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August 17/98 3:36 am - National XC Results, Alberta Criterium Results

Posted by Editor on 08/17/98

National Championship Results!

We now have a complete set of National Mountain Bike Cross-Country Championship results for your viewing pleasure - go Here to view them. For the Downhill, go Here.

We are currently working on Canada Cup overall standings, please be patient.

Alberta Provincial Criterium Championships
(courtesy Eric Harvey - ERTC)

The short of it: a miserable day (16C and rain on-and-off) made for small turnouts and lots of wetness. It was almost impossible to believe this after the past 3 weeks of glorius weather in Alberta. Not too many crashes thankfully. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the day of racing a success.

Hosted by the Velocity Cycling Club of Edmonton.

Held at the Alberta Reseach Council Park, Edmonton, August 16th, 1998

1.35 km per lap with five 90 degree corners and some gently curving road around a pond. Slightly uphill finish. about 200 metres from the final corner.

Category 1/2 Men (60 minutes + 5 laps)

1. Lloyd Kupchanko ERTC 1:09:00
2. Mike Haponiuk ERTC 1:09:22
3. Mike Stickland Velocity 1:09:26
4. Dan Wood ERTC 1:09:28
5. Jacob Erker Bow/Republik 1:09:30
6. Chad Kozak Bow/Republik 1:09:44
7. Bernie Fagnan Velocity @ 1 lap

Primes: Bruce Beynon, Bernie Fagnan, Jon Wood, Lloyd Kupchanko, Dan Wood, Lloyd Kupchanko

With 9 riders, this was certainly an all-time low for the 1/2 field. The weather certainly played a part, but where is everyone?? ERTC, with four of nine riders, played the textbook tactics, taking turns sending riders - first Haponiuk, then Jon Wood, then Lloyd who managed to stay away. The majority of the chasing was done by Chad Kozak and Jacob Erker, along with Mike Stickland, who attempted a late bridge to Lloyd that fell apart. With 5 laps to go Lloyd was comfortably 20 seconds ahead of his counter-attacking teammate Jon Wood and another 10 seconds in front of the pack. However, somewhere in the late laps Jon managed to crash while by himself and this set up a field sprint for 2nd place, but it looked as though someone tossed a grenade in the bunch as they crossed the finish with measurable time gaps between each rider.

Category 3 Men (50 minutes + 5 laps)

1. Scott Singbeil ERTC 1:01:21
2. Robert Stirling Velocity st
3. Gregg Menard Juventus st
4. Gary Van Domselaar Velocity st
5. Lance Doherty ERTC st
6. Todd Barraclough Juventus st
7. Kris St.Jean Blizzard st (1st junior)
8. Murdoch MacLeod Sportswap st
9. Chris Wright Juventus st
10. Shawn Taylor Headwinds st
11. Tim Deschenes Velocity st
12. Jeff Klassen ERTC 1:01:41
13. Craig Horon Velocity 1:01:47
14. Alan Marcial Bicisport @ 2 laps

Primes: Robert Stirling, Murdoch MacLeod, Craig Horon, Craig Horon

This was the largest field on the day and possibly the most competitive race. ERTC, Juventus and Velocity all had strong riders capable of victory, and the three clubs pretty much dictated the pace of the race. The weather was rainy, windy and almost sunny all within one hour. For the most part the pack stayed together with nothing serious getting off the front. Scott Singbeil slipped away with about 800 metres to go and held off a charging Robert Stirling, with Juventus' Gregg Menard in 3rd.

Category 4 Men (45 minutes + 5 laps)

1. Casey Smith Bicisport 55:30
2. Tim Caulfield RVC/Tatonka 55:33
3. Gary Rybaczok ERTC st
4. Michael Boer Dynamic st
5. Damon Van Zandt Dynamic 55:42
6. Rich Wegerhoff Dynamic st
7. Shawn Patapoff ERTC @ 1 lap
8. John Gilchrist Sportswap @ 1 lap
9. Greg Yanicki Dynamic @ 1 lap

Primes: Rich Wegerhoff, Tim Caulfield, Rich Wegerhoff

A somewhat small cat 4 field contested their race under the wettest conditions of the day, though it wasn't too windy yet. A promising move with Gary Rybaczok and Tim Caulfield got away about half-way through the race but they were reeled back in. Casey Smith was first into the final corner won the race easily with a large gap over Tim Caulfield.

Category 5 Men (30 minutes + 5 laps)

1. Nick Jendzjowsky Juventus 41:46 (1st Cadet)
2. Phil Goebel ERTC 42:06 (2nd Cadet)
3. Blair Dickout Juventus 42:23 (3rd Cadet)
4. Joseph Bentley Soma/Brew Bros 42:56
5. Gabriel Davis Cafe Racers @ 1 lap
6. Stewart Cruickshank Bow/Republik @ 1 lap (1st minime)
7. Stephen Ferris Blizzard @ 3 laps(2nd minime)

Primes: Nick Jendzjowsky, Nick Jendzjowsky

First off in the morning under light rain, the cat 5s suffered under the reign of Nick J, who pretty much was the boss of this race. It's time for that upgrade Nick! Phil Goebel had a strong ride for 2nd place, trying hard to bridge to Nick but not quite getting across.

Category Open Women (40 minutes + 5 laps)

1. Monica Olsen ERTC 51:38
2. Janelle Morrison Juventus 51:41
3. Tonia Wood ERTC st
4. Allison Caroll Bike Shop st
5. Jennifer Stephenson Dynamic st
6. Joy Mekechuk Juventus st
7. Sian Barraclough Juventus st
8. Vanessa Corbin Bow/Replublik st

Primes: Vanessa Corbin, Vanessa Corbin, Joy Mekechuk

The women's open category also had some pretty atrocious weather to contend with, and some dissension in the group about how long they wanted to race for. It ended up going the scheduled time but a couple of women weren't too pleased. Vanessa Corbin dominated the first two prime sprints and narrowly lost the third to Joy Mekechuk on the 2nd last lap. Three turns later, Monica Olsen attacked and successfully held off the field for the win over the last kilometre.

We also held a category for mobility impaired athletes, in conjuction with the CP Sports Association. I would appreciate publication of their results, for these very special athletes

Category CP Sports (40 minutes + 5 laps)

1. Gary Longhi
2. Paul Jalbert
3. Carla Yustak

I would like to thank the officials and the hard-working cast of volunteers for their support in this race. I would also like to thank Randy Murchison of Velo City Cycle for his campaigning for and donation of many great draw prizes.


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