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April 2/05 9:38 am - Symmetrics Report from Redlands

Posted by Editor on 04/2/05

Symmetrics Diary: Wohlberg remains in top 10

Team Manager Jeremy Storie has provided a diary report from yesterday's stage of the Redlands Classic.

Day two of the Poolgel Redlands Bicycle Classic was going to be a pivotal day, as riders were faced with stiff cross winds and 172 km of hilly terrain, culminating in the 20 km ascent of Oak Glen. Eric started the day in 4th position in GC but both Jacob Erker ( 22nd in GC ) and Svein Tuft ( 30th in GC ) were threats. Jacob was going to be our protected rider near the end, along with Eric. Our mission was to make sure the entire team was near the front as we hit the narrow sections and the crosswinds. Will Routley, who was aggressive early on but still suffering from a bad head and chest cold was left behind the main group about 30 km into the race and called it a day.

The rest of the boys were able to stick to the plan and Cory set himself up to make it into the first break. This break had some major teams represented, but no Healthnet riders were present. Today was a day I am sure Healthnet would like to forget, as both Gord Fraser and John Leiswyn were dropped from the group, both fighting ailments. Later on Mike Sayers and Mike Jones collided hard. Both got back on the bike but were visibly shaken and Jones ( starting the day in 5th ) was dropped on the lead up to the final climb.

Cory's group of 6 got a maximum gap of just under 4 minutes with 40 km left in the race when a split in the field happened, with Jake on the good side of it. Jake's group of about 20 then went across to Cory's group so we now had two in the front group as they approached the base of the climb. Jittery Joe's had missed the break and drove the chase pretty hard and managed to close the gap so it was 'groupo compacto' at the base of the climb. Marsh Cooper was then involved in a small crash and was up quickly but would ride to the top off the back.

Riders then started coming off one by one, but Jake and now Eric held firm. As we got the the 5 km to go sign Jake blew but the race was already exploded. Eric was still in the lead group of 10 and the Healthnet's Moninger started falling off the pace as did Eric. The stage was won by Jittery Joe's Trent Lowe with Eric finishing up 7th. Jake continued on in to place 13th with riders coming across in dribs and drabs. Jake took two wins in the Mountain Jersey and now sits in a tie for second position in this competition. Eric will start the next day in 5th and Jake in 13th. All in all, a good day. We rode as team today with everyone pitching in to get bottles and do the necessary work when needed.


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