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April 3/05 12:51 pm - Progel Redlands Bicycle Classic

Posted by Editoress on 04/3/05

Progel Redlands Bicycle Classic

Stage 2: Beaver Medical Group Criterium
1. Ina Yoko Teutenberg (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team59:44
2. Andrea Ratkovic (USA) The Bicycle Storeat 0:05
3. Tina Pic (USA) Quark Cycling Team
4. Gina Grain (CAN) Victory Brewing
5. Annette Beutler (SUI) Quark Cycling Team
6. Laura Yoisten* (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine
7. Nicole L. Freedman (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling
8. Lara Kroepsch (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team
9. Belem Guerrero Mendez (MEX) Team Mexico
10. Amy Moore (CAN) Victory Brewing
11. Sherri Stedje (USA) The Bicycle Store
12. Mari Holden (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team
13. Kori Seehafer (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team
14. Elizabeth Fisk (USA) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
15. Kimberly Baldwin (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team
16. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella
17. Erinne Willock* (CAN) Webcor Builders
18. Liza Rachetto (USA) Subway Cycling
19. Sima Trapp (USA) Subway Cycling
20. Christine Thorburn (USA) Webcor Builders
21. Brenda Lyons (USA) Velo Bella
22. Kristin Armstrong (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team
23. Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling
24. Grace Fleury (USA) Quark Cycling Team
25. Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA) Ford Cycling
26. Kimberly Anderson (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light
27. Catherine Malone (USA) Webcor Builders
28. Kristen LaSasso (USA) LIP
29. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Quark Cycling Team
30. Audrey Lemieux* (CAN) Quark Cycling Team
31. Katheryn Curi (USA) Webcor Builders
32. Genevieve Jeanson* (CAN) The Bicycle Store
33. Catherine Walberg (USA) VGP
34. Felicia Greer (CAN) Webcor Builders
35. Sandy Espeseth (CAN) Victory Brewing
36. Rhonda Stickle (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine
37. Kele J. Hulser (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling
38. Sue Palmer-Komar (CAN) Colavita/Cooking Light
39. Darcie Murphy* (USA) VGP
40. Catherine Power (USA) TDS
41. Kelly Benjemin (USA) The Bicycle Store
42. Gabriela Gonzalez-Ferrat (MEX) Velo Bella
43. Julia Whiteside (USA) Paramount Racing
44. Lauren Franges* (USA) Victory Brewing
45. Lynn Gaggioli (USA) Monex
46. Leigh Hobson (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine
47. Katerina Hanusova (CZE) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
48. Christina Peick (DEN) Monex
49. Helen Kelly (AUS) Quark Cycling Team
50. Stefanie Graeter* (USA) Webcor Builders
51. Megan Esmonde* (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light
52. Anna Milkowski (USA) LIP
53. Megan Elliott* (USA) Ford Cycling
54. Kate Sherwin (USA) Victory Brewing
55. Penny Avril (GRB) Touchstone Climbing
56. Renee Eastman (USA) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
57. Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Subway Cycling
58. Melodie Metzger (USA) Velo Bella
59. Kelli Emmett (USA) Ford Cycling
60. Suzanne Weldon (USA) Subway Cycling
61. Carla Figueroa (USA) Paramount Racing
62. Dotsie Cowden (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light
63. Jill McLaughlin (USA) EXT
64. Jennifer Chapman (USA) Velo Bella
65. Alisha Lion* (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling
66. Maureen Devlin (USA) Touchstone Climbing
67. Shawn Heidjen (USA) TDS
68. Melinda Johnson (USA) Paramount Racing
69. Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Ford Cycling
70. Rebecca Larson* (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light
71. Crystal Yap (USA) Subway Cycling
72. Melissa Sanborn (USA) Subway Cyclingall s.t.
73. Karen Dodge (USA) EXT1:44
74. Nicole Demars (CAM) Victory Brewing1:59
75. Zoe Owers* (USA) LIP2:26
76. Sarah Bamberger (USA) Touchstone Climbing2:29
77. Juliane Mortello (USA) Monex3:22
78. Betsy Galenti (USA) Paramount Racing
79. Sharon Allpress (USA) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
80. Tara Ross (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine
81. Beverly Harper (GRB) Touchstone Climbing
82. Allyson Brandt (USA) Monex
83. Lauren Gaffney* (USA) Ford Cyclingall s.t.
TC. Maribel Diaza Esquivel* (MEX) Team Mexico
TC. Lauren Trull* (USA) Team Diet Cheerwine
TC. Summer Calder (USA) EXT
TC. Marisa Asplund (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling
TC. Kristin J. Danielson* (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling
TC. Pamela Hinton (USA) VGP
TC. Lana Atchley (USA) Paramount Racing
TC. Shannon Koch* (USA) The Bicycle Store
DNF. Magen Long* (USA) The Bicycle Store
DNS. Michelle Beltran (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light
1. Christine Thorburn (USA) Webcor Builders5:26:17
