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June 20/05 9:39 am - Test of Metal: On The Edge Team Report

Posted by Editoress on 06/20/05

Up for the Test?
Courtesy Bob Stanhope, On The Edge Race Club, Sechelt, BC

You may have heard about it, read about it or even experienced it. The Test of Metal is one of the oldest and toughest Mountain Bike Races in Canada. Limited to 800 brave souls and with a reputation for beating some of the most experienced rider's it attracts participants from across North America. Average ride time 4-5 hours, it covers 67 km as it winds it's way about the trails of Squamish. A rite of passage for many cyclist's this years event was no exception. Rain, mud and pain ruled the day.

I love this town, the whole community seems to be out riding, volunteering or cheering. We have attended this event for years and Coast riders are treated like family. Last year heat was a cause for concern, this year it was the MUD. Times over all were definitely slower. The Coast was well represented with 17 racers completing the Test.{with aid from a huge support crew} On The Edge Race Club were out in force. Sean Stanhope, Katherine Short and Matt Cottrell recently back from Nationals were glad to be on familiar ground.

Although we all suffered, special mention goes to Jim Brown and Glen Illingsworth. Jims cramping experience defies description. It's part of what make Jim a local Icon. Easy to laugh about when, thank God, it's not you. Glen was the hard luck story of the day, 2 flats and it got worse from there. Congratulations riders, you passed the TEST...

While most of the OTE Team (On The Edge) were in Squamish, Micayla Gatto was in Quebec for the National Downhill Championships. We are proud to report she is the #1 ranked U19 female in Canada with a first place finish.

Local results, Squamish Test Of Metal, June 18/05

14-16 women
Katherine Short (On The Edge Race Club) 1st 3:41:52

4-16 men
Sean Stanhope (On The Edge) 1st 3:31:57

17-19 men
Chris Bates (On The Edge) 1st 3:28:06
Brett Wildeman (On The Edge) 2nd 3:50:59
Colwyn Sleep (Spin) DNF

35-39 men
Darren Quist (On The Edge) 11th 3:36:31
Glen Illingsworth (On The Edge) 75th 4:49:07

40-44 men
Bob Stanhope (On The Edge) 30th 4:10:35

45-49 men
Rod Camposano (On The Edge) 16th 4:18:19
Kieth Reynolds (On The Edge) 40th 4:57:15
Derick Higgins (On The Edge) 46th 5:20:19 (n/a)
Dave Bates (On The Edge) 50th 5:27:19

50+ men
Rick Wildeman (On The Edge) 39th 5:00:49
Jim Brown (On The Edge) 45th 5:16:08
Brad Proctor (On The Edge) 48th 5:27:19

Elite men
Matt Cottrell (On The Edge) 19th 3:12:33
Matt Green (On The Edge) 22nd 3:21:42


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