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June 24/05 9:28 am - Interview with Seamus McGrath

Posted by Editoress on 06/24/05

Mont Ste Anne Friday Afternoon Report
by Mike Badyk

Good old Mont Ste Anne. Just when you think you have the weather here all figured out, it goes and changes on you. The sun is now out and it is very, very, windy. The tents in the Expo area are having all sorts of trouble and just about everyone is searching for ways to tie them down.

The Quebec Cup races are still continuing, this time with many happy racers due to the improved conditions. The wind is also helping to dry the mud in the forest, which will please the World Cup racers to no end. Since these races are on, the course is closed for the pros and they have gone off somewhere to do pro like things.

One pro that we did catch up with was Seamus McGrath, who was luxuriating in the spacious Haro Bikes Lee Dungarees booth. Seamus was winding down after training and was getting the team mechanic to make some adjustments to his bike.

CC - How are you feeling?

SM - Right now just great. I'm so happy to be here.

CC - How has the season been going?

SM - To be honest, this year hasn't been going that good up until now. The car accident in January set me back so much. It really took a lot out of me recovering. I'm finally good. Its been a lot of hard work to come back. Training here has felt so positive. I'm really looking forward to this race.

CC - This will be your first World Cup this year.

SM - Yes. I've done Sea Otter and the NORBA races, mostly just sticking close to home. I'll do this World Cup and the one in New Mexico and then the World Championships.

CC - Have you been enjoying the race course?

SM - Its a lot of fun. This has always been such a great course. The good weather is really drying it out so if it stays like this it will be really fast tomorrow.

CC - Tell me about your bike. After all of these years of the blue and white frame you've got something quite different.

SM - Yeah, the metallic gold is really cool. I'm running a 2 x 9 setup (no small chainring) and I can handle everything with it. I'm really stoked about the Manitou R-7 fork. The lock out remote is so sweet. You just flip the little lever and it works instantly. I'm using it about 10 times a lap. It makes a big difference climbing. The complete bike is about 22 pounds and it realy flies. I can't wait to race it here.

CC - You're based in Victoria now. How's that going?

SM - I love it. Its a great scene. I bought Ryder Hesjedals' house there last January and set up shop. I came back to Ontario to visit my parents recently and I don't miss it at all! Victoria has been really good for me.


Another notable celebrity on site was Steve Bauer. Steve was attending his first ever mountain bike World Cup. He will be at the Tour de France once again. While we were talking with Steve, he was recognized by sporting legend Pierre Harvey, who was racing the Quebec Cup along with his whole family. It was certainly great to see both of these Canadian Olympians having a visit.

XC training for the pros started at 5pm today, with 4X training at 6:30. It's fairly quite around here right now, with everyone anticipating the racing tomorrow.


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