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July 2/05 11:46 am - Canadian Track Championships: Saturday Afternoon Session: Women and Junior Men's Points, Senior Men's Scratch Race, Senior Women's 500M

Posted by Editoress on 07/2/05

Canadian National Track Championships Calgary AB
Courtesy Kurt Innes

PLEASE NOTE: These are the results as provided by the organizer

Saturday Afternoon Results

Senior Women Points (16km)
1. Mandy Poitras33
2. Gina Grain23
3. Jenny Trew13
4. Lisa Sweeny11
5. Laura Yoisten2
6. Sarah Kirby2
7. Julia Bradley2
8. Pyjor Alaogosha1
9. Gail Wozny1
10. Laura Brown0
11. Kathy White0
12. Lisa Bowe0
13. Katy St-Laurent0
14. Tara Whitten0
15. Nikki Lavoie0
DNF. Natasha Kuzmak
DNF. Stephanie Roorda
DNF. Suzie Belanger
DNF. Sara Laliberte
DNS. Auna-Brit Erickson
DNS. Angella Goran
DNS. Claire Cameron
Junior Men Points (16km)
1. Andrew Nichol20
2. Eric Smith14
3. Jean-Michel Lachance14
4. Nicolas Andrichuk14
5. Spencer Smitheman10
6. William Goodfellow10
7. Richard Bell-17
8. Anthony Stadnyk-18
DNF. Vince De Jong
DNF. Lawrence Leroux
DNF. Sean Walsh

Senior Men's Scratch Race
1. Alexandre Cloutier (Quebec)
2. Zachary Bell (Team Alberta/Yukon)
3. Christian Mieir (Symetrics)
4. Ryan Mckenzie (Subway Pro Cyc. Team)
5. James Sparling (Bicisport Calgary)
6. Glen Rendall (Ride with Rendall)
7. Charly Vives (Quebec)+1 lap
8. Derek Mcmaster (Team Coastal)+1 lap
9. Robert Veroba (Bicisport Calgary)+1 lap
10. Chris Hooper (Synergy Racing)+1 lap
11. Martin Gilbert (Quebec)+1 lap
12. Rene Regimbald (Synergy Racing)+1 lap
13. Vinko Poldrugovac (Dr. Walkers Sport)+1 lap
14. Mark Macdonald (Team Alberta/Yukon)+1 lap
15. Michael Patton (Synergy Racing)+1 lap
16. Jeff Sparling (Bowcycle Calgary)+1 lap
17. Kevin Lacombe (Quebec)+1 lap
18. Mike Mccorkell (Bicisport Calgary)+1 lap
19. Philippe Abbott (Team Alberta/Yukon)+1 lap
20. Chris Reid (Team Coastal)+1 lap
21. Craig Deever ( lap
22. Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics)+1 lap
23. Murray Carter (Ride with Rendall)+1 lap
24. Adam Thuss ( lap
25. Scott Laliberte (Black Dog)+1 lap
DNF. Dylan Menard (Juventus)
DNF. Mike Chandler (Dr Walker)
DNF. Colin Walsh (Synergy Racing)
DNF. Ross Harbottle (Synergy Racing)
DNS. Doug Baron (The Track Team)
DNF. Jeff Bakal (Multi-Laser/Team Ont)
DNS. Ian Robertson (Team KAOS)
DNF. Zach Grant (Juventus)
DNS. Pierre-Olivier Boily (Quebec)
DNF. Graeme Thomson (Team Alberta/Yukon)
DNF. Craig Degeir (Atlantic Cycling Cen)
DNF. Felix Haspel (Synergy Racing)

Senior Women 500MTimeSpeed
1. Auna-Brit Erickson39.22445.89
2. Jenny Trew39.25945.849
3. Laura Brown39.69345.348
4. Breanna Loster39.76745.264
5. Claire Cameron40.84244.072
6. Julia Bradley40.99343.91
7. Sarah Kirby41.14643.747
8. Lisa Bowe41.53543.337
9. Nikki Lavoie41.70643.159
10. Suzie Belanger41.95142.907
11. Natasha Kuzmak41.95242.906
12. Kathy White42.03542.821
13. Pyjor Alaogosha42.14542.71
14. Tara Whitten42.56542.288
15. Stephanie Roorda43.28541.585


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