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August 3/98 2:36 am - Biketrade is Up, Horseshoe, B.C., Altoona, Ontario

Posted by Editor on 08/3/98

North American Bicyclist Online is Alive!

We told you awhile ago about the new bicycle trade publication we would be managing, well, the online version is now active at Check back regularly at this site for bicycle industry news. (Of course, if it is a Canadian story, we will be posting it to Daily News also).

Horseshoe Cup, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario - International E Sanction

Pro-Elite Men

1 Julian Hine ON GT Canada 2:10:50.1
2 Andrew Pinfold ON Neworld at 0:02:36.7
3 Josh Hall ON Schwinn Canada 0:03:45.2
4 Nat Faulkner ON Jet Fuel Powerbar 0:06:15.8
5 Jeff Weber ON Kona Bikes 0:06:32.4
6 Andrew Croutch ON Trek 0:07:25.0
7 Greg Reain ON Klen Canada 0:09:11.0
8 Osmond Bakker ON OGC - Gary Fisher 0:10:57.5
9 Chris Lech ON PowerBar / Ski Proshop 00:11:02.3
10 Jesse Jakomait ON Power Bar 0:11:37.7

Pro-Elite Women

1 Lisa McGilvray ON Schwinn Canada 2:09:25.2
2 Leslie Greene ON GT Canada at 0:01:40.3
3 Jenny Brown ON Trek 0:21:15.2
4 Susan Trimble ON Fitness Technique 0:21:15.4
5 Amanda Kellett ON Impala Cycles 0:21:32.1
6 Maria DiLello ON Kona/Bicycle Works 0:22:34.0
7 Trisha Westman ON Rocky Mountain Bikes 0:30:46.5

Junior Expert Men

1 Ryan Dey ON Rocky Mountain 1:48:26.6
2 Mike Vollmershausen ON Woodstock C.C. at 0:08:37.9
3 Matt Patterson ON Impala Cycles 0:08:44.0
4 Phil Karasinski ON OGC/Fisher 0:08:59.5
5 Brad Porter ON Neworld Cycle 0:10:15.5
6 Mathew Martindill ON Jolleys 0:10:43.9
7 Jan Roubal ON Trek 0:12:33.6
8 Adam Wade ON Silent Sports / T B L 0:13:27.9
9 Peter Sanowar ON Rock Mountain 0:15:02.9
10 David Costigane ON Revolution Bikes 0:15:29.9

Junior Women

1 Helena Coney ON Boyds Sports 1:46:43.8
2 Melissa Lunstead ON at 0:05:23.0
3 Jenn Mountenay ON 0:40:40.6
4 Ashley Clark ON Kona 0:55:36.9

Veteran Expert Men

1 Vernon Chant ON Speed River Bicycles 2:00:20.2
2 Mike Clarkson ON at 0:01:39.5
3 James Brooks QC 0:03:01.6
4 David Dermont ON Bike Depot / GT 0:03:55.2
5 Kevin Simms ON Hardwood Hills 0:05:59.5
6 Rob Freeman ON 0:10:54.5
7 Mark Kirby ON Bicycle Works 0:11:59.4
8 Kris Tobias ON Speed River Bicycles 0:12:48.2
9 George Morgan ON Schwinn Canada 0:13:09.5
10 Philip Barnett ON Freewheel Cycle 0:13:31.9

Veteran Expert Women

1 Linda Dufour ON 2:05:46.4
2 Lori Pol ON Norco / Ryder at 0:01:38.6
3 Ingrid Coney ON 0:13:41.5
4 Tanya Flemming ON Dukes Cycle 0:27:20.3

Full results for all categories can be found at

Comox Cup Crit, B.C.
(courtesy Ed Schum)

Open A

1. Jeremy Storie - Escape Velocity - 34 laps - time 53:42
2. Dennis Manke - Nanaimo BC
3. David MacLeod - Juan de Fuca
4. David Campbell - Victoria Wheelers
5. David Dutton - Nanaimo BC

Open B

1. Dan Stevenson - Blacks/CVCC - 26 laps - time 45:29
2. Dieter Tschauner - Lifesport/CVCC
3. Russ Petersen - Bikesmith
4. Simon Brampton - Simon's/Kona
5. Ernie Klassen - Spokes

Dionne Wins Tour de Å’Toona!
(courtesy Josée Robitaille)

Yesterday was the end of the Toor de Toona, a 6 day stage race for Pro 1-2 in Pensylvannia. Charles Dionne, 19 years old, riding for Team Radio Energie, was able to take the yellow jersey in yesterday‚s last stage, a 30 mile criterium. Before that last stage, Dionne was in 2nd place, 3 seconds behind leader at the time Elliot Hubbard of Navigators.

Every 5 laps, there was time bonification - 4sec, 2sec and 1sec. For Team Radio Energie, the plan was to lead out Charles for that first sprint, take the yellow jersey and then send 2 riders in a break to get Team GC (Radio Energie were 5 sec. behind Navigators in the team standings). Everything went as planned: Dionne won the sprint, so he was now the leader with 1sec on Hubbard. Then Jack Landry from Radio Energie broke away with Chris Wherry for Saturn. Things were looking good for both of them, until Landry broke his rear wheel and front derailleur. Neutral support gave him a 56cm bike - Jack usually rides on a 60cm. But he went back in the break, looking like a guy who just stole a bike! There was now more riders in the break: Eric Wohlberg from Shaklee, Mark McCormak from Saturn, Sylvain Beauchamp Radio Energie, and David Clinger from Mercury. They were going quite fast, and things were looking really good for Radio Energie for the Team GC. Behind, Navigators were chasing to close the gap, they had help from some other riders, then Landry was not able to stay in the lead group, having too many problems handling the bike. He got back in the main pack, with almost 5 laps to go. Wohlberg and McCormack then broke away and made it to the finish - Eric Wohlberg won, and Mark McCormak ended up second. Radio Energie didn't make enough time to take over the Team GC, so they ended up second - only 5 sec. behind Navigators after 6 days of racing!!!!!!

No need to say that Charles Dionne was really ,really happy. For him, it was a major victory. Team Radio Energie started Toor de Toona with only 4 riders: Dionne, Beauchamp, Landry and Chevrier, with these 4 guys Radio Energie were able to be really agressive and were in the action all the time. Team effort was the most important thing and all the guys were ready to work really hard to win the Toor de Toona. Charles Dionne won, but at the end he was ready to share the yellow jersey with all his teammates, however, the jersey was not big enough to fit all of them in it!

The team would also like to share this victory with all their sponsors: Radio Energie, Specialized, Boost, Oakley, OGC, Pedro's, Toyota. Thanks everybody for being part of the team.

Wind-Del Track League, Ontario
(courtesy Val Davidge)

There will be a gala event at the Wind-Del Track in Windham Centre on Saturday 8th August.

The planned Track League is combined with the Second Annual Old Time Bicycle Races.

The usual Track League events will be held with racing planned from 1.00 to 5.00p.m. Events will be interspersed with the Old Time Bicycle races.

There will be High Wheel Bicycles, Early Safety Bicycles (pre ww1), Wood-rim Era Track Bicycles and special events for Masters

This will be an afternoon of friendly competition and a spectators are encouraged.

For further information on the Old Time Weekend, call Larry Strung at 905-713-0382.

Regular League information at 905-824-8906 or e-mail

Note to League Riders: There will be a serious wheel check this time. Make sure your tires are well stuck.


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