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July 7/05 6:38 am - Road National Championships: Morning ITT Results (Juniors, Masters, Paralympic)

Posted by Editoress on 07/7/05

Road National Championships Kamloops BC

Shuswap Rd. Time Trial

Unofficial results from this morning

LC 1-4: 7.5 kms
1. Mark Breton (QC) Quebec00:12:28.17
2. Eric Bourgault (QC) Quebec00:14:18.63
3. Bruce Penner (NV) bicisport00:16:26.29
4. Lisa Stowe (AB) bicisport00:15:32.50
HC A-C: 7.5 kms
1. Rico Morneau (QC)00:17:55.32
2. Shauna Whyte (AB)00:18:50.64
3. Scott Patterson (BC)00:17:57.18
4. Michael Negraeff (BC)00:21:43.17
5. Joan Reid (BC)00:27:33.17
DSQ. Mark Beggs (QC) Quebec
Junior Men, 17-18: 25Km
1. Mark Hinnen (ON) Team Ontario00:35:12.50
2. Brooke Boocock (ON) Team Ontario0:15.80
3. David Veilleux (QC) Quebec0:21.10
4. William Goodfellow (QC) Espoirs Laval TTN0:54.53
5. Neal Kindree (BC) Team Squamish1:04.67
6. Thomas Foster (ON) MBRC1:14.82
7. Ryan Anderson (AB) Team Alberta1:23.22
8. Andrew Nichol (MB) Manitoba1:23.79
9. Clovis Auger (QC) Quebec1:24.03
10. Mathew Bell (ON) Team Ontario1:31.77
11. Charles Bryer (ON) TEAM ONTARIO1:32.86
12. Eric Smith (AB) Team Bow Cycle - CMC1:33.35
13. Eric Boily (QC) Quebec1:35.68
14. Joel Dion-Poitras (QC) Quebec1:43.45
15. Kevin Hazzard (ON) Team Ontario1:56.21
16. Alexandre Garant (QC) Elicycle2:06.32
17. Mike Bidniak (AB) Juventus/Alberta2:18.84
18. Jesse Van Oene (BC) Kelowna Cycle2:22.88
19. Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Elicycle2:27.13
20. Craig Browne (ON) Coach All Season2:35.40
21. Max Keeler (PE) Atlantic Canada2:35.59
22. Maxime Picard (QC) Elicycle2:38.27
23. Dale Beaton (ON) Team Ontario2:48.68
24. Jefferey Castenmiller (BC) Lactic Acid Racing2:53.59
25. Fraser Hayes (BC) Team Adventurebound.ca3:01.38
26. Spencer Smitheman (AB) Juventus Cycling Club3:26.04
27. Sean Walsh (AB) Bow Cycle/ CMC3:30.64
28. Philippe Riopel (QC) Elicycle3:33.70
29. Mathieu Boudier-Reveret (QC) CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP3:35.95
30. Alexander Korten (ON) St. Catharines Cycling Club3:36.20
31. Vincent Blouin (QC) Elicycle3:40.00
32. Dave Brooks (SK) Team Saskatchewan3:59.15
33. Tim Clarke (NL) Atlantic Canada4:04.53
34. Matt Savage (BC)4:29.77
35. Nathan MacDonald (BC) Blak Dog4:32.99
36. Maurie Kowalski (BC) Lactic Acid Racing4:34.54
37. Jackson Buehler (BC)4:37.31
38. Ben Rempel (SK) Team Saskatchewan4:39.36
39. Matthew Potma (BC) Lactic Acid Racing4:45.86
40. Patrick Lalonde (QC) Les Rouleurs des Outaouais4:48.67
41. Nicolas Andrichuk (AB) Bow Cycle/ Cyclemeisters4:53.56
42. Andrew Thomas (SK) Team Saskatchewan4:58.35
43. Marc Trussler (NS) Atlantic Canada5:01.88
44. Austin Macdougall (BC) Devo/powerbar5:22.44
45. Graeme Bant (BC) Sugoi Factory Team5:31.76
46. Robert Smith (BC) Bike Barn5:32.61
47. Richard Bell (ON) Waterloo CC/The Flying Do5:37.67
48. Marco Sabatino (BC)5:50.53
49. Brian Robinson (AB) Bow Cycle/CMC5:56.47
50. William Urton (SK) Rock&Roads Cycling6:03.66
51. Brad Vanderveen (AB) Velocity Cycling Club6:53.17
52. Nick Lacko (MB) Team Manitoba6:54.51
