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August 4/98 8:54 am - Ontario, Alberta, Altoona

Posted by Editor on 08/4/98

Warkworth Road Race, Ontario
(courtesy Dave Butler)

Thanks to riders who attended the 4th annual Warkworth Road Race. Also thanks to Mountain Equipment Coop‚s bicycle department (Toronto store). A special thanks to Brian Holt, Mike Turner and Mark Van Loon, volunteers for the last four years.

1. Matt Hansen Jet Fuel B.C.
2. Darko Ficko Woodbridge Italia C.C.
3. Ray Duggan Jet Fuel B.C.
4. Dan Maggiacomo Jet Fuel B.C.
5. Bruce Krip Woodbridge Italia C.C.
6. Tamas Baumgartner Neworld Cycle
7. Bryan Rusche Independent
8. Joe Giuliano Jet Fuel B.C.
9. Pat Shea Independent
10. Mike Ybanez Mississauga B.C.
11. Dave Britnell Hummingbirds
12. Aaron Fillion Team Sportable

12 finishers

We might move the race date next year but we‚ll let everyone know, well in advance.

Dave Butler
Jet Fuel Bicycle Club

Third Annual Northumberland Challenge Stage Race
Organized by the Cobourg Cycling Club

Results of this race can be found at:

Alberta Provincial Mountain Bike Championships
7th Annual Black Mountain Challenge, Nordegg, Alberta
by Greg Flaaten

The Frontier Fat Tire Festival kicked off on Thursday July 30 at Nordegg, Alberta under suspicious clouds. Thankfully, what little rain that fell over the weekend had little effect on the Alberta Provincial Championships at the 7th annual Black Mountain Challenge.

Guided trail rides, heli-biking, bunny-hop contests, log pull events and trials competition kept riders and race fans occupied between Championship events at Nordegg which is just east of Jasper National Park on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

In Saturday’s 5 lap Men’s Pro-Elite event, Kevin Williams (BC) broke away early from a chase group consisting of John Teghtmyer, Chris Blanchard and Niklas Christopherson. The three Albertans worked together for the first lap while Williams established a half minute lead on his pursuers.

In the second lap, Teghtmyer and Christopherson managed to put a gap of about 25 seconds on Blanchard but still lurked about thirty seconds
behind Williams.

Blanchard was able to close the gap on Teghtmyer and Christopherson in the third lap and the two would remain in constant contact for the final 2 laps. Christopherson could not maintain the pace and began to fade as Blanchard and Teghtmyer began a classic dual. The pair would exchange positions for the remainder of the race while gradually reeling in Williams.

At the mid point of the final lap, Williams finally succumbed to the pressure of Blanchard and Teghtmyer. The two would continue their battle right up to the finish line.

"I have to hand it to Johnny," said Blanchard after the race, "he was so smooth on the climbs…and he’s always been so strong on the descents."

Teghtmyer, who hadn’t pre-ridden the course, had similar praise for Blanchard. "Chris’ technical riding is really improving…I used to have the edge on the downhills but he’s really coming around."

With only a few kilometers remaining in the race, a drizzle developed making conditions slick but the two remained glued together in spite of the rain. With only a minute to the finish, Blanchard turned up the heat and made his move but Teghtmyer remained locked to his wheel. In full sprint, Teghtmyer reached for everything he had and hammered past Blanchard to snatch the win by less than a bike length.

Williams, the British Columbian, crossed the line 25 seconds later in third but the Bronze Medal went to Christopherson who came in about 2 and a half minutes after the leaders.

Anna Healy led from start to finish in the 4 lap Women’s Pro Elite Event. Having established a one minute lead over Marg Fedyna after the first lap, Healy rode away and held a comfortable cushion of a minute and a half after two laps while Marnie Dansereau trailed by another three minutes.

At the beginning of the fourth and final lap, it appeared there would be no surprises at the finish line. Dansereau suffered a flat a few kilometers into the lap, however, allowing Andrea Boyer to make up over four minutes to clench the Bronze Medal.

In Sunday’s dual slalom event, Chad Douglas was simply untouchable in the Open Men’s category. His smooth style and powerful finish line sprints put him well ahead of the field and on the podium for Gold. Bill Brant took the Silver and Shawn Lee the Bronze. In the Open Women’s category, Marnie Dansereau made amends for her cross country misfortunes and delivered convincing performances throughout the day to capture the Gold. Christine Rutley took Silver and Monica Nelson Bronze.

The developing trend in Alberta downhill seems to be long courses that favour strong pedaling skills. The Black Mountain course is no exception. A blend of fire-road and singletrack, this year’s Provincial Championship course was nearly marred by catastrophe as one of Alberta’s top female downhillers, Christine Rutley, collided head on at speed with a shuttle vehicle during a training run.

The collision created much concern, a sizeable gash on Christine’s leg and considerable damage to her bike. Like a trooper, Christine was on the course for Sunday’s race on a borrowed bike.

