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April 11/05 6:56 am - Harris Roubaix Classic: Photos, Report and Results

Posted by Editoress on 04/11/05

3rd Annual Harris Roubaix Cycling Classic
Courtesy The Trek Red Truck Beer Racing Team

Photos by Greg Descantes

This year's 3rd installment of the race featured an extended 9.5 Km course with two sections of gravel along the dyke extending for approximately 3 Km. Over 250 riders participated under cloudy skies, cool temperatures, and dry conditions.

The racing started with about 20 young riders varying in age from U15 - U19 competing for prizes in the Junior Challenge Series followed by the Category 4/5 Men who completed 50 Km's with Escape Velocity's, David Penner and Zenya Kasubichi crossing the line first and second respectively, followed closely by Hans Bauck of Team Coastal.

The Cat 3 Men raced 7 laps (65 Km) and ended in a bunch sprint with Michael Boehm of the Bike Company taking top honours narrowly edging out Escape Velocity's, Tim Abercrombie and Kelowna Cycle's, Tim Sherstobitoff who finished in 3rd place.

In the women's open field, also raced over 7 laps, the fast pace resulted in a decisive split with Rocky Mountain-Business Objects, Olympic silver medalist, Alison Sydor powering away from her 4 other breakaway companions to take the win in a sprint finish ahead of 2nd place Wendy Simms of Frontrunners, and 3rd place Leah Goldstein of Trek Red Truck Beer.

In the final race of the day, and a distance of 11 laps or 105 Km, the Men's Pro 1/2 field began shattering almost immediately as it started fast right from the gun and the 3 km's of gravel proceeded to take its toll early. Symmetrics, competing with a near full team, drove it hard at the front except for a brief pause to retrieve their team‚s only puncture victim all day, Scott Goguen while he waited for a wheel change. The only real threat to their dominance of the race came at about the midway point when Andrew Kyle of Sugoi Giant launched a daring attack and was soon joined by the always aggressive Keith Stark of Rocky Mountain-Adobe and former World Mountain Bike Champion Roland Green, who almost escaped anonymity by choosing to ride incognito sporting dark generic clothing, proving that the sport isn't about flashy clothing.

However, the move was doomed as the well-oiled Symmetrics train methodically controlled the race and then launched attacks until the peloton was reduced to submission enabling a very select 4 man team time trial all in yellow and black to go clear taking the top 4 placings in the process with Cory Lange completing the sweep for the team in winning the sprint for 5th place from the remaining chase group. Team Coastal's, Derek McMaster rode strongly for a well earned 6th, Jeff Sherstobitoff of Symmetrics was 7th and Brett Boniface of Organic Athlete finished in the money in 8th place.

The host team would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers, race marshals, the Pitt Meadows Community, and all participants who came out to support the race. See you all next year!

For more information, visit trekredtruckracing or email

Cat 1 / 2 Men
1. Will Routley (Symmetrics)
2. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics)
3. Brad Fairall (Symmetrics)
4. Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics)
5. Cory Lange (Symmetrics)
6. Derek McMaster (Coastal)
7. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics)
8. Brett Boniface (Organic Athlete Victoria)
9. Lloyd Thomas (Sugoi/Giant)
10. Richard Minichiello (Trek - Red Truck Racing)
11. Dan Schmit (Blak Dog Racing)
12. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics)
13. Michael Hunter (Rocky Mountain)
14. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain)
15. Chris Meier (Symmetrics)
16. Sven Sturm (Organic Athlete )
17. Roland Green (Kona Mountain)
18. Jamie Sparling (Bicisport)
19. Josh James (Trek - Red Truck Racing)
20. Scott Slater (Rocky Mountain)
21. Sean Dowson (Trek - Red Ale)
22. Ryan Anderson (Juventus)
23. Luca Segato (Organic Athlete Victoria)
24. Kevin Noiles (Escape Velocity)
25. Jim Tsilemons (Coastal)
26. James Shaw (Coastal)
27. Will Pratt (The Bike Barn)
28. Simon Craig (Spoke n Motion)
29. Jamie Davidson (Symmetrics)
30. Chris Squine (Independent)
31. Eric Kameka (Escape Velocity)
32. David Goosen (Rocky Mountain)
33. Don Skinner
34. Don Busconke (Rocky Mountain)
35. Mark Cunningham (Symmetrics)
36. Axel Bergman (Organic Athletic)

Women (All Cats)
1. Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)
2. Wendy Sims (Frontrunners)
3. Leah Goldstein (Trek Red Truck Racing)
4. Lisa Sweeny (Adventure Bound)
5. Leslie Tomlinson (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)
6. Jenny Drew (Coastal)
7. Catherine Perdrell
8. Marnie Hambleton (Symmetrics)
9. Jean-Anne McKirdy (Adventure Bound)
10. Moriah MacGregor (Dizzy Chicks)
11. Julia Hlynky
12. Helena Coney
13. Barb Zimich (Team Coastal)
14. Alena Radmsky
15. Unknown
16. Amanda Buttler (Coastal)
17. Suzanne Macht (Blak Dog)
18. Sara Laliberte' (Black Dog)
19. Lisa Tasa (Chapman Land Suveying)

CAT 4 / 5 MEN
1. David Penner (Escape Velocity)
2. Zenya Kasubuchi (Escape Velocity)
3. Hans Bauck (Coastal Cycling)
4. Joe Wessel (n/a)
5. Mathew Campbell (CVC Racing)
6. Anselmo Rossiello (Coastal Cycling)
7. Ian Pingler (Ambleside Cycling)
8. Manuel Felhlmann (n/a)
9. Alex Northey (Coastal Cycling)
10. John Perkins (Escape Velocity)
11. Todd Carter (n/a)
12. Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity)
13. Brad Bisset (Wedgewood Cycling)
14. Deema Annyuk (Coastal Cycling)
15. David Gerth (Coastal Cycling)
16. Sean Hickey
17. Chris Smit (Coastal Cycling)
18. Lauren Kildaw (Straightup Cycles)
19. Ken Dean (Independent)
20. Darrin Grund (Coastal Cycling)
21. Stefan Richter (Mighty Cycles)
22. Tim Schafer (Independent)
23. Mike Allina (Atomic Racing Club)
24. Lucas Fennell (Escape Velocity)
25. Unknown
26. Ben Jackson (Escape Velocity)
27. Jeff Spence (Wedgewood Cycling)
28. Mitch Statton (Coastal Cycling)
29. Al Cannon (Comox Valley Cycle Club)
30. Steve Ritchie (Atomic Racing Club)
31. Kevin Rutherford (Atomic Racing Club)
32. Unknown
33. William Letham (Independent)
34. Unknown
35. Mark Bennett (Independent)
36. Jason Thompson (Independent)
37. Ron Klopfer (n/a)
38. James Carlson (n/a)
39. Brian Wong (Coastal Cycling)
40. Jason Pearson (Independent)
41. Maurie Kawalski (Lactic Acid)

1. Michael Boehm (Bike Company)
2. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)
3. Tim Sherstobitoff (Kelowna Cycle)
4. Garth White (Comox Valley Cycle)
5. Bryan Anderson (Sugoi/Giant)
6. Brian Geerts (Phoenix Velo)
7. Unknown
8. Unknown
9. Tony Routley (Floraglo/Norco)
10. Joel LeMaire (Phoenix Velo)
11. David Perrin
12. Paul Wolfe
13. Unknown
14. Lane Wilkinson (Wines of Washington)
15. Jeff Ain (Devo/Powerbar/Ryders)
16. Jack MacDougall
17. Kevin Morrison (Organic Athlete Victoria)
18. Johnathan Ryan (Wines of Washington)
19. Horacio Chaves (Mighty Cycling)
20. Graeme Bant (Sugoi/Giant)
21. Christian Ravlic (Victoria Wheelers Cycling)
22. Keith Milne (Organic Athlete Victoria)
23. Corey Anderson (Oak Bay Bycycles)
24. Norman Thibautt (Fontrunners)
25. Mathew O'Hagan (Adventure
26. Victor Brudov
27. Michael Klisch (Wines of Washington)
28. Craig Richey


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