53. Anthony Stadnyk (AB) Bicisport6:54.79
54. Evan Wick (AB) Team Bow Cycle/Cyclemeis6:59.63
55. Justin Endresen (BC) lactic acid racing7:46.31
56. Reid Tucker (BC) lactic acid racing8:19.11
57. Nic Bird (BC) Skookum Cycle8:41.70
Junior Women, 17-18: 15 kms
1. Joelle Numainville (QC) Quebec23:41.56
2. Karol-ann Canuel (QC) Quebec0:18.16
3. Danielle Kenny (AB) Team Alberta0:29.42
4. Emily Batty (ON) gears racing1:29.21
5. Naomi Cooper (BC) dEVo/Escape Velocity0:35.61??
6. Lisa Tasa (BC)1:31.23
7. Sarah Coney (ON) 3 Rox Racing2:07.08
8. Meghan Read (NS) Atlantic Canada2:27.17
9. Kaitlin Michener (ON) Arrow Racing2:35.43
10. Kyla Giesbrecht (BC) Lactic Acid Racing3:11.11
11. Teresa Samek (MB) MCA3:33.61
12. Andrea Bunnin (SK) team saskatchewan3:41.51
13. Skye Larlee (BC) Victoria Wheelers4:03.78
14. Lindsay Argue (MB)4:18.83
15. Elizabeth Dickin (BC) Lactic Acid4:12.52
16. Kylie Morin (SK) Team Sask8:14.05
Master C Men, 50-59: 25 kms
1. Olav Stana (BC) INDEPENDENT34:36.61
2. Frank Matus (SK) Horizon 100, Cycledeliaat 2:16.29
4. Michael Ryan (BC) marinoni2:48.89
5. Bob Thompson (BC) Sidney Velo2:49.11
6. Michael Mccann (YT)2:52.28
7. Mike Sevcov (BC) Nanaimo Bicycle Club3:17.27
8. Gary Edwards (MB) Fast Old Guys3:53.62
9. Wayne Long (BC) United Cycle Racing4:27.05
10. Michael Nicholls (BC) Wenting Cycle5:25.91
11. Nels Guloien (BC) Sugoi Factory Team5:27.60
12. Lev Krivitsky (AB) CRANKMASTERS5:37.74
13. Bill Yearwood (BC) Mighty Cycling6:23.82
14. Janusz Grelecki (BC)2:40.89??
14. Richard Wade (ON) Newmarket Eagles7:15.36
15. Richard Mcgillivray (BC)8:20.39
16. Daniel Bedard (QC) Espoirs Laval11:27.21
DNS. John Albright (BC)
DNS. George Janos (BC) CVC Racing
DNS. John Langley (BC)
DNS. Hans Lehmann (BC) Team Coastal
DNS. Duane Martindale (BC) Sidney Velo
Master D Men, 60+: 25 kms
1. Bob Lindsay (BC) Vancouver Velo Vets Cycling39:50.29
2. Peter Hein (ON) Vaughan Midweek - W.P. Sat 0:51.69
3. Guy Pickavance (BC) Independent2:19.62
4. Peter Morris (ON) midweek club2:47.33
5. Gino Crema (BC)3:15.27
6. Frank Kern (BC)3:48.22
7. Warren Corrie (BC) Bike Barn3:51.21
8. Frank Ludtke (BC) Burnaby Velodrome Club7:10.73
Master Women, 30-39: 25 kms
1. Tricia Orzeck (AB)40:23.27
2. Susan Copeland (AB) Juventus Cycling Clubat 0:00.39
3. Lisa Dorian (BC) Dizzy Chicks2:35.08
4. Susan Blum (SK) Cycledelia2:51.81
Master Women, 40+: 25 kms
1. Nancy Burden (AB) Juventus Cycling Club39:48.99
2. Gail Wozny (AB) Juventusat 1:32.90
3. Barbara Zimich (BC) Team Coastal1:37.85
4. Lisa Jaffary (BC) Kelowna Cycle1:51.93
5. Carolyn Soules (AB) Calgary Crankmasters2:08.86
6. Debbie Paul (AB) Hamilton Pine Rivers3:48.07
DNS. Corinna Goodman (BC)
DNS. Helen Jensen (BC)
Tandem, Men: 15 kms
1. Gene Della Siega (BC) B.C. Blind Sports20:17.99
2. Brian Cowie (BC) B.C. Blind Sportsat 0:18.41
3. Stephane Cote (QC) Quebec0:35.26
4. Dave Johnston (ON) waterloo cc/the flying dogs0:53.91
5. Chris Maley (ON)1:04.83
6. Dean Edwards (AB) Velocity3:03.73
Tandem, Mixed:: 15 kms
1. Shawn Marsolais (BC) B.C. Blind Sports24:22.38


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