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July 26/05 3:36 am - Tour de Toona: Stage 1 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 07/26/05

Tour de Toona Altoona, Pennsylvania
Report by Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling Team

After placing five riders in the top 15 in last night's time trial, the Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling Team continued its strong showing at the Tour de Toona in this morning's 63-mile circuit race, with Glen Mitchell taking the King of the Mountains lead and Jackson Stewart placing fourth in the stage.

With an early start keeping temperatures mild during the relatively flat race, Colavita-Sutter Home controlled the action for most of the race to defend Mark McCormack's lead.

At the first of the two KOM sprints, just 13 miles into the race, Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada's Dominique Perras attacked from 1 km out, allowing Mitchell to ride wheels up to the sprint line and score and easy win.

A lap later, Mitchell bore down on a solo breakaway rider but was unable to close the gap before the line. Still, the first and second place results confirmed Mitchell as the first KOM leader of the stage race.

At the finish in Johnstown, which saw the road narrow considerably before a corner less than 200m from the line, Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada's Jackson Stewart waded into a wild dash for the last turn and ended up fourth on the stage behind Greg Henderson (Health Net p.b. Maxxis), Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joe's-Kalahari), and Martin Gilbert (Volkswagen-Trek).

With the time bonus, Henderson captured the overall lead, bumping Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada's Ben Jacques-Maynes from third to fourth.

Mitchell said after the race, "The KOM jersey was there for the taking today, but there's still five more days of hard racing. I feel pretty good so I'll try to keep gaining points, but the goal for Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada is to win the bike race."

