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July 19/05 4:50 am - Alpenrose Challenge: Report and Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/05

Alpenrose Challenge Alpenrose Dairy, Portland, Oregon
Report courtesy Keith Bruneau

For most of the Canadians in attendance at this years' race it was a new and challenging experience as the Alpenrose track is one of the most difficult and challenging tracks to ride in the world, there was only one Canadian casualty from this round of the challenge, that being Breanna Loster who had taken a tumble in the womens racing on Saturday, she was not able to continue with the rest of the race events.

For the newcomers, Joel and Rene Regimbald, Matthew Barlee, Charles Durrant and Auna Brit Erikson-Carter it was a quick and steep learning curve, for the Alpenrose saavy Matt Chater and Keith Bruneau it was yet again a step in to the "carnival" atmosphere that is The Alpenrose Challenge.
Everyone handled themselves with dignity and confidence, they produced some great results in the toughest fields ever at this event containing the likes of US National team members Giddeon Massie, Steven Alfred, Ryan Nelman, Carl Boucher, Rebecca Quinn, Jennie Reed and Erin Mirabella. To top it off 4th place Olympics Keirin speedster Josiah Ng showed up.

All in all a succesful weekend. For the next American Velodrome Challenge Race look to Victoria B.C. from August19-21.

July 15

Women - 3K Pursuit
e1. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)03:57.8
2. Annette Hanson (First Rate Mortgage)04:11.6
3. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)04:15.2
4. Melissa Sanborn (Subway)04:15.9
5. Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)04:18.5
6. Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)04:21.3
7. Emily Westbrook (Subway)04:21.5
8. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)04:24.1
9. Kimberly La Fleur (Webcor)04:40.7
10. Kelly La Fleur (Webcor)04:56.4
Masters - 3K Pursuit
1. Carl Roberts (Clif Bar)03:58.7
2. Nate Hobson (Half Fast Velo)04:00.7
3. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)04:02.5
4. Michael Dunn (Half Fast Velo)04:12.0
5. Paul Mautner (Rose City)04:21.7
6. Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)04:22.9
Masters - 2K Pursuit
1. Woody Cox (Byrne Specialty)02:34.12
2. Mark Altamarrano 02:43.16
3. Chris Anstey (Dr. Walker)02:44.71
4. Steve Truesdale (Half Fast Velo)02:47.19
5. George Schreck (Huntair)02:49.73
6. John Simmons (Shaws GCC)03:00.08
7. John Wiest (NoMad)03:04.31
8. Mike Barmache 03:14.70
Men - 4K Pursuit
1. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)05:00.1
2. Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)05:04.8
3. Mike Garrett (Kahala-LaGrange)05:05.6
4. Leif Clarke (Benaroya Research Institue)05:09.9
5. Walker Starr (Team Rubicon)05:10.6
6. Daniel Harm (ReynoldsCycles)05:15.6
7. Adrian Hegyvary (Recycled Cycles Racing)05:16.3
8. Nathan Spear (Team Rubicon)05:30.2
9. Carl Hoefer (Team Rubicon)05:40.6
Masters - 500m
1. Stan Gregg (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)38.49
2. Fortunato DeSario (Team Dynamo)38.64
3. Kevin Worley (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Team)38.95
4. Steve Brown (MAC)39.06
5. Woody Cox (Byrne Specialty)39.13
6. Mark Altamirano (CyFac/VeloEuropa)39.53
7. Chris Anstey 40.55
8. John Simmons (ShawsGCC)40.74
9. Steve Truesdale (Half Fast Velo)41.14
10. John Wiest (NoMad)45.01
Women - 500m
1. Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelman)38.96
2. Auna-Brit Erickson (Independent)39.33
3. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)39.45
4. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns)40.33
5. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)40.35
6. Melissa Sanborn (Subway)41.15
7. Jennifer Triplett (Starbucks Duetto)41.21
8. Jen Featheringill (Bike Central)41.48
9. Kimberly La Fleur (Webcor)41.53
10. Katrina Vogel (Byrne Speciality)41.72
11. Amara Boursaw (Gregg's Trek)41.99
12. Donna Smith (Chinook Cycling Club of Yakima)42.13
13. Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)42.22
14. Lynn Godfrey (Bike Central)42.3
15. Kelly La Fleur (Webcor)43.21
16. Marybeth Novak (Cycle Sports/Trumer Pils)43.31
17. Emily Westbrook 43.54
18. Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)44.16
Masters - 1 Kilometer
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)01:13.0
2. Nate Hobson (Half Fast Velo)01:18.4
3. Scott Harman (Fred Meyer)01:19.3
4. Steve Garcia (Bike Central)01:22.0
5. Paul Mautner (Rose City)01:24.5
6. Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)01:24.7
7. Michael Beckman (BBC)01:26.4
Men - 1 Kilometer
1. Leif Clarke (Benaroya Research Institue)01:10.7
2. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)01:11.6
3. Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)01:12.3
4. Steven Beardsley (Team Oregon)01:13.3
5. Joel Regimbald (Synergy)01:13.7
6. Doug Beardsley (Fred Meyer)01:14.2
7. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)01:14.4
8. Mike Garrett (Kahala-LaGrange)01:14.4
9. Adrian Hegyvary (Recycled Cycles Racing)01:15.7
10. Aaron Phipps 01:18.5
Men - Points Race Qualifier
1. Adrian Hegyvary (Recycled Cycles Racing)50
2. James Adamson (Veloshop)32
3. Molly Cameron (Veloshop)39
4. Kelyn Akuna (Shaw's/GCC)24
5. Nathan Spear (Team Rubicon)12
6. Carl Hoefer (Team Rubicon)9
7. Mark Duff (Guinness)6
8. Terry McLeod (1st Rate Mortgage)1
9. Craig Sinanian 3
dnf. Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)
dnf. 180
dnf. Doug Beardsley (Fred Meyer)
dnf. Matt Tamel (Shaws' Garden City Cyclist)
dnf. Matt Martinez (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
dnf. David Oliphant (Therapeutic Assoc)
dnf. Steven Beardsley (Team Oregon)
dnf. Daniel Harm (ReynoldsCycles)
dnf. Ty Lambert (Independent)
dnf. Leif Clarke (Benaroya Research Institue)
dnf. John Simmons (Shaws GCC)

