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May 3/05 9:35 am - Ontario Masters Association Time Trial

Posted by Editoress on 05/3/05

Ontario Masters Association ITT Binbrook ON, May 1st
Courtesy R. Jackson, Race Secretary

The Ontario Masters Cycling Association runs a series of 12 races for cyclists 40 years and older. Below are the results of the 40km time trial.

The actual times are the times ridden for the race and the adjusted times are those calculated using an age-based handicap system.

Time: ActualTime:Adjusted
1. Chris Springer1:05:250:58:41
2. Ted Hogarth1:08:520:59:10
3. Dermont Kelly1:09:101:01:36
4. Ron Baines1:07:491:04:34
5. Roy Conway1:15:221:05:16
6. John Reiner1:09:531:08:19
7. Patrick Conway1:13:241:09:05
8. Neil Jefferson1:12:341:09:40
9. Don Wilson1:12:551:10:36
10. Ian Slater1:14:531:11:58
11. Peter Schouten1:12:551:12:14
12. Don Krueger1:18:291:13:33
13. Rob Zych1:17:321:15:50
14. Randy Masales1:21:501:17:23
15. Phil Renaud1:21:321:19:52
16. John Lenarduzzi1:35:111:32:49
17. Heather Simpson1:44:031:42:30


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