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May 17/05 3:31 am - Owasco Stage Race: Pro 1/2/3 Women's Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/17/05

Owasco Stage Race May 14 & 15, Auburn NY

Stage 1: East Lake Time Trial ˆ 26 km
1. Merrill Collins (Can) La Bicicletta-J Lineberg0:37:30.2
2. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Biovail-Cervelo0:38:46.6
3. Kerry Traynor (USA) Handlebars-Queen City Cyclists0:38:56.5
4. Anna Milkowski (USA) Team Lipton0:39:31.3
5. Kristen LaSasso (USA) Team Lipton0:39:46.5
6. Rebecca Nelson (Can) MBRC0:40:03.9
7. Rhonda Stickle (Can) Diet Cheerwine0:40:05.3
8. Katherine Lambden (USA) Team Lipton0:41:13.2
9. Zoe Owers (USA) Team Lipton0:41:15.1
10. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision0:41:23.2
11. Kathleen Billington (USA) Diet Cheerwine0:41:24.8
12. Elisa Gagnon (Can) Team Lipton0:41:28.0
13. Julie Hutsebaut (Can) Terry Precision0:41:45.8
14. Laura Schmidt (USA) Terry Precision0:41:53.3
15. Susan Duff (USA) Tri State Velo0:41:55.8
16. Amanda Shaw (Can) Biovail-Cervelo0:42:10.7
17. Yvette LaBombard (USA) Handlebars0:42:10.8
18. Rebecca Wellons (USA) Gearworks-Spin Arts Cycling0:42:27.2
19. Rosanne Lent (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC0:42:41.5
20. Anna Guzman (Can) Terry Precision0:42:50.7
21. Anita Lagler (Can) Wheels of Bloor0:42:58.5
22. Caroline Hacker (USA) Velo Bella0:42:59.2
23. Betsy Sellers (USA) Revolution-Rock Creek Racerss0:43:20.2
24. Beth Leasure (USA) Team Spirit Cycling0:43:24.4
25. Maria Elena Collazo (USA) Tri State Velo/Ambroso-Victory Brewing0:43:35.5
26. Caroline Theberge (Can) Eqiuipe Premier Tech-Devinci0:43:38.7
27. Kami Tremblay (USA) Gearworks-Spin Arts Cycling0:44:02.9
28. Kerry Litka (USA) Dansko Wheelworks0:44:05.1
29. Julia Farell (Can) Wheels of Bloor0:44:16.6
30. Nicole Bossie (USA) Team Defeet0:44:33.8
31. Laura Bowles (USA) Diet Cheerwine0:45:36.7
32. Amanda Lawrence (USA) Verducci Racing-Breakaway Blues0:46:01.0
Stage 2: Prison City Downtown Criterium, 21 km
1. Merrill Collins (Can) La Bicicletta-J Lineberg0:24:03
2. Kathleen Billington (USA) Diet Cheerwine0:24:03
3. Rebecca Wellons (USA) Gearworks-Spin Arts Cycling0:24:03
4. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Biovail-Cervelo0:24:03
5. Beth Leasure (USA) Team Spirit Cycling0:24:03
6. Julia Farell (Can) Wheels of Bloor0:24:03
7. Zoe Owers (USA) Team Lipton0:24:03
8. Rhonda Stickle (Can) Diet Cheerwine0:24:03
9. Rosanne Lent (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC0:24:03
10. Julie Hutsebaut (Can) Terry Precision0:24:03
11. Caroline Theberge (Can) Eqiuipe Premier Tech-Devinci0:24:03
12. Kami Tremblay (USA) Gearworks-Spin Arts Cycling0:24:03
13. Susan Duff (USA) Tri State Velo0:24:03
14. Anita Lagler (Can) Wheels of Bloor0:24:03
15. Laura Schmidt (USA) Terry Precision0:24:03
16. Kerry Traynor (USA) Handlebars-Queen City Cyclists0:24:03
17. Anna Milkowski (USA) Team Lipton0:24:03
18. Laura Bowles (USA) Diet Cheerwine0:24:03
19. Yvette LaBombard (USA) Handlebars0:24:03
20. Kerry Litka (USA) Dansko Wheelworks0:24:03
21. Anna Guzman (Can) Terry Precision0:24:03
22. Amanda Lawrence (USA) Verducci Racing-Breakaway Blues0:24:03
23. Caroline Hacker (USA) Velo Bella0:24:03
24. Betsy Sellers (USA) Revolution-Rock Creek Racerss0:24:03
