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July 4/05 10:23 am - National Track Championships: Day 4: Madison, Junior Men's and Senior Women's Keirin

Posted by Editoress on 07/4/05

Canadian National Track Championships Calgary AB
Courtesy Kurt Innes

PLEASE NOTE: These are the results as provided by the organizer

Sunday Results

Senior Men Madison - 40km
1. Equipe Du Quebec 223pts
Alexandre Cloutier
Pierre-Olivier Boily
2. Equipe Du Quebec 116-1 lap
Martin Gilbert
Kevin Lacombe
3. Team Alberta9-1 lap
Philippe Abbott
Zachary Bell
4. Symmetrics2-1 lap
Christian Mieir
Marsh Cooper
5. Subway5-2laps
Scott Laliberte
Ryan Mckenzie
6. Composite 1-3laps
James Sparling
Derek Mcmaster
7. Riding For Rendall-4laps
Glen Rendall
Murray Carter
8. Team Ontario
Adam Thuss
Craig Deever
DNF. Composite 2
Matthew Chater
Robert Veroba
DNF. Synergy 1
Colin Walsh
Felix Haspel
DNS. Synergy 2
Michael Patton
Rene Regimbald

Senior Women Keirin
1. Auna-Brit Erickson (Team Alberta/Yukon)
2. Mandy Poitras (Rocky Mountain/Power)
3. Jenny Trew (Team Coastal)
4. Breanna Loster (Dr. Walker)
5. Sarah Kirby (Dr. Walker)
6. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy)
Junior Men Keirin
Heat 1
1. Lawrence Leroux (Quebec)
2. Sean Walsh (Bow Cycle/CMC)
3. Eric Smith (Team Alberta)
4. Will Monteath (Juventus)
5. Vince De Jong (Hamilton Cycling Clu)
Heat 2
1. Jean-Michel Lachance (Quebec)
2. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)
3. Anthony Stadnyk (Team Alberta)
4. Richard Bell (Waterloo CC)
1. Lawrence Leroux (Quebec)
2. Eric Smith (Team Alberta)
3. Jean-Michel Lachance (Quebec)
4. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)
5. Anthony Stadnyk (Team Alberta)
6. Sean Walsh (Bow Cycle/CMC)


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