July 16th

Men - 10 Mile
1. Walker Starr (Team Rubicon)
2. Mike Garrett (Kahala-LaGrange)
3. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)
4. Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)
5. Kelyn Akuna (Shaw's/GCC)
6. James Adamson (Veloshop)
7. Carl Hoefer (Team Rubicon)
8. Nathan Spear (Team Rubicon)
9. Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)
10. David Klipper (Guinness)
dnf. Ryan Miller (Greggs/Trek)
dnf. Leif Clarke (Benaroya Research Institue)
dnf. Matt Chater (Black Dog Racing)
dnf. Adrian Hegyvary (Recycled Cycles Racing)
dnf. David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
dnf. Duncan Oliphant (TAI)
dnf. Rene Regimbald (Synergy)
dnf. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
dnf. Mark Duff (Guinness)
dnf. Matt Tamel (Shaws' Garden City Cyclist)
dnf. Paul Swift (Jet City Velo)
dnf. Matt Martinez (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
dnf. Drew Nelson (Mr.Sunshine)

Masters - 10 Mile
1. Bob Muzzy (Berkley Bike Club)
2. Woody Cox (Byrne Specialty)
3. Nate Hobson (Half Fast Velo)
4. Mike Eddy (Jet City Velo)
5. Carl Roberts (Clif Bar)
6. Michael Dunn (Half Fast Velo)
7. Luis Bernhardt (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)
8. Todd Gallagher (Recycled Cycles Racing)
9. Mark Rodamaker (Webcor)
10. Steve Truesdale (Half Fast Velo)
11. John Simmons (Shaws GCC)
12. Scott Harman (Fred Meyer)
13. Paul Mautner (Rose City)
14. David Oliphant (Therapeutic Assoc)
15. Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)
dnf. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)
dnf. Mark Altamirano (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
dnf. Fortunato DeSario (Team Dynamo)