25. Maria Elena Collazo (USA) Tri State Velo/Ambroso-Victory Brewing0:24:03
26. Rebecca Nelson (Can) MBRC0:24:03
27. Nicole Bossie (USA) Team Defeet0:24:03
28. Katherine Lambden (USA) Team Lipton0:24:03
29. Kristen LaSasso (USA) Team Lipton0:24:03
30. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision0:24:03
31. Amanda Shaw (Can) Biovail-Cervelo0:24:12
32. Elisa Gagnon (Can) Team Lipton0:28:44
Stage 3: Owasco Challenge Road Race, 124km
1. Zoe Owers (USA) Team Lipton3:25:58
2. Kathleen Billington (USA) Diet Cheerwine3:25:58
3. Rosanne Lent (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC3:25:58
4. Rhonda Stickle (Can) Diet Cheerwine3:25:58
5. Rebecca Nelson (Can) MBRC3:25:58
6. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Biovail-Cervelo3:25:58
7. Anna Milkowski (USA) Team Lipton3:25:58
8. Kristen LaSasso (USA) Team Lipton3:25:58
9. Merrill Collins (Can) La Bicicletta-J Lineberg3:25:58
10. Julia Farell (Can) Wheels of Bloor3:27:38
11. Katherine Lambden (USA) Team Lipton3:27:38
12. Anita Lagler (Can) Wheels of Bloor3:27:38
13. Maria Elena Collazo (USA) Tri State Velo/Ambroso-Victory Brewing3:27:38
14. Caroline Theberge (Can) Eqiuipe Premier Tech-Devinci3:27:38
15. Kami Tremblay (USA) Gearworks-Spin Arts Cycling3:27:38
16. Kerry Traynor (USA) Handlebars-Queen City Cyclists3:27:38
17. Kerry Litka (USA) Dansko Wheelworks3:27:38
18. Beth Leasure (USA) Team Spirit Cycling3:29:45
19. Anna Guzman (Can) Terry Precision3:29:45
20. Amanda Lawrence (USA) Verducci Racing-Breakaway Blues3:29:45
21. Laura Schmidt (USA) Terry Precision3:30:16
22. Elisa Gagnon (Can) Team Lipton3:30:16
23. Yvette LaBombard (USA) Handlebars3:32:41
24. Caroline Hacker (USA) Velo Bella3:37:50
25. Susan Duff (USA) Tri State Velo3:37:50
26. Betsy Sellers (USA) Revolution-Rock Creek Racerss3:39:56
Final GC
1. Merrill Collins (Can) La Bicicletta-J Lineberg4:27:09
2. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Biovail-Cervelo4:28:16
3. Kristen LaSasso (USA) Team Lipton4:29:25
4. Anna Milkowski (USA) Team Lipton4:29:27
5. Rhonda Stickle (Can) Diet Cheerwine4:30:02
6. Rebecca Nelson (Can) MBRC4:30:04
7. Kerry Traynor (USA) Handlebars-Queen City Cyclists4:30:37
8. Kathleen Billington (USA) Diet Cheerwine4:30:59
9. Zoe Owers (USA) Team Lipton4:31:12
10. Rosanne Lent (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC4:32:37
11. Katherine Lambden (USA) Team Lipton4:32:54
12. Anita Lagler (Can) Wheels of Bloor4:34:39
13. Maria Elena Collazo (USA) Tri State Velo/Ambroso-Victory Brewing4:35:16
14. Caroline Theberge (Can) Eqiuipe Premier Tech-Devinci4:35:19
15. Kami Tremblay (USA) Gearworks-Spin Arts Cycling4:35:43
16. Kerry Litka (USA) Dansko Wheelworks4:35:46
17. Julia Farell (Can) Wheels of Bloor4:35:52
18. Laura Schmidt (USA) Terry Precision4:36:12
19. Anna Guzman (Can) Terry Precision4:36:38
20. Beth Leasure (USA) Team Spirit Cycling4:37:10
21. Yvette LaBombard (USA) Handlebars4:38:54
22. Amanda Lawrence (USA) Verducci Racing-Breakaway Blues4:39:49
23. Elisa Gagnon (Can) Team Lipton4:40:28
24. Susan Duff (USA) Tri State Velo4:43:48
25. Caroline Hacker (USA) Velo Bella4:44:52
26. Betsy Sellers. Revolution-Rock Creek Racers4:47:19

Results from all other categories can be found HERE


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