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May 24/05 5:54 am - Canada Cup DH #1

Posted by Editoress on 05/24/05

Canada Cup DH #1Bromont, QC

Junior Women
1. Marie- Pier Alix (Club de velo Spin sport inc)10:53.060
DNS. Ashley Roy (Independant)
Junior Expert Men
1. Andrew Mitchell (Cove Bikes/Smith/Danger)4:50.090
2. Steve Chan (Independant)4:53.420
3. Guillaume Soucy-Alarie (Privateer Racing)4:58.400
4. Hugo Chagnon (Gagne Velo-Ski)5:03.480
5. Kyle Ritchie (Independant)5:05.120
6. Derek Cowell (Independant)5:07.890
7. Dylan Gullison (Radical Edge)5:17.300
8. Dan CsoKanay (Norco Factory Team)5:17.720
9. Francis Paquet (Gagne Velo-Ski)5:18.690
10. Samuel Lagrange (Virago Racing)5:21.350
11. Matt Boudreau (Radical Edge)5:27.340
12. Justin Holzscherer (Independant)5:32.820
13. Dominic Parent (Independant)5:46.530
14. Lee Boeyen (Privateer Racing)5:48.720
15. Jeff Eades (
16. Simon Paquette (DHRacer)5:55.950
17. Tim Howland (Independant)5:56.120
18. Gabriel Jacques (Team Xcluziv)5:56.700
19. Chris Dufault (Independant)5:57.420
20. Andrew Patterson (Martin Swiss C.C.)6:00.110
21. Shawn Downey (Bike Works)6:01.970
22. John French (Mcbride Racing)6:47.760
23. Marcel Thomann (Skiwolf)6:49.150
24. Adam Hearn (Cyclesmith)7:54.240
25. Tommy Roy-Lamontagne (Laferte)15:21.170
DNF. Arnaud Dulude (Martin Swiss C.C.)
DNS. Laurence-Olivier Dussault (Independant)
DNS. Remi LeBouthillier (Independant)
Elite Women
1. Fionn Griffiths (Norco Factory Team)5:46.680
2. Danika Schroeter (Giant Bicycles)5:50.210
3. Adrienne Miller (Mountain City Cycle)5:56.570
4. Katrina Strand (Rocky Mountain)6:03.600
5. Brook Baker (Norco Factory Team)6:12.430
6. Sheila Morris (Independant)6:48.720
7. Michelle Waechter (Independant)7:01.140
8. Antonia Gawel (Independant)7:02.780
9. Caroline Milot (Laferte)7:09.050
10. Genevieve Gagnon (Independant)7:56.560
DNS. Mylene-Kim Fortier (Independant)
Elite Men
1. Luke Kitzanuk (Giant Bicycles)4:40.120
2. Tyler Morland (Cove Bikes)4:41.430
3. Jamie Biluk (Cove Bikes)4:42.490
4. Charles-Alexandre Dube (DHRacer)4:44.710
5. Louis-Philippe Leonard (Norco Factory Team)4:48.700
6. Adam Cook (Independant)4:48.760
7. Jimmy Coll (Club de velo Spin sport)4:50.380
8. Justin Brown (Norco Factory Team)4:50.540
9. Mathieu Laurin (IronHorse)4:51.570
10. Stuart Couper (Itona)4:51.863
11. Geoff Pendrel (Devinci SE SteCroix)4:52.080
12. Benoit Rioux (Independant)4:52.610
13. Peter McLean (Primary)4:54.350
14. Mike Jones (Norco Factory Team)4:54.500
15. Connor Macleod (Cove Bikes)4:57.290
16. Dominick Menard (Devinci Daredevil / La cordee)4:59.780
17. Stephane Mailhot (Independant)4:59.970
18. Derek Chambers ( entertainment)5:00.310
19. Philippe Menard (Devinci Daredevil / La cordee)5:00.370
20. Marc Fontaine (Independant)5:01.320
21. Chris Heath (Independant)5:02.980
22. Antoire Aubert-Larose (Independant)5:03.290
23. Chris Dewar (Cove Bikes)5:04.930
24. Jason Green (Cove Bikes)5:05.170
25. Eric Cseff (Rocky Mountain)5:05.330
26. Andy Czuczor (Cove Bikes)5:06.310
27. Cameron Somerville (Trail Blazers)5:07.660
28. Mathieu Lagrange (Virago Racing)5:08.270
29. Frederic Belanger (Independant)5:09.200
30. Heikki Hall (Independant)5:09.270
31. Jonathan Pilon (Independant)5:09.700
32. Avery Buch (E13 Michelin)5:09.840
33. David Ryce (Independant)5:10.750
34. Ondrej Neumann (Sweet Petes)5:11.740
35. Evan Irvine (Independant)5:12.540
36. Nicolas Gosselin (Virago Racing)5:12.650
37. Nick Dignard (Independant)5:14.690
38. Alexandre-Roger Pepin (Independant)5:14.810
39. Matthew Woods (Privateer Racing)5:15.700
40. Guibert Ouellette (Sports aux Puces)5:15.900
41. Cyrus House (Transcend Orange)5:17.520
42. Jonathan Allard (Independant)5:17.860
43. Olivier Laprade (Independant)5:18.750
44. Chris Boice (Addict Bikes)5:20.580
45. Terry Leimonin (Trail Blazers)5:20.850
46. Daniel Weinman (Independant)5:21.620
47. Matthew Jackson (Independant)5:22.300
48. Michel Chene (Sports aux Puces)5:22.380
49. Sebastien Thauvette (Independant)5:24.740
50. Jean-Philippe Da Silva (DHRacer)5:25.770
51. Michael Carron (Independant)5:25.770
52. Roy Marc-Antoine (PierreDemers Source du)5:27.220
53. Lee Trumpore (Transcend Orange)5:27.250
54. Joe Jenkins (Trail Blazers)5:27.340
55. Jocelyn Langlois (Independant)5:29.450
56. Sean Brown (Transcend Orange)5:30.350
57. Robbie Davidson (Privateer Racing)5:33.890
58. Guilherme Renke (Brasil Team)5:36.990
59. Zachary Tatem (Sport Swap Racing)5:43.070
60. Antoine Natale (Independant)5:45.700
61. Drew Pautler (Devinci SE SteCroix)5:49.500
62. Nicholas Foster (Transcend Orange)5:50.300
63. Jonathan Charest (Independant)5:52.010
64. Richard Scott (Independant)5:52.950
65. Patrick Bisson (Independant)5:55.330
66. Dave Trumpore (Transcend Orange)5:55.990
67. Alain Lefebvre (Independant)6:02.310
68. Dominic Picotte (Laferte)6:10.660
69. Chris Day (Xtreme Bike Shop - Subway)6:18.230
70. Daniel Parent (Cycle Solution)6:24.570
71. Fraser Britton (Transcend Orange)6:29.970
72. Robert Bateman (To Wheels)6:37.850
73. Chris Cousineau (Primary)6:38.580
74. Brandon Cassell (To Wheels)7:09.170
75. Michael Towers (Independant)9:26.730
DNF. Olivier Markon (Devinci SE SteCroix)
DNF. Brean Zahra (Independant)
DNF. Jean Lemire (Independant)
DNF. Simon Carbonneau (Independant)
DNS. Francois Boudreau (Independant)
DNS. Jean-Pierre Theriault (Intense/Oakley)
DNS. Jim Baillargeon (Devinci SE SteCroix)
DNS. Eric Goss (Independant)
DNS. David Cox (Privateer Racing)

All other category results HERE in pdf format.


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