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July 20/05 10:31 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 3 report and results (top 10)

Posted by Editoress on 07/20/05

Tour de l’Abitibi Val-d’Or QC
Courtesy organizers

Stage 3

Daniel Halloway gets first win for U.S.

They had to wait the end of the third stage of the Tour de l’Abitibi for an American to climb on the top step of the podium. After a 116.7 km road race between Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d’Or, Daniel Halloway, member of team U.S.A., did just that. He lifted his arms to show his feelings of happiness at the end of the race.

It took him 2h 40 min and 50 sec to cross the finish line. Just behind him were Ken Ichiyama of Japan and Keven Reza of France. Halloway, who finished 9th at the first criterium really worked hard for his win. He was part of a ten men break away pack held at the 82 km mark.

Canadians Clovis Auger, Brooke Boocock and David Veilleux were in this pack. Eric Boily, wearer of the brown jersey, rode in the main pack and never really took part in a break away.

Veilleux however took part in three break aways. This allowed him to take the brown jersey from Boily. David Halloway takes the orange jersey as points leader and Canadian Mark Hinnen keeps his blue jersey for first year junior.

Usually a quiet stage of Tour de l’Abitibi, the first road race gave us a few very interesting moments especially from team Columbia and team Sweden who are ayttending for the first time. Members of both teams qualified in the first ten. Team Abitibi also did very well even taking part in leading the race.

We will expect a serious competition between teams USA and Canada for the individual time trials which will start deep underground in a mine. There will then be a 14 km race. Last year Eric Boily won this stage easily.

The second road race of the 37th edition of the Tour de l’Abitibi will be held tomorrow night, a distance of 83.7 km from Senneterre to Val-d’Or.


1. Daniel Holloway (USA), 2:40:50
2. Ken Ichiyama (Japan)
3. Kevin Reza (France Pole Espoirs)
4. Jonas Bjelkmark (Sweden)
5. Alfonso Martinez (Colombie)
6. Clovis Auger (Canada), all s.t.
7. David Veilleux (Canada), 2:40:53

8. Erik Magnusson (Sweden), 2:40:57
9. Brooke Boocock (Canada), 2:41:51
10. Jeroen Van Schelven (Belgique), 2:41: 54

Brown jersey (Leader in individual ranking): David Veilleux (Canada)
Orange jersey (Points leader): Daniel Holloway (United States)
Blue jersey (Best first year junior): Mark Hinnen (Canada)

1. David Veilleux (Canada), 4:25:43
2. Clovis Auger (Canada), at 0:28

3. Daniel Holloway (USA), 0:49
4. Mark Hinnen (Canada), 1:03
5. Brooke Boocock (Canada), 1:09
6. Jonas Bjelkmark (Sweden), 1:10
7. Kevin Reza (France), 1:12
8. Cody O'Rielly (USA), 1:20
9. Guy East (USA), 1:23
10. Ulric De Young (USA), 1:23
11. Éric Boily (Canada), 1:31


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