Masters - Miss & Out
1. Mike Eddy (Jet City Velo)
2. Nate Hobson (Half Fast Velo)
3. Woody Cox (Byrne Specialty)
4. Todd Gallagher (Recycled Cycles Racing)
5. Chris Anstey (Dr. Walker)
6. Mark Altamirano (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
7. Steve Garcia (Bike Central)
8. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)
9. John Simmons (Shaws GCC)
10. Luis Bernhardt (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)
11. Mark Rodamaker (Webcor)
12. Scott Harman (Fred Meyer)
13. Rob Hausner (BBC)
14. Michael Dunn (Half Fast Velo)
15. Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)
16. Paul Mautner (Rose City)

Women - Miss & Out
1. Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelman)
2. Jennie Reed
3. Jen Featheringill (Bike Central)
4. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)
5. Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)
6. Katrina Vogel (Byrne Specialty)
7. Amara Boursaw (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)
8. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)
9. Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)
10. Kelyn Bartholomew (Morgan Stanley/24 hr/Specialized)
11. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)
12. Kelly La Fleur (Webcor)
13. Kimberly La Fleur (Webcor)
14. Emily Westbrook (Subway)
15. Melissa Sanborn (Subway)
16. Jennifer Triplett (Starbucks Duetto)
17. Breanna Loster (Dr.Walker)

Men - Miss & Out
1. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)
2. Ryan Miller (Greggs/Trek)
3. Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)
4. Mike Garrett (Kahala-LaGrange)
5. Walker Starr (Team Rubicon)
6. Kelyn Akuna (Shaw's/GCC)
7. Josiah Ng (Bike Central)
8. Matt Charter (Black Dog Racing)
9. Craig Sinanian (Half Fast Velo)
10. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
11. Mark Duff (Guinness)
12. David Oliphant (TAI)
13. David Klipper (Guinness)
14. Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)
15. Paul Swift (Jet City Velo)
16. Matt Martinez (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
17. Matt Tamel (Shaws' Garden City Cyclist)
18. Ryan Nelman (CKR Racing)
19. Carl Hoefer (Team Rubicon)

Masters - Keirin
1. Mike Eddy (Jet City Velo)
2. Woody Cox (Byrne Specialty)
3. Kevin Worley (Los Gatos)
4. Scott Harman (Fred Meyer)
5. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)
6. Chris Anstey (Dr.Walker)
Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)
Steve Garcia (Bike Central)
Paul Mautner (Rose City)
Fortunato DeSario (Team Dynamo)
David Oliphant (Therapeutic Assoc)
Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)
Nate Hobson (Half Fast Velo)
John Simmons (Shaws GCC)
Mark Altamirano (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
Mark Rodamaker (Webcor)
Luis Bernhardt (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)

Women - Keirin
1. Jennie Reed (Gregg's/Trek/VW)
2. Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelman)
3. Amara Boursaw (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)
4. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)
5. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)
6. Auna-Brit Erickson (Independent)
Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)
Annette Hanson (First Rate Mortgage)
Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)
Jen Featheringill (Bike Central)
Jennifer Triplett (Starbucks Duetto)
Katrina Vogel (Byrne Specialty)
Breanna Loster (Dr.Walker)

Men - Sprints
1. Giddeon Massie
2. Matt Barlee
3. Stephen McLaughy
4. Josiah Ng
5. Keith Bruneau
6. Stephen Alfred
7. Carl Boucher
8. Dean Tracy
9. Giovanni Rey
10. Timo Budarz
11. Ryan Miller
12. Ryan Nelman
Kelyn Akuna (Shaw's/GCC)
Matt Martinez (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
Joel Regimbald (Juventus/System5)
Drew Nelson (Mr.Sunshine)
Doug Beardsley (Fred Meyer)
Steven Beardsley (Team Oregon)
Rene Regimbald (Synergy)
Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)
Matt Tamel (Shaws' Garden City Cyclist)
Paul Swift (Jet City Velo)
Matt Chater (Black Dog Racing)
Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker)
Zac Copeland
Mark Godfrey (BikeCentral)

