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July 3/05 2:33 am - Yaletown Grand Prix photos

Posted by Editoress on 07/3/05

Some photos by Greg Descantes from last week's Yaletown Grand prix in Vancouver. Click HERE to view

Courtesy Steve Engh

top ten each race

Men 1/2

Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)
Kirk Obee (Navigators)
Ryan Trebon (Kona/LesGets)
Will Routley (Symmetrics)
Nieves (Carrasco DosPinos/Costa Rica)
Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics)
Svein Tuft (Symmetrics)
Roland Green (Kona/LesGrets)
Sean Dawson (Trek Red Truck Racing)
Rick Minichiello (Trek red Truck Racing)

Cat 3 Men

Ryan Clarke (Dr. Walker)
Gavin Forsyth (Escape Velocity)
Matt Dilay (Organic Athlete)
Steven Liesch (Escape Velocity)
Bruce Denis (Independent)
Matthew Cottrel On the Edge/Rocky Mountain)
John Irvine (Team Tantalus)
Garth White (Trek Red Truck Racing)
John Perkins (Escape Velocity)
Owen Scott (Steed Cycles)

Cat 4/5 Men

Steve O'Neil (CVC Racing)
Nick Smit (Spoke-in-Motion)
Imai Taku (Escape Velocity)
Roy McBeth (Local Ride)
Matthew Campbell (CVC Racing)

Sorting out the rest will report soon.

Masters Men

John Tolkamp (Escape V)
Paul Sim (Dizzy's)
James Neil (Trek Red Truck Racing)
Jack Okuniewicz (Ind)
Jamie Davidson (Symmetrics)
Brian Gertz (Wenting's Cycle)
Nels Guloien (Sugoi)
Brian Green (Trek Red Truck Racing)
Brian Griffen (Wenting's Cycle's)
Robert Morganstern (Wines of Washington)

Cat 3/4 Women

Lee Darling (Coastal)
Sherri Iwaschuk (Ind)
Christy Love (Wedgewood Cycling Team)
Kristine (Brynjolfson (Coastal)
Leslie Vice (Dizzy Chicks)
Adrian Zoe (Atomic)
Carolyn Owen (Atomic)
Paige Sutherland (Escape)

Cat 1/2 Women

Marnie Hambleton (Symmetrics)
Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain/ Business Objects)
Leah Goldstein (Trek Red Truck Racing)
Alena Radomsky (Team Coastal)
Leslie Tomlinson (Rocky Mountain / Business Objects)
Barb Zimich (Team Coastal)
Christina Briante (Symmetrics)
Julia Hlynsky (devo)


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