Chris Wherry (USA) Health Net - Maxxis 8:49.99
2 Scott Moninger (USA) Health Net - Maxxis at 0:10.77
3 Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada 0:11.27
4 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics 0:11.46
5 Mike Jones (USA) Health Net - Maxxis 0:12.00
6 Cheechi Giancarlo (USA) Team Monex 0:13.50
7 Brian Sheedy (USA) Advantage Benefits/Endeavour 0:13.88
8 John Lieswyn (USA) Health Net - Maxxis 0:16.53
9 Todd Herriott (USA) Colavita/Sutter Home 0:16.65
10 Ryan Trebon (USA) Aerospace Enginering 0:18.42
11 Liam Kileen (GBr) California Giant-Village Peddlar 0:19.32
12 Trent Lowe (Aus) Jittery Joe's/Kalahari 0:19.47
13 Mark McCormack (USA) Colavita/Sutter Home 0:20.23
14 Ivan Stevic (SCG) Aerospace Enginering 0:20.94
15 Danny Pate (USA) Jelly Belly - Pool Gel 0:21.44
16 Justin England (USA) Health Net - Maxxis 0:21.48
17 Neil Shirley (USA) Team Seasilver 0:21.53
18 Glen Mitchell (USA) Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada 0:22.09
19 Andrew Bajadali (USA) Vitamin Cottage 0:22.19
20 Jonathan Baker (USA) Vitamin Cottage 0:22.31

22 Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics 0:24.44
30 Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics 0:28.81
59 Dominique Perras (Can) Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada 0:40.63
66 Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics 0:43.04
67 Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Canadian National 0:43.06
81 Marsh Cooper (Can) Symmetrics 0:50.23
82 Cory Lange (Can) Symmetrics 0:50.25
83 Bradley Fairall (Can) Canadian National 0:51.08
84 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics 0:51.73
85 Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National 0:52.25
97 Jean-Sebastiaen Maheu (Can) Canadian National 0:57.43
98 Phil Abbott (Can) Canadian National 0:58.52
99 Jeff Sherstobitoff (Can) Canadian National 0:58.63
103 Ryan McKenzie (Can) Subway 1:00.31
109 Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics 1:02.74
126 Charles Dionne (Can) Webcor Builders 1:10.14
176 Gordon Fraser (Can) Health Net - Maxxis 1:46.54
183 Jay Hawranik (Can) Canadian National 1:52.01

1 Christine Thorburn (USA) Webcor Builders Cycling Team 9:59.09
2 Kristin Armstrong (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cycling at 0:04.67
3 Genevieve Jeanson (Can) The Bicyclew Store 0:07.15
4 Kimberly Baldwin (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cycling 0:09.03
5 Erinne Willock (Can) Webcor Builders Cycling Team 0:22.57
6 Lynn Gaggioli (USA) Monex 0:26.54
7 Annette Beutler (Sui) Quark 0:26.83
8 Ina Yoko Teutenberg (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cycling 0:32.08
9 Tina Pic (USA) Quark 0:32.87
10 Felicia Greer (Can) Webcor Builders Cycling Team 0:35.94
11 Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Ford - Basis 0:38.48
12 Grace Fleury (USA) Quark 0:42.59
13 Amy Moore (Can) Victory Brewing 0:43.24
14 Kimberly Anderson (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light 0:43.32
15 Mari Holder (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cycling 0:44.07
16 Sue Palmer-Komar (Can) Colavita/Cooking Light 0:45.01
17 Sandy Espeseth (Can) Victory Brewing 0:48.29

18 Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Ford 0:48.80
19 Kelli Emmett (USA) Ford 0:50.59
20 Katheryn Curi (USA) Webcor Builders Cycling Team 0:51.77

31 Nicole Demars (Can) Victory Brewing 1:05.16
32 Leigh Hobson (Can) Diet Cheerwine 1:06.10
58 Audrey Lemieux (Can) Quark 1:30.50
59 Laura Yoisten (Can) Diet Cheerwine 1:31.80
64 Gina Grain (Can) Victory Brewing 1:35.07
71 Rhonda Stickle (Can) Diet Cheerwine 1:41.80
85 Tara Ross (Can) Diet Cheerwine 1:57.64
106 Eliza Gagnon (Can) CRCA/Team Lipton 2:35.54
108 Julie Belanger (Can) Diet Cheerwine 2:41.99

Forest City Velodrome - London, Ontario

The Forest City Velodrome Association is very happy to announce that the members of the Newmarket Eagles Cycling club have made a donation to the new Velodrome in London.