Women - Points Race
1. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)31
2. Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)10
3. Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelman)44
4. Annette Hanson (First Rate Mortgage)28
5. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)13
6. Emily Westbrook (Subway)10
7. Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)6
8. Amara Boursaw (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)0
9. Kelyn Bartholomew (Morgan Stanley/24 hr/Specialized)0
10. Marybeth Novak (Cycle Sports/Trumer Pils)0
dnf. Kimberly La Fleur (Webcor)
dnf. Kelly La Fleur (Webcor)
dnf. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)
dnf. Jennifer Triplett (Starbucks Duetto)
dnf. Marybeth Novak (Cycle Sports/Trumer Pils)
1. Williams / Miller (Trek VW)29
2. Allen / Walker (Rubicon)18
3. Clarke / Heavary (Recycled - Silver)18
4. Duff / Kipper (Guinness)4
5. Adamson / Gallegher (Recycled - Red)2
6. Sinanian / Rey (Bike Central)
Olympic Sprint
1. Chater / Bruneau / Barlee 0:55.01
2. Springer / Alfred / Massie 0:55.16
3. Tracy / Beardsley / Borcher 0:56.69
4. R. Regimbald / Nelman / J. Regimbald 0:57.97
5. Copeland / Nelson / Williams 0:59.09
6. Clarke / Martinez / Rey 0:59.27
7. Godfrey / McLaughry / Ng 0:59.44
8. Boursaw / VanValkenburg / Duff 1:03.04
9. Garcia / Alling / Housner 1:03.34

July 17th

Women - Flying Lap
1. Jennie Reed 17.09*
2. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)18.04
3. Annette Hanson (First Rate Mortgage)18.27
4. Auna-Brit Erickson (Independent)18.46
5. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)18.57
6. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)19.04
7. Jen Featheringill (Bike Central)19.39
Women - Olympic Sprint
1. Mirabella /Quinn/ Reed 1:01.2*
Men - Flying Lap
1. Stephen Alfred (Wyndham Hotels)15.10*
2. Josiah Ng (Bike Central)15.35
3. Giddeon Massie (Cody Racing)15.60
4. Matt Barlee (Dr. Walker Track Team)15.92
5. Stephen McLoughry 16.16
6. Keith Bruneau (Dr. Walker/Travellers Inn)16.18
7. Joel Regimbald (Juventus/System5)16.35
8. Matt Chater (Black Dog Racing)16.48
9. Giovanni Rey 16.74
10. Rene Regimbald (Synergy)17.30
11. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker)18.28
12. Steve Garcia 18.64

Men - Points RacePointsLaps Diff.
1. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)521
2. Mike Garrett (Kahala-LaGrange)351
3. Molly Cameron (Veloshop)241
4. Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)231
5. Adrian Hegyvary (Recycled Cycles Racing)171
6. Leif Clarke (Benaroya Research Institue)81
7. Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)41
8. Walker Starr 290
9. Nathan Spear 30
10. Mark Duff 00
11. James Adamson 60
12. Taylor Kneuven 50
13. Carl Hoefer 3-1
dnf. Ryan Miller
dnf. Craig Sinanian
dnf. Drew Nelson
dnf. Matt Tamel
dnf. David Klipper
dnf. Terry McCloud

Masters - Points Race
1. Mike Eddy (Jet City Velo)55
2. Carl Roberts (Clif Bar)28
3. Bob Muzzy (Berkley Bike Club)22
4. Todd Gallagher (Recycled Cycles Racing)22
5. Luis Bernhardt (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)21
6. Nate Hobson (Half Fast Velo)22
7. Michael Dunn (Half Fast Velo)4
8. Scott Harman (Fred Meyer)2
9. Paul Mautner (Rose City)0
dnf. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)
dnf. Steve Truesdale (Half Fast Velo)
dnf. Rob Hausner (BBC)
dnf. Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)
dnf. John Simmons (Shaws GCC)
dnf. Mark Altamirano (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
dnf. John Forbes (Fred Meyer)

Women - Sprints
1. Jennie Reed
2. Becky Quinn
3. Auna-Bit Erickson
4. Heather VanValkenburg
5. Erin Mirabella
6. Miranda Duff
7. Jen Featheringill
8. Katrina Vogel
9. Jennifer Triplett
10. Andrea Fisk
11. Larssyn Staley
12. Amara Boursaw

