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June 7/05 10:49 am - Trofeo Leva Road Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/05

Trofeo Leva Edmonton AB, Sunday June 5th
Courtesy Guri Randhawa, Pedalhead Road Works

The 2nd Annual Trophea LEVA was run under threatening forecasts but clear skies. The classic 4-corner, 1km loop was located in the Garneau neighborhood just south of the University of Alberta.

Cat 1/2 men - the 55min+3 lap race saw a break of four favorites get away in the first 15 min. Matt Decore (Pedalhead/Sleemans), Cam Mcknight (ERTC), Tim Heemskerk(United), and Zach Bell (Jet Fuel) came within 20 seconds of lapping the field with 15 min left in the race. After attacks from Decore and McKnight the break settled on a sprint which was won by Heemskerk just ahead of Bell, Mcknight and Decore. Nick Jendzjowsky(Pedalhead/Sleemans) won the field sprint ahead of Jere Hu(ERTC) 40 seconds later.

Open Women - A very active peloton saw the field whittled down to 4-6 women who contested the final sprint. Heather Oswald (ERTC) beat out Sian Bearclaugh(Velocity) and Kristin Campbell(Pedalhead/Sleemans). Pedalhead Road Works would like to thank LEVA Cappuccino Bar for their sponsorship and race day help and the Garneau Community for hosting and supporting the race.

Cat 1/2
1. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle)
2. Zach Bell (Jet Fuel)
3. Cam McKnight (ERTC)
4. Matthew Decore (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
5. Nick Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
6. Jere Hu (ERTC)
7. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
8. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
9. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC)
10. John Twells (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
11. Zbignew Szymanski (United Cycle)
12. Craig Good (Synergy)
13. Peter Toth (ERTC)
lapped. Byron Davis (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
lapped. Tim Orgryzlo (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
lapped. lloyd Kupchanko (ERTC)
lapped. David Ariano (ERTC)

Open Women
1. Heather Oswald
2. Sian Bearclaugh (Velocity)
3. Kristin Campbell (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
4. Gail Wosney (EMCC)

Cat 3
1. Tim Bulger (ERTC)
2. Ryan Hopping (ERTC)
3. Paul McDonald (United Cycle)
4. Dave Ellis (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
5. Steve Martins (Hardcore Bikes)
6. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
7. Scott Klarenbach (ERTC)
8. Claudio Ongaro (Juventus)
9. Mike Sarnecki (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
10. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Bikes)
lapped. 367
lapped. 308

Cat 4
1. Brys Francis (United Cycle)
2. Spencer Smith (Juventus)
3. Johnathan keats (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
4. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore Bikes)
5. Aaron Chappell (ERTC)
6. Paul Robertson (Terrascape)
7. Kevin Noble (United Cycle)
8. Myles Marshall (ERTC)
9. Paul Ignatiuk (ERTC)
10. Kevin Coghlan (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
11. Derrill Shuttleworth (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
12. Kevin Bayley (Deadgoat)
lapped. Jan Sacharuk (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
lapped. Neil Johns (Hardcore Bikes)
lapped. Steven Baker (United Cycle)

Cat 5
1. Mark Dumesnil (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
2. Andrew Phelps (Crankies)
3. Clinton Millar (United Cycle)
4. Doug Urness (CABC)
5. Aaron Amar (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
6. Bogdan Braun (United Cycle)
7. Karl MacPhee (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
8. Paul Plakas (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
9. Kyle Anderson (ERTC)
10. Jason Proche (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
11. Scott Book (ERTC)
12. Ed Heacock (ERTC)
13. John Mayne (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
14. Michael Nagy (Independent)
15. Lindsay Dodd (CycleLogic)
16. Ken Rebel (EMCC)
lapped. Brad Fehr (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
lapped. Gerhard Jacobs (Crankies)
lapped. Chris Appelman (Bow Cycle)
lapped. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)
lapped. Jean-Claude Coupal (United Cycle)
lapped. Andy Wilson (United Cycle)
lapped. Conrad Quist (ERTC)
lapped. Helge Halvorsen (EMCC)
lapped. Shane Siegel (Pedalhead Road Works Sleemans)
lapped. E.Muehlerbchs (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
lapped. Lance Harris (Juventus)
lapped. Kyle Harris (Juventus)
lapped. Glenn Isaac (CycleLogic)


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