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June 12/05 10:34 am - World Cup DH: Women's Results and Standings

Posted by Editoress on 06/12/05

MTB World Cup DH #3 Schladming, Aut

Final results for the Women and World Cup standings

1. Anne-Caroline Chausson (Fra) Commencal Oxbow4:45.530
2. Vanessa Quin (NZl)4:45.770.24
3. Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)4:47.832.30
4. Marielle Saner (Sui) Maxxis-Msc4:52.697.16
5. Tracy Moseley (GBr) Kona Les Gets4:52.757.22
6. Celine Gros (Fra) Team Morzine Avoriaz4:53.948.41
7. Scarlett Hagen (NZl)4:55.019.48
8. Helen Gaskell (GBr)4:55.049.51
9. Petra Bernhard (Aut) Ms-Racing Team Europe4:56.4410.91
10. Fionn Griffiths (GBr)4:57.1511.62
11. Kathy Pruitt (USA)5:01.9116.38
12. Emmeline Ragot (Fra) Qbikes Les Sybelles5:06.9821.45
13. Nolvenn Le Caer (Fra)5:07.4121.88
14. Anja Rees-Jones (GBr)5:13.0827.55
15. Anita Molcik (Aut) Arbo Rsp Downhill Racing3:5:14.6729.14
16. Miriam Blas Otondo (Esp)5:16.4830.95
17. Miriam Ruchti (Sui)5:17.9632.43
18. Rachel Atherton (GBr)5:18.9333.40
19. Angelika Hohenwarter (Aut)5:23.2537.72
20. Maria Conway (GBr)5:28.6243.09
21. Anneke Beerten (Ned) Specialized Factory Racin4:5:30.6845.15
22. Antje Kramer (Ger)5:34.6449.11
23. Alice Kuhne (Sui)5:34.6949.16
24. Claire Buchar (Can) Merlan Duo-Be One5:37.2151.68
25. Calamaty-Jayne Cann (GBr)5:39.4653.93
26. V. Janeiro Alfageme (Esp)5:39.5153.98
27. Silja Stadler (Sui)5:46.561:01.03
28. Jules Coventry (GBr)5:59.051:13.52
29. Jaymie Mart (Bar)6:04.701:19.17
DNF. Daniela Bossard (Sui)

1. Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)519
2. Vanessa Quin (NZl)487
3. Anne-Caroline Chausson (Fra) Commencal Oxbow480
4. Rachel Atherton (GBr)401
5. Tracy Moseley (GBr) Kona Les Gets394
6. Marielle Saner (Sui) Maxxis-Msc378
7. Emmeline Ragot (Fra) Qbikes Les Sybelles362
8. Helen Gaskell (GBr)283
9. Celine Gros (Fra) Team Morzine Avoriaz235
10. Kathy Pruitt (USA)222
11. Petra Bernhard (Aut) Ms-Racing Team Europe213
12. Fionn Griffiths (GBr)184
13. Scarlett Hagen (NZl)178
14. Anja Rees Jones (GBr)151
15. Nolvenn Le Caer (Fra)139
16. Miriam Ruchti (Sui)129
17. Antje Kramer (Ger)120
18. Anita Molcik (Aut) Arbo Rsp Downhill Racing114
19. Angelika Hohenwarter (Aut)110
20. Miriam Blas Otondo (Esp)101
21. Diana Marggraff (Ecu) Zenith-Mtb-International100
22. Mio Suemasa (Jpn)95
23. Maria Conway (GBr)86
24. Claire Buchar (Can) Merlan Duo-Be One85
25. Daniela Bossard (Sui)82
26. Violeta Alfageme (Esp)72
27. Melissa Buhl (USA)67
28. Alice Kuhne (Sui)64
29. Michaela Thaler (Ita) Arbo Rsp Downhill Racing55
30. Pascaline Reusser (Sui)52
31. Karen Ballentine (GBr)43
32. Mireia Bosca Ballester (Esp)40
33. Anneke Beerten (Ned) Specialized37
34. Silja Stadler (Sui)37
35. Jayne Cann Calamaty (GBr)34
36. Victoria Hernandez Molinas (Esp)34
37. Zsofia Koczka (Hun)30
38. Calamaty-Jayne Cann (GBr)28
39. Celine Spicher (Sui)28
40. Jules Coventry (GBr28


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