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August 12/98 11:08 am - Industry News, Nova Scotia

Posted by Editor on 08/12/98

New Diamondback Distributor in Canada

Asama Bicycles has announced that they have become the exclusive distributors for the Diamondback and DBR bicycle lines, and parts and accessories, in Canada.

Diamondback has gone through considerable changes in its Canadian distribution over the past few years - moving from Aurora Cycle Supply, to Tucker-Rocky, and now to Asama. Asama is the manufacturer and distributor of Asama and Rockline bicycles, and the Sachs distributor in Western Canada.

Asama will be showing the 1999 Diamondback line at the Canadian trade show (BTAC) in Toronto (September 13-16), and will be shipping to dealers as of October 1st. The company will also be reopening a Toronto warehouse for eastern dealers next spring.

1998 BNS Mountain Bike Series (after 4 of 7 seven events)
(courtesy Randy Gray)

CategoryNameClubTotal Points
CadetDoug SmithThe Bike People 291.48
CadetTim FletcherCyclesmith264.99
CadetAndrew FeenerCyclesmith258.76
CadetMike Nelson Sports Experts195.76
CadetTrevor Shewfeltind.194.48
CadetNick AdamsFramebreak190.29
CadetGreg KerrCyclesmith181.27
CadetMatthew Henshaw Team Backstreet 146.23
CadetAaron Rowlands Lunenburg Bike Barn 141.45
CadetConnor BarrettCPEI/Specialized100
CadetDustin MacBurnieind.94.31
CadetAlex FilipowSportwheels 89.42
CadetChris KellyCentential CC89.27
CadetChris Price Lunenburg Bike Barn 88.63
CadetIan Cox The Bike People 85.19
CadetJosh Brownind.85.19
CadetMatt LindsayThe Bike People 82.36
CadetChris LaRocheBicycles Plus72.27
CadetWill WongThe Bike People 72.27
Junior Expert-mAndrew WalkerSlickrock297.7
Junior Expert-mKevin NoilesSportwheels 274.25
Junior Expert-mEric MottSlickrock267.72
Junior Expert-mJan-Mark VanderleestHigh Mtn Cycle253.11
Junior Expert-mGraham LittleBikes Plus/Smittys191.28
Junior Expert-mCraig TurnerSlickrock79.93
Junior Expert-mChris Prins High Mtn Cycle78.22
Junior Expert-mJosh WebbThe Bike People
Junior Sport-menMason FultonHigh Mtn Cycle296.1
Junior Sport-menColin BanksFramebreak183.52
Junior Sport-menMark Foster Cyclesmith182.6
Junior Sport-menJason GeeFramebreak70.39
Junior Sport-menBrendan Lyndsind.161.86
Junior Sport-menDustin MacBurnieind.93.31
Junior Sport-menKevin HagellHigh Mountain Cycle89.46
Junior Sport-menRyan Johnstone ind.84.69
Junior Sport-menTrevor Shewfelt ind.84.32
Junior Sport-menConor ScallionHigh Mtn Cycle79.28
Junior Sport-menMatthew Whiteind.77.84
Junior Sport-menSteven Murrayind.76.72
Junior Sport-menTristan Burleton Sportwheels 73.27
Junior Sport-menJosh WebbThe Bike People
Masters Sport-mPeter CampbellValley Stove&Cycle300
Masters Sport-mDavid WalkerSlickrock231.99
Masters Sport-mRoy Rasmussenind.229.27
Masters Sport-mAl HeubachValley Stove&Cycle175.39
Masters Sport-mBernie Harrisind.161.12
Masters Sport-m Jim PenneySportwheels 158.76
Masters Sport-m Bruce WebbThe Bike People 155.27
Masters Sport-m George Bell Brew Crew150.9
Masters Sport-m Wayne Small Slickrock133.04
Masters Sport-m Ian Moffattind.128.1
Masters Sport-m Ed Walshind.75.05
Masters Sport-m John RossThe Cape71.02
Masters Sport-m Jeff Hoyleind.69.2
Masters Sport-m Ian RoddCPEI64.59
Masters Sport-m Peter Eaton Cyclesmith57.71
Masters Sport-m John BarrettCPEI2.84
MinimeTaylor HodginsCyclesmith267.62
MinimeDavid HeymanHigh Mtn Cycle200
MinimeMatt EllisLunenburg Bike Barn 169.66
MinimeJessie BrandCyclesmith161.27
MinimeMatthew LynchHigh Mtn Cycle153.99
MinimeTaylor ConradLunenburg Bike Barn 97.15
MinimeJamie Lamb ind.90.65
MinimeTyler RoddCPEI79.88
MinimeChris GrahamInd.66
MinimeTony FletcherCyclesmith65.09
PeeWeeMatthew English Outback Jacks300
PeeWeeDaniel JuteauSlickrock186.2
PeeWeeSamuel NeatbySlickrock157.4
PeeWeeBobby Hennessey CPEI79.05
PeeWeeLaura Johnstoneind.75.05
PeeWeeLuke HefflerBicycles Plus72.38
PeeWeeZak LikelyCPEI8.83
PeeWeeAndrew Childerhose Slickrock48.16
PeeWeeBrandon Smithind.45.26
Senior Expert-m Terry TomlinCyclesmith/Kona/Ocean300
Senior Expert-m Ed RushtonVolkswagon Trek 295.44
Senior Expert-m Dave Pierce Cyclesmith-Ocean273.58
Senior Expert-m Dan SmithBrew Crew261.41
Senior Expert-m Pat Collins Slickrock/Headshok192.93
Senior Expert-m Travis FieldGreenwood CC182.7
Senior Expert-m Scott LanginCyclesmith-Ocean180.63
Senior Expert-m Andy MacCallum Bikes Plus/Smittys179.98
Senior Expert-m Brent HornerSlickrock89.36
Senior Expert-m Cameron Maynard Outback Jacks85.37
Senior Expert-m Brett Hazel Valley Stove&Cycle84.64
Senior Expert-m Jeff SimmsHigh Mtn Cycle84.51
Senior Expert-m Glenn Peach Outback Jacks83.1
Senior Expert-m Mark CampbellThe Bike People 82.74
Senior Expert-m Brad CameronHigh Mountain Cycle 82.62
Senior Expert-m Nick FlemmingCyclesmith/Specialized81.67
Senior Expert-m Rick Warner Brew Crew
Senior Expert-w Nancy AustinCyclesmith/Kona 296.51
Senior Expert-w Lisa McInnisThe Bike People 289.2
Senior Expert-w Sherry HuybersThe Bike People 186.58
Senior Expert-w Sue Earle-BishopCyclesmith161.44
Senior Sport-MenMike ReganBikes Plus/Smittys282.27
Senior Sport-MenReal Fortin Slickrock219.5
Senior Sport-MenFil BohacGreenwood CC200
Senior Sport-MenBrett Hazelind.196.3
Senior Sport-MenIsaac BenvieThe Bike People 195.84
Senior Sport-MenCraig CrockerThe Bike People 191.23
Senior Sport-MenLewis GouldenThe Bike People 185.77
Senior Sport-MenDavid Paceind.183.02
Senior Sport-MenSteve ChoinardSlickrock149.69
Senior Sport-MenCameron Maynard Outback Jacks99.98
Senior Sport-MenMichael Currie Brew Crew98.16
Senior Sport-MenIan Everardind.93.32
Senior Sport-MenNick Wilson The Brew Crew92.96
Senior Sport-MenPeter Dewar CPEI89.19
Senior Sport-MenCraig Blake Slickrock86.77
Senior Sport-MenJason EaglesCyclesmith85.58
Senior Sport-MenChris DeGraceind.83.93
Senior Sport-MenJeff Mosher Cyclesmith83.18
Senior Sport-MenTerry WynnCyclesmith81.43
Senior Sport-MenDavid StachonCyclesmith81.36
Senior Sport-MenCarl SimoneauCyclesmith81.23
Senior Sport-MenDonald Burtonind.75.8
Senior Sport-MenDana Wright The Bike People 73
Senior Sport-MenTodd Wilsonind.67.91
Senior Sport-MenRob BraundThe Bike People 67.21
Senior Sport-MenMike Strangind.64.96
Senior Sport-MenPaul Everardind.
Senior Sport-wTreena HansenSingletrack Mud Pack276.14
Senior Sport-wKim McTaggartind.273.08
Senior Sport-wJulie SmithBicycles Plus262.11
Senior Sport-wTracy Webbind.186.45
Senior Sport-wKrista FraserBikes Plus/Smittys162.85
Senior Sport-wSara FrancisSingletrack Mud Pack/Brew Crew160.84
Senior Sport-wDeanna SchofieldSingletrack Mud Pack156.69
Senior Sport-wKrista KovalBikes Plus/Smittys82.05
Senior Sport-wTracy GrayTheBike People67.46
Vet Expert menRob MorrisonThe Bike People 372.76
Vet Expert menLorenzo CateriniThe Bike People 300
Vet Expert menRandy GrayCyclesmith/Ocean/Tamarack283.14
Vet Expert menScott BerringtonSlickrock186.12
Vet Expert menBill RossSportwheels 184.81
Vet Expert menRick Devine The Bike People 266.41
Vet Expert menBrian Adams Framebreak185.07
Vet Expert menShawn SkelhornSlickrock179.27
Vet Expert menPat SaulnierFramebreak81.1
Vet Sport-menMike KnowltonOutback Jacks294.75
Vet Sport-menChris VanderHam ind.257.73
Vet Sport-menJohn OÕReillySlickrock187.26
Vet Sport-menTom KavanaghThe Bike People 182.09
Vet Sport-menGlenn ColtmanThe Bike People 181.51
Vet Sport-menBruce RobertsHigh Mtn Cycle179.06
Vet Sport-menTony Lovett ind.176.07
Vet Sport-menKevin JuteauSlickrock173.18
Vet Sport-menShane GrenonGreenwood CC92.48
Vet Sport-menPaul ShawCyclesmith90.54
Vet Sport-menMike Dymond Greenwood CC86.64
Vet Sport-menSteve Parkinson Slickrock84.55
Vet Sport-menMark ChilderhoseSlickrock84.05
Vet Sport-menEric Weaver Bikes Plus82.25
Vet Sport-menStephen SwanTeam Backstreet 71.05
Vet Sport-menColin Chase Cyclesmith60.67


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