Women - 200m
1. Jennie Reed 12.84
2. Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelman)13.24
3. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)13.38
4. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)13.43
5. Jennifer Triplett (Starbucks Duetto)13.66
6. Jen Featheringill (Bike Central)14.05
7. Auna-Brit Erickson (Independent)14.08
8. Katrina Vogel (Byrne Specialty)14.13
9. Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)14.18
10. Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)14.42
11. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)14.46
12. Amara Boursaw (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)14.48

Masters - Sprints
1. Brian Abers
2. Mike Eddy
3. Fortunato DeSario
4. Scott Harman
5. Rob Hausner
6. Charles Durrant
7. Chris Anstey
8. Steve Garcia
9. Mark Altamirano
10. Steve Brown

Masters - 200m
1. Brian Abers (Team Rubicon)12.7
2. Mike Eddy (Jet City Velo)12.89
3. Fortunato DeSario (Team Dynamo)12.93
4. Chris Anstey (Dr. Walker)12.99
5. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)13.1
6. John Simmons (Shaws GCC)13.13
7. Mark Rodamaker (Webcor)13.22
8. Steve Brown (MAC)13.25
9. Scott Harman (Fred Meyer)13.27
10. Steve Garcia (Bike Central)13.31
11. Rob Hausner (BBC)13.38
12. Mark Altamirano (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)13.41
13. Luis Bernhardt (Gregg's Specialized Racing Team)13.43
14. Chris Alling (Columbia River Velo)13.82

Men - Keirin
1. Stephen Alfred (Wyndham Hotels)
2. Josiah Ng (Bike Central)
3. Giddeon Massie (Cody Racing)
4. Joel Regimbald (Juventus/System5)
5. Matt Charter (Black Dog Racing)
6. Matt Barlee (Dr. Walker Track Team)
7. Carl Boucher (Cody Racing)
8. Stephen McLaughy (Bike Central)
dnf. Kelly Akuna (Shaw's/GCC)

Men - Keirin Qualifier & Repecharge

Heat 1

1. Josiah Ng (Bike Central)
2. Matt Barlee (Dr. Walker Track Team)
3. Carl Boucher (Cody Racing)
4. Ryan Miller (Greggs/Trek)
5. Joel Regimbald (Juventus/System5)
6. Matt Chater (Black Dog Racing)
7. Drew Nelson (Mr.Sunshine)
8. Leif Clarke (Benaroya Research Institue)

Heat 2

1. Stephen Alfred (Wyndham Hotels)
2. Stephen McLaughy (Bike Central)
3. Ryan Nelman (CKR Racing)
4. Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)
5. Steven Beardsley (Team Oregon)
6. Paul Swift (Jet City Velo)
7. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker)
8. Mark Duff (Guinness)

Heat 3

1. Giddeon Massie (Cody Racing)
2. Keith Bruneau (Dr. Walker/Travellers Inn)
3. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
4. Kelly Akuna (Shaw's/GCC)
5. Zac Copeland
6. Rene Regimbald (Synergy)
7. Matt Martinez (Cyfac Velo Eurdoa)
8. Matt Tamel (Shaws' Garden City Cyclist)

Qualifier Repecharge

Heat 1

Matt Charter (Black Dog Racing)
Drew Nelson (Mr.Sunshine)
Ryan Nelman (CKR Racing)
Paul Swift (Jet City Velo)
Rene Regimbald (Synergy)

Heat 2

1. Matt Barlee (Dr. Walker Track Team)
2. Steven Beardsley (Team Oregon)
3. Mark Duff (Guinness)
4. Keith Bruneau (Dr. Walker/Travellers Inn)
5. Zac Copeland

Heat 3

1. Carl Boucher (Cody Racing)
2. Giovanni Rey (Cytac/Velo Europa)
3. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker)
4. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
5. Matt Tamel (Shaws' Garden City Cyclist)

Women - 5 Mile
1. Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelman)
2. Jennie Reed
3. Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)
4. Annette Hanson (First Rate Mortgage)
5. Miranda Duff (Team Rubicon)
6. Kelyn Bartholomew (Morgan Stanley/24 hr/Specialized)
7. Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)
8. Melissa Sanborn (Subway)
9. Larssyn Staley (Andeer Interflon Scott)
10. Heather VanValkenberg (Sorella Forte)
Marybeth Novak (Cycle Sports/Trumer Pils)


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