The Eagles sent out a challenge in early March to all the clubs in Ontario to match or exceed their Donation for the Velodrome. The total donation for the club came to $1,270.00. "This amount of money will go along way to supporting the Youth Learn to Ride programs in the coming months" said Albert Coulier, the builder of the Velodrome.

Many of the donations were $10 - $25.00, with the club chipping in $500.00. We at the Velodrome wish to thank each member of the Newmarket Eagles for the generosity, and hope to see them at the track riding or spectating in the near future.

The velodrome is nearly complete, we are projecting that riders will be on the track before the middle of the month of April. The first race night featuring the Nas-track Madison league will be April 16th. Much more information will follow. The riding surface will be arriving early next week.

We will have a schedule of Learn to Ride (Track 101) programs posted on our website shortly.

Yours in Sport
Rob Good

Be One Canada Announces 2005 Roster
Courtesy Warwick Patterson

Squamish, BC - The Be One Canada Mountain Bike Team is happy to announce its roster for the 2005 season. Claire Buchar and Fraser Vaage will be joining team veteran Ted Tempany to make up the three-person freeride and race crew. The team is set to make a big impression in 2005 with key movie segments, editorial coverage, and competition appearances.

"All of our riders are really motivated to make a big impression, and they all have different areas of expertise which makes for a fun crew to work with," says Team Manager, Warwick Patterson. "Claire Buchar is focused on the World Cup downhill races, Fraser Vaage is doing a lot of filming and freeriding, and Ted Tempany is involved in designing some of the major freeride events as well as producing the next MTBFilms movie."

In addition to promoting the Be One Bikes brand in Canada, a goal of the team is to help develop up-and-coming riders into true professionals - both on and off the bike.

"We have selected riders who have a great attitude and amazing riding skills, and we hope to give them the tools and support to really be successful in the bike industry," says Warwick.

Claire Buchar has also been signed to the MerlanDuo-Be One Bikes UCI Trade Team based in Europe. She recently returned from a team training camp in Spain, and they will be providing her with World Cup support for 2005.

The team will start the season off at the Sea Otter Classic from April 12-17th. For more rider and team information, check out the new website at

Victoria Track Racing Program
Courtesy Cycling BC

The Greater Victoria Velodrome Association is once again this year offering all cyclists the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding the track at the Juan de Fuca Velodrome in Colwood. One of the aims of the GVVA is to introduce as many people as possible to the excitement of riding the track, and towards that end they have a full and busy season planned for 2005 with programs, events and races for every rider from novice to pro.

If you haven't ridden the track before, then Friday night is the time to start. This is the Family and Beginner Night where you can get set-up with a bike and practise on the track with the help of a friendly and experienced track rider. Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to start racing. That means Monday timed events and Thursday race nights where you can fully satisfy your adrenaline addiction. And, if you find yourself craving real race action, the GVVA is hosting a number of high-profile races this year including the American Velodrome Challenge and Provincial Track Championships.

To make the track as accessible as possible, the GVVA has also introduced a new fees package, making track riding very affordable. This year, for instance, $10 gets you on the track with a rental bike. Or try the "Track Pack" - $40 for 5 rides. Experienced track riders will always be on hand to help and offer advice. An annual membership is just $100 and allows you to ride in all club events.

So get out and give the track a try. It's fun and great training for any type of cycling. The season begins the first week of April, weather permitting. For more information and registration see the website at:


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