2. Kimberly Baldwin (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Teamat 0:06
3. Annette Beutler (SUI) Quark Cycling Team0:07
4. Erinne Willock* (CAN) Webcor Builders0:45
5. Kristin Armstrong (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team0:56
6. Tina Pic (USA) Quark Cycling Team1:36
7. Katheryn Curi (USA) Webcor Builders2:23
8. Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling2:25
9. Genevieve Jeanson* (CAN) The Bicycle Store2:29
10. Kimberly Anderson (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light2:37
11. Dotsie Cowden (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light2:48
12. Christina Peick (DEN) Monex3:13
13. Amy Moore (CAN) Victory Brewing3:18
14. Mari Holden (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team3:37
15. Lynn Gaggioli (USA) Monex3:40
16. Sue Palmer-Komar (CAN) Colavita/Cooking Light3:50
17. Kelli Emmett (USA) Ford Cycling3:51
18. Penny Avril (GRB) Touchstone Climbing4:01
19. Andrea Ratkovic (USA) The Bicycle Store4:48
20. Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Ford Cycling5:02
21. Kori Seehafer (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team5:21
22. Leigh Hobson (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine6:33
23. Grace Fleury (USA) Quark Cycling Team7:19
24. Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA) Ford Cycling7:22
25. Rebecca Larson* (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light7:25
26. Kristen LaSasso (USA) LIP7:34
27. Belem Guerrero Mendez (MEX) Team Mexico7:37
28. Suzanne Weldon (USA) Subway Cycling7:50
29. Felicia Greer (CAN) Webcor Builders8:28
30. Gabriela Gonzalez-Ferrat (MEX) Velo Bella8:36
31. Sima Trapp (USA) Subway Cycling9:16
32. Lara Kroepsch (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team10:06
33. Darcie Murphy* (USA) VGP10:19
34. Stefanie Graeter* (USA) Webcor Builders10:53
35. Karen Dodge (USA) EXT10:58
36. Kele J. Hulser (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling11:09
37. Katerina Hanusova (CZE) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team11:16
38. Anna Milkowski (USA) LIP11:37
39. Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Subway Cycling11:53
40. Jennifer Chapman (USA) Velo Bella12:14
41. Catherine Power (USA) TDS12:18
42. Maureen Devlin (USA) Touchstone Climbing12:23
43. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Quark Cycling Team12:57
44. Helen Kelly (AUS) Quark Cycling Team13:16
45. Megan Esmonde* (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light13:20
46. Beverly Harper (GRB) Touchstone Climbing13:28
47. Audrey Lemieux* (CAN) Quark Cycling Team13:37
48. Laura Yoisten* (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine13:38
49. Gina Grain (CAN) Victory Brewing13:42
50. Melodie Metzger (USA) Velo Bella13:53
51. Brenda Lyons (USA) Velo Bella14:01
52. Melissa Sanborn (USA) Subway Cycling14:06
53. Kate Sherwin (USA) Victory Brewing14:26
54. Jill McLaughlin (USA) EXT15:03
55. Shawn Heidjen (USA) TDS15:10
56. Renee Eastman (USA) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team15:20
57. Ina Yoko Teutenberg (USA) T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Team15:31
58. Julia Whiteside (USA) Paramount Racing15:33
59. Crystal Yap (USA) Subway Cycling15:49
60. Lauren Gaffney* (USA) Ford Cycling15:54
61. Lauren Franges* (USA) Victory Brewing15:58
62. Betsy Galenti (USA) Paramount Racing16:57
63. Carla Figueroa (USA) Paramount Racing17:06
64. Sandy Espeseth (CAN) Victory Brewing17:18
65. Juliane Mortello (USA) Monex17:34
66. Zoe Owers* (USA) LIP17:47
67. Nicole Demars (CAN) Victory Brewing18:16
68. Alisha Lion* (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling18:42
69. Sherri Stedje (USA) The Bicycle Store18:54
70. Nicole L. Freedman (USA) Ford - Basis Cycling19:22
71. Sarah Bamberger (USA) Touchstone Climbing20:33
72. Tara Ross (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine22:40
73. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella23:27
74. Liza Rachetto (USA) Subway Cycling23:42
75. Melinda Johnson (USA) Paramount Racing25:42
76. Catherine Walberg (USA) VGP27:02
77. Allyson Brandt (USA) Monex28:45
78. Kelly Benjemin (USA) The Bicycle Store30:00
79. Sharon Allpress (USA) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team31:01
80. Elizabeth Fisk (USA) MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team34:28
81. Rhonda Stickle (CAN) Team Diet Cheerwine35:12
82. Catherine Malone (USA) Webcor Builders36:03
83. Megan Elliott* (USA) Ford Cycling36:43
Team GC
1. Webcor Builders15:50:54
2. T-Mobile Prof. Cycling Teamat 0:30
3. Colavita/Cooking Light4:53
4. Quark Cycling Team5:38
5. Ford Cycling11:03
6. The Bicycle Store13:35
7. Ford - Basis Cycling14:30
8. Monex18:52
9. Touchstone Climbing23:24
10. Subway Cycling23:25
11. Victory Brewing25:47
12. Velo Bella28:21
13. CRCA/Team Lipton30:19
14. Team Diet Cheerwine34:13
15. Paramount Racing40:34
16. MX1 Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team. 48:42


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