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May 21/05 3:22 am - Canada Cup XC #1 Preliminary Results

Posted by Editor on 05/21/05

Canada Cup #1 - Bromont, QC

Drew MacKenzie of the Sugoi team has been kind enough to provide preliminary results for the opening Canada Cup cross country of the season, in Bromont, Quebec.

Elite Men
1. Kris Sneddon (BC) Kona - Les Gets2:06
2. Martin Lazarski (ON) Rocky Mountain Business Objectsat 1:42
3. Peter Wedge (NB) Kona - Les Gets2:32
4. Guido Visser (QC) Cycles Lambert2:38
5. Michael Garrigan (ON) Hardwood Hills2:42
6. Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox Racing3:06
7. Andrew Kyle (BC) Sugoi/Giant3:26
8. Andrew Watson (ON) Gears Racing 3:53
9. Adam Morka (ON) Hardwood Hills5:25
10. Bruno Lafontaine (QC) Périgny6:16
11. Matthew Green (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects7:14
12. Jamie Lamb (ON) Cyclesmith7:17
13. Benoit Simard (QC) Périgny8:43
14. Frederic Bussieres (QC) Gears Racing8:51
15. Drew Mackenzie (BC) Sugoi/Giant10:28
16. Peter Glassford (ON) The Epic Ride10:43
17. Tristan Galbraith (ON) Kona - Les Gets11:29
18. Jean-Philippe Provost (QC) Xpreso11:54
19. Mike Northcott (NZl) Jamis/Nokian12:23
20. Jonathan Boulanger (QC) Périgny13:07
21. Thomas Skinner (BC) Giant14:43
22. Martin Lafontaine (QC) Xcluziv14:33
23. Alexandre Frappier (QC) Biogen14:36
24. Sebastien Tremblay (QC) Cyclone D'Alma15:02
25. Marc-André Daigle (QC) Devinci15:08
Elite Women
1. Marie-Helene Premont (QC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects1:36:43
2. Mical Dyck (AB) Terrascape Racingat 6:11
3. Jacqueline Mourao (Bra) Scott7:47
4. Martina Feldmann (BC) FACT10:13
5. Jean Ann McKirdy (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects10:37
6. Catherine Pendrel (BC) The Bike Barn14:02
7. Amanda Sin (NS) 3Rox Racing14:07
8. Madelaine Bate (AB) Terrascape Racing15:11
9. Julie Sanders (QC) Xpreso 16:49
10. Nadine Petit (QC) 3DS18:52
11. Stephanie Martinek (ON) Arrow/Oakley19:37
12. Trish Grajczuk (?) Deadgoat Racing21:55
13. Heather Morrissey (ON) 3Rox Racing22:45
14. Catherine Vipond (ON) Gears Racing24:04
15. Brigitte Lacaille (QC) Xcluziv24:43
Junior Men
1. Georges Edouard Duquette (QC) Bromont1:51:27
2. Ian McAvity (NB) Darlings Island Bike Shopat 2:14
3. Alexandre Fortier (QC) Ind5:43
4. Ryan Anderson (AB) Juventus6:56
5. Andrew Wilson (ON) 3Rox Racing8:32
6. Thomas Wood (ON) The Epic Ride15:19
7. Luc Mahler (ON) Algonquin Outfitters15:30
8. Zachary Winn (QC) Impala Cycle16:53
9. David Fournier (QC) Durand Sports17:09
10. Ismael Dufour Simard (QC) Charlevoix19:24

More results when available

Roland Green (Kona) flatted on the first descent and was out of the the race. Roddi Lega was also a DNF. Kris Sneddon and Guido Visser moved up from poor starts to join the lead group. Drew says that Marty Lazarski was also strong in the front group.


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