In the Men’s Pro Elite event, Chad Douglas was first out of the gate and posted a sizzling 8:42.00. John Teghtmyer, the third starter, put in a fine performance but came up .88 seconds short of Douglas’ ride. Pete Zablotny, who elected to ride a hard-tail for the downhill, was the fifth starter and came in at 8:50.22 to momentarily grab the Bronze position. As the 11 man field dwindled, it looked as though Douglas, Teghtmyer and Alex Jackson with 8:48.23 might hang on for the three podium positions.

Gregory George of Banff, the ninth starter with strong road and cross country credentials responded to the challenge. George motored his way through the long, fast and technically benign course to post a startling 8:36.58 and lay claim to the Gold Medal.

A scant two riders made up the Women’s Pro Elite field. With Rutley’s injury, Elizabeth Johnson cruised to victory with a very respectable 9:53.35.

As always, the riders and race fans who came out this weekend want to thanks the organizers for their efforts. If you’re near Nordegg, be sure to stop by the Frontier Lodge and pick up a trail map. There’s some very good riding in the area and the hospitality is exceptional. (a congratulations to our reporter, who took a pair of bronze medals in the DH and DS)

Results are available Here.

Tour de Å’Toona
(courtesy Marc Morrison and Dave Butler)

Coca Cola/Fresca Intown Altoona Criterium (August 2nd)

pro men

1. Eric Wohlberg, Shaklee, 1:02:35
2. Mark McCormack, Saturn, same time
3. John Lieswyn, Go Mart/West Virginia, 1:02:37
4. Gord Fraser, Mercury Cycling Team, 1:02:39
5. Graham Miller, Shaklee, same time
6. Kevin Monahan, Sony Music Studios, same time
7. Jonathan Wirsing, Snow Valley, same time
8. Alex Lavalle, Kissena, same time
9. Ashley Powell, Go Mart/West Virginia, same time
10. Antonio Cruz, Nutra Fig, same time

Pro men's final general classification

1. Charles Dionne, Radio Energie, 11:42:54
2. Elliot Hubbard, Navigators, 11:42:55, at 0:01
3. Jon Hamblin, CVVC-Axis, 11:43:07, at 0:13
4. David Clinger, Mercury Cycling Team, 11:43:47, at 0:53
5. Scott Moninger, Navigators, 11:44:19, at 1:25
6. Mark McCormack, Saturn, 11:44:52, at 1:58
7. Gord Fraser, Mercury Cycling Team, 11:45:08, at 2:14
8. Eric Wohlberg, Shaklee, 11:45:17, at 2:23

9. Chris Wherry, Saturn, 11:45:20, at 2:26
10. John Lieswyn, Go Mart/West Virginia, 11:45:26, at 2:32

*Dionne earned $1,405 (USD) for his win
Also won Best Young Rider award

Pro men's final general classification team standings

1. Navigators 35:14:05
2. Radio Energie 35:14:10, at 0:05
3. Mercury Cycling Team 35:15:20, 1:15
4. Saturn 35:16:16, 2:11
5. Shaklee 35:18:45, 4:40
6. Nutra Fig 35:19:29, 5:24
7. Wheel Works/Cannondale 35:19:46, 5:41
8. Go Mart/West Virginia 35:20:20, 6:15
9. Kissena 35:20:37, 6:32
10. Jeep/Brielle Cyclery 35:26:09, 12:04

Criterium pro women's

1. Sarah Ulmer, New Zealand, 1:09:00
2. Pam Schuster, Saeco Timex, 1:09:06
3. Marie Holjer, Ralphs/Klein, same time
4. Anne Gariepy, Elita Cycling Team, 1:09:44
5. Annette Kamm, Fuji Racing Team, same time
6. Laura Van Gilder, Safeway/Navigators, same time
7. Sabine Gentieli, Hydro Quebec Tour, same time
8. Kimberly Langton, Elita Cycling Team, same time
9. Rosalind Reekie-May, Safeway/Navigators, same time
10. Sherrie Stedje, Stonyfield Farm/Potomac, same time

Pro women's final general classification

1. Kendra Wenzel, Saeco Timex, 14:03:02
2. Linda Jackson, Saeco Timex, 14:03:15, at 0:13
3. Susy Pryde, Saeco Timex, 14:04:49, at 1:47
4. Giana Roberge, Saeco Timex, 14:05:38, at 2:36
5. Sarah Ulmer, New Zealand, 14:06:34, at 3:32
6. Pam Schuster, Saeco Timex, 14:06:56, at 3:54
7. Marie Holjer, Ralphs/Klein, 14:07:00, at 3:58
8. Louisa Jenkins, Shaklee, 14:07:09, at 4:07
9. Jacinta Coleman, New Zealand, 14:08:06, at 5:04
10. Stacy Peters, Lemond, 14:08:10, at 5:08

Pro women's top 8 final general classification team standings

1. Saeco Timex 42:08:54
2. New Zealand 42:23:35
3. Elita Cycling Team 42:25:00
4. Ralphs/Klein 42:49:15
5. Snow Valley 42:54:22
6. Celestial Seasonings 42:57:15
7. Safeway/Navigators 42:58:28
8. Stonyfield Farm/Potomac 43:10:36


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