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July 19/05 11:14 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 1 & 2

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/05

Tour de l’Abitibi Val-d’Or QC

Three in a row for Éric Boily

The 37th edition of the Tour de l’Abitibi is only two days old and already Éric Boily of Quebec, is the undisputed leader. He finished first in the first criterium.

Tonight, in a criterium in the Val-d’Or streets the member of team Canada waited until the last lap to take the lead. He crossed the finish line just ahead of team France Mathieu Bernaudeau and Espoirs de Laval’s Michael Joanisse.

The pack completed the 25 laps in 1 hour, 21 minutes 58 seconds at an average spied of 40.16 km/hr. The criterium was like a downtown visit but for a short break away after 20 laps. There were three riders, Bernaudeau, America’s cycling Mick Wickman and is corp Matt Brandt.

Boily kept the leader brown jersey that he won the day before the mini-criterium. He had won the leader’s jersey this morning by finishing first as part of team Canada in the first team time trial.

The man to beat tomorrow will be Éric Boily. The race will be held from Rouyn-Noranda to Val-d’Or, a distance of115.9 kilometers.

Stage1: Team Time Trial
1. Canada, 22:55
2. Etats-Unis, 23:26
3. Hot Tubes, 24:31
4. Coast to Coast, 24:41
5. Colombie-Britanique, 24:43
6. Belgique VC Ardennes, 24:46
7. Suède, 24:46
8. France Pôle Espoirs, 24:50
9. Alberta, 24:50
10. Espoirs de Laval, 24:51

Stage 2: Criterium
1. Éric Boily (Canada), 1:21:58
2. Matthieu Bernaudeau (France Pôle Espoirs)
4. Brian Naulleau (France Pôle Espoirts)
5. Reona Sumi (Japon)
6. Kevin Reza (France Pôle Espoirts)
7. Sean Walsh (Alberta)
8. Guy East (United-States)
9. Daniel Holloway (United-States)
10. Jonathan Bertrand (Belgique VC Ardennes), all s.t.

1. Éric Boily (Canada), 1:44:47
2. David Veilleux (Canada), at 0:06
3. Mark Hinnen (Canada)
4. Brooke Boocock (Canada), both s.t.
5. Guy East (États-Unis), 0:26
6. Ulrich De Young (Etats-Unis)
7. Cody O’Rielly (États-Unis), both s.t.
8. Clovis Auger (Canada), 0:34
9. Alex Boyd (Hot Tubes), 0:36
10. Ryan Keels (Hot Tubes), s.t.

Points GC
Éric Boily (Canada)

Top First Year Junior
Mark Hinnen (Canada)


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