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May 9/05 2:26 am - Columbia Plateau Stage Race: Results from Pro 1/2 Men's Races

Posted by Editoress on 05/9/05

Columbia Plateau Stage Race Oregon, May 7-9

Pro 1/2 MenStage winsSt 1St 2St 3St 4GC/Diff
1. Roland Green (Can) Kona Mountain Bikes1& 43:32:040:05:263:29:413:47:0910:54:20
2. Kevin Rowe (USA) Valley Athletic Club3:33:180:05:293:29:413:47:15at 1:23
3. Marsh Cooper (Can) Symmetrics3:33:280:05:363:29:413:47:091:34
4. Ricky Federau (Can) gearsracing.com3:33:180:05:133:29:413:48:021:54
5. Sean Doyle (USA) DeSalvo Custom Cycles3:33:180:05:143:29:413:48:021:55
6. Matthew Willinger (USA) RHvilla.com3:33:180:05:193:29:413:48:022:00
7. Barry Wicks (USA) Kona Les Gets3:33:180:05:113:29:413:48:142:04
8. Solomon Woras (USA) Broadmark Capital3:33:180:05:263:29:413:48:022:07
9. Nick Clayville (USA) Broadmark Capital3:33:180:05:353:29:413:48:022:16
10. Rob Britton (Can) Team Coastal-X3:33:180:05:323:29:413:48:142:25
11. Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Broadmark Capital3:32:040:05:223:29:413:51:000
12. Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona Mountain Bikes3:33:180:05:213:29:413:49:563:56
13. Chris Sheppard (Can) Haro Bicycles23:33:180:05:043:29:413:50:264:09
14. Brad Fairall (Can) Symmetrics3:33:180:05:203:29:413:50:264:25
15. Derek McMaster (Can) Team Coastal3:33:280:05:143:29:413:50:264:29
16. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Can) Symmetrics3:33:180:05:263:29:413:50:264:31
17. Ken Johnson (Can) Blak Dog Racing3:33:180:05:253:29:413:51:005:04
18. Larry Zimich (Can) Team Coastal3:33:180:05:393:29:413:50:535:11
19. Jonathan Denison (USA) Orbea #13:33:180:05:323:29:413:51:105:21
20. Matt Weyen (USA) Orbea #13:33:180:05:433:29:413:51:005:22
21. Reny Townsend (USA) DeSalvo Custom Cycles3:33:180:05:453:29:413:51:165:40
22. Greg Tyler (USA) GS Camerati3:33:580:05:463:29:413:51:006:05
23. Rick Minichiello (Can) Rocky Mountain Adobe/Trek Red Truck3:34:480:05:403:29:413:51:006:49
24. Mick Walsh (USA) First Rate Mortgage3:33:180:05:553:34:083:48:147:15
25. Andrew Fischer (USA) Broadmark Capital3:33:180:05:263:29:413:53:337:38
26. Zach Winter (USA) Guinness Cycling Team3:33:180:05:343:29:413:53:337:46
27. Ben Thompson (USA) Second Ascent3:33:180:05:473:29:413:53:398:05
28. Sam Krieg (USA) Idaho Cycling ICE3:33:340:05:343:29:413:57:4112:10
29. Kenny Williams (USA) First Rate Mortgage33:33:180:05:173:29:413:58:5912:55
30. Aaron Sander (USA) Half Fast Velo3:33:180:05:303:29:413:58:5913:08
31. Justin Mayfield (USA) Orbea #13:33:180:05:333:29:413:58:5913:11
32. Esteban Jukich (USA) Orbea #13:33:180:05:483:29:413:58:5913:26
33. Mark King (USA) Guinness Cycling Team3:33:280:05:413:29:413:58:5913:29
34. Sven Sturm (Can) Organic Athlete Victoria3:33:180:05:563:29:413:58:5913:34
35. Jesse Sampson (USA) Veloce / Felt3:33:180:05:403:29:413:59:2213:41
36. Kevin Morrison (Can) Organic Athlete Victoria3:33:180:05:373:31:143:59:1415:03
37. Damien Waugh (Can) Rocky Mountain Adobe/Trek Red Truck3:33:180:05:323:31:333:59:1415:17
38. Derik Archibald (USA) Valley Athletic Club3:33:280:05:293:37:163:55:0416:57
39. Matthew Green (Can) Rocky Mountain / Business Objects3:38:460:05:473:29:413:58:5918:53
40. Donald Reeb (USA) Guinness Cycling Team3:33:180:05:393:29:414:08:4723:05
41. Scott Laliberte (Can) Blak Dog Racing3:33:180:05:463:29:414:08:4723:12
42. Matthew Walker (Can) Team Sask3:33:180:05:473:29:414:08:4723:13
43. Mathew Braun (USA) GS Camerati3:33:180:05:493:29:414:08:4723:15
44. Brett Boniface (Can) Organic Athlete Victoria3:44:370:05:463:29:414:08:4734:31
45. Eric Harvey (Can) Bayside Cycling Club3:44:370:06:063:29:414:08:4734:51
46. Brandon Archibald (USA) Valley Athletic Club3:49:530:07:063:30:394:08:4742:05
47. Jordan Guenette (Can) Rocky Mountain Adobe/Trek Red Truck3:51:420:05:343:31:334:08:4743:16
48. Andrew Vaughn (USA) OSU3:51:420:06:083:33:364:08:4745:53
49. Sean Howie (Can) Bayside Cycling Club3:51:420:07:483:34:084:08:5748:15
50. Gordon Ross (Can) Escape Velocity3:44:370:06:223:47:574:08:4753:23
51. Chris Barth (Can) Bayside Cycling Club3:49:170:05:543:47:574:08:4757:35
52. Jason Werst (USA) Orbea #23:49:130:05:583:47:574:08:4757:35
53. Bradley Kerr (Can) Team Sask4:05:070:05:583:34:084:08:4759:40
54. Robin Baillie (Can) Team Sask4:08:350:05:523:31:334:08:571:00:37
55. Carl Jacobson (Can) Rocky Mountain Adobe/Trek Red Truck4:10:430:05:433:31:334:08:571:02:36
56. Daniel Tomczak (Can) Team Sask3:51:520:07:123:34:084:26:161:05:08
57. Jason Chapman (USA) Camp Highland3:49:130:06:073:47:574:21:201:10:17
58. Charles Warner (USA) Valley Athletic Club3:49:130:06:543:40:274:31:041:13:18
59. Kacey Chamberlin (USA) First Rate Mortgage4:14:120:05:463:29:4:18:1:14:01
60. Steven Parker (USA) Orbea #13:49:130:06:043:47:4:26:1:15:10
61. Jim Tsilemos (Can) Team Coastal4:10:430:06:203:45:4:08:1:16:46
62. Josh James (Can) Rocky Mountain Adobe/Trek Red Truck3:51:280:06:194:09:4:08:1:22:11
63. Jim Kwasnickie (Can) Team Coastal4:10:430:06:163:45:4:24:1:32:17
64. Calvin Allan (USA) BODE Cycling4:05:070:06:034:05:4:31:1:53:00
65. Damon Pettinger (USA) Cal Giant Cycling4:10:430:06:304:09:4:26:1:59:06
DNF. Tim Root (USA) Georges/BCC3:33:180:05:363:38:DNFDNF
DNF. Luke Pennington (USA) S & M3:33:180:05:353:41:DNFDNF
DNF. Tad Hamilton (USA) Orbea #23:51:420:06:184:10:DNFDNF
DNS. Keith Stark (Can) Rocky Mountain / Business Objects3:38:460:07:033:29:DNSDNS
DNS. Gonzalo Tagliabue (USA) Orbea #23:33:180:05:423:47:DNSDNS
DNS. Jason Schniepp (USA) Wines of Washington/Rauxa Direct3:50:530:06:093:34:DNSDNS
DNS. Donald Buscombe (Can) Rocky Mountain / Business Objects3:51:420:05:483:47:DNSDNS
DNF. Michael Hunter (Can) Rocky Mountain / Business Objects3:44:370:05:38DNFDNFDNF
DNF. Kevin Calhoun (Can) Rocky Mountain / Business Objects3:51:420:05:39DNFDNFDNF
DNF. Chris Abbruzzese (USA) Orbea #23:51:420:06:18DNFDNFDNF
DNF. Taylor Little (Can) Team Coastal3:51:420:06:32DNFDNFDNF
DNF. Mikkel Bossen (USA) Team Oregon3:52:090:06:09DNFDNFDNF
DNF. Wesley Pierce (USA) Wines of Washington/Rauxa Direct4:08:480:06:46DNFDNFDNF
DNS. David Klipper (USA) Guinness Cycling TeamDNFDNFDNSDNSDNS
DNS. David Robinson (USA) TIAA-CREF Professional Cycling TeamDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS


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