Stage 1: Time Trial, 5.1km

Pro/1/2 Men
1 Mark McCormack (Colavita - Sutter Home)6:41.4
2 Aaron Olson (Colavita - Sutter Home)at 0:00.1
3 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:01.5
4 Greg Henderson (Health Net/Maxxis)0:01.7
5 Scott Moninger (Health Net/Maxxis)0:03.9
6 Chris Wherry (Health Net/Maxxis)0:04.1
7 Thad Dulin (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)0:04.6
8 Glen Mitchell (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:06.9
9 Gustavo Artacho (Colavita - Sutter Home)0:07.7
10 John Lieswyn (Health Net/Maxxis)0:07.8
11 Scott Zwizanski (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:08.4
12 Tim Larkin (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:11.1
13 Brad Huff (Mercy Cycling Team)0:11.7
14 Jackson Stewart (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:11.9
15 Charles Dionne (Webcor Builders)0:13.6
16 Philip Wong (Fiordifrutta)
17 Andrew Randell (Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico)both s.t.
18 Todd Herriott (Colavita - Sutter Home)0:13.9
19 Andy Bajadali (RMCEF)0:14.1
20 Geoffery Rosebrock (Manulife Financial)0:14.5
21 Jonathan Page (Colavita - Sutter Home)0:14.8
22 Hugh Moran (Aerospace Engineering)0:15.3
23 Eric Murphy (Aerospace Engineering)0:15.8
24 Michael Cody (Fiordifrutta)s.t.
25 Dan Timmerman (Fiordifrutta)0:16.5
26 Brian Jensen (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:16.9
27 Tim Johnson (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)0:17.0
28 Ryan Trebon (Aerospace Engineering)0:17.6
29 Matthew Crane (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:17.7
30 Mike Sayers (Health Net/Maxxis)0:17.8
31 Matthew White (Fiordifrutta)0:17.9
32 Christoph Herby (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:18.5
33 Peter Baker (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:18.7
34 Jason Donald (RMCEF)0:19.0
35 Davide Frattini (Colavita - Sutter Home)0:19.1
36 Peter Wedge (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:19.6
37 Ivan Stevic (Aerospace Engineering)0:20.4
38 Charles Coyle (RMCEF)0:20.7
39 Zach Bell (Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico)0:20.8
40 Jonathan Garcia (RMCEF)0:21.0
41 Jon Wirsing (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:21.2
42 Alexandre Cloutier (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:21.6
43 Roland Green (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:21.8
44 Justin England (Health Net/Maxxis)0:22.0
45 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net/Maxxis)0:22.3
46 Mike Jones (Health Net/Maxxis)0:22.4
47 Dominique Perras (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:22.8
48 Scott Nydam (RMCEF)0:22.9
49 Ian Stanford (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:23.0
50 Cameron Hughes (Subway)0:23.2
51 James Mattis (Webcor Builders)0:23.5
52 Russell S Hanby (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)0:23.6
53 Ryan McKenzie (Subway)0:23.8
54 Dan Schmatz (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada)s.t.
55 Kyle Wamsley (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:23.9
56 Tyler Wren (Colavita - Sutter Home)0:24.1
57 Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita - Sutter Home)0:24.2
58 Jon Hamblen (Fiordifrutta)0:25.3
59 Evan Elken (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)0:25.9
60 Buck Miller (Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico)0:26.6
61 Ryan Blickem (TARGETRAINING)
62 Bruno Langlois (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)both s.t.
63 Russ Langley (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:27.4
64 Chris Rozdilsky (Fiordifrutta)0:27.7
65 Eneas Freyre (TARGETRAINING)0:28.2
66 Martin Gilbert (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:28.3
67 Josh Dillon (Louis Garneau Racing)s.t.
68 Mark Pozniak (Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico)0:28.4
69 Anthony Colby (TARGETRAINING)0:28.5
70 Jed Schneider (AG Edwards)0:29.6
71 Marc Hagenlocher (Webcor Builders)0:29.8
72 Robbie King (Louis Garneau Racing)0:30.3
73 Daniel Greenfield (Louis Garneau Racing)0:30.5
74 Brian Dziewa (Mercy Cycling Team)0:30.7
75 Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)0:31.1
76 Ryan Dewald (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:31.4
77 Jacob Rosenbarger (Tri-State Velo)0:31.5
78 Jesse Anthony (RMCEF)0:32.1
79 Matt Ankney (Mercy Cycling Team)0:33.0
80 David Richter (Subway)0:33.3
81 Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)0:33.7
82 Steve Tilford (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:33.9
83 Chad Cagle (Mercy Cycling Team)0:34.1
84 Alejandro Acton (TARGETRAINING)0:34.6
85 Ted Huang (Webcor Builders)0:34.8
86 Darko Ficko (LSV/Kelly Comp.)0:35.6
87 Ari De Wilde (Team
88 Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico)s.t.
89 Whitey Debroux (Tri-State Velo)0:36.2
90 Ryan Hamity (RMCEF)0:36.6
91 Jason Harpp (Louis Garneau Racing)0:37.0
92 Todd Cornelius (Subway)0:37.4
93 Boyd Johnson (Manulife Financial)0:37.6
94 Dan Cassidy (Louis Garneau Racing)0:37.9
95 Bill Elliston (TARGETRAINING)0:38.3
96 Colin Barry (Manulife Financial)0:38.5
97 Brian Bibens (AG Edwards)
98 David Guttenplan (AG Edwards)0:38.6
99 Francois Sztuke (LSV/Kelly Comp.)0:38.7
100 Kevin Lacombe (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:38.8
101 Justin Spinelli (TARGETRAINING)0:39.1
102 Martin St-Laurent (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:39.3
103 Alexandre Lavalle (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:40.3
104 John Hanson (Team
105 Michael Norton (Team
106 John Seehafer (RMCEF)0:41.3
107 Benjamin Haldeman (Webcor Builders)0:42.1
108 Raphael Tremblay (Equipe Volkswagen Trek)0:42.9
109 Andrew Wulfkuhle (LSV/Kelly Comp.)0:43.0
110 Steve Cate (Mercy Cycling Team)0:43.3
111 Josh Gewirtz (Fiordifrutta)0:44.1
112 Mat Stephens (Mercy Cycling Team)0:44.2
113 Omar Kem (Subway)0:44.3
114 Martin Adamczyk (Tri-State Velo)0:44.5
115 Bill Stolte (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:45.1
116 Jason Baer (Louis Garneau Racing)0:45.2
117 Jamey Driscoll (Louis Garneau Racing)0:45.7
118 Aaron Pool (Tri-State Velo)0:45.9
119 Marc Anderson (TARGETRAINING)0:46.0
120 Mattew Cooke (LSV/Kelly Comp.)0:48.4
121 Chann Mcrae (TARGETRAINING)0:48.7
122 Ian Holt (AG Edwards)0:49.6
123 Duane Dickey (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:49.8
124 Jake Brimlow (Manulife Financial)s.t.
125 Kevin Vanes (Subway)0:50.3
126 Michael Scherer (Aerospace Engineering)0:50.4
127 Owen Nielson (Manulife Financial)0:51.4
128 Charles Pendry (Manulife Financial)0:52.2
129 Bart Torre (Tri-State