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June 1/05 5:04 am - Oakville Criterium Cancelled, Riders for Composite Team for Tour de Beauce Wanted, Pigeon Lake results (brief) and photos

Posted by Editoress on 06/1/05

July 17 Oakville Downtown Criterium CANCELLED
Courtesy Brad Nickorick

The Oakville Cycling Club and its Race Committee members regretfully announce that the OCA-sanctioned Citizen Criterium scheduled for July 17, 2005 in downtown Oakville has been cancelled for 2005. Sponsorship and club resource limitation concerns have forced the organizers to withdraw this event from the 2005 summer schedule; they intend to promote and operate a downtown event in Oakville in the summer of 2006.

Composite Team for Tour de Beauce

Individual riders looking to ride at the 2005 Tour de Beauce and needing to find a team are asked to contact Duncan Seko Duncan is assembling a composite team and is looking for riders.

Cameron McKnight wins the 2005 Pigeon Lake Road Race!
Courtesy Alan Schietzsch

Great weather, great racing as 236 riders contested the 11th Pigeon Lake
Road Race, south of Edmonton, Alberta.

A chance to tune up for the World Masters Games in July brought out big Cat 4 and 5 fields, 38 Women took the long trip around Pigeon Lake and both Cat 1&2 and Cat 3 featured breakaways, chases and solo finishes. ERTC/redbike riders did well, taking first and third in the top Men's race and third in the top Women's race.

Cat 1/2
1 Cameron McKnight (ERTC/redbike) 3:33:00
2 Tim Heemskirk (United) 3:35:45
3 Jere Hu (ERTC/redbike) 3:35:45
4 Bruce Copeland (Juventus) 3:35:45
5 Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road) 3:38:20
8 Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/redbike) 3:39:00
17 Peter Toth (ERTC/redbike) 3:40:50

Women A
1 Susan Copeland (Juventus) 2:16:10
2 Nikki Lavoie (Juventus) 2:16:10
3 Heather Oswald (ERTC/redbike) 2:16:10

Cat 3
1 Devon Smibert (Synergy) 3:05:38
2 Mike Bidniak (Juventus) 3:07:18
3 Devin Erfle (Deadgoat) s.t.
4 Brian Bain (Bow cycle/CMC) s.t.
5 Dennis Bland (Crank Masters) s.t.
6 Michael Johns (CABC/Projekt One) s.t.
7 Stephen Ferris (ERTC/redbike) s.t.
8 Tim Bulger (ERTC/redbike) s.t.
13 Niall McGrath (ERTC/redbike) s.t.

Cat 4
1 Cyrus Kangarloo (Synergy) 2:29:17
2 Spencer Smitheman (Juventus) s.t.
3 Darren Anderson (Pedalhead) s.t.
4 Keith Bayly (Deadgoat) s.t.
5 Aaron Chappell (ERTC/redbike) s.t.
8 Myles Marshall (ERTC/redbike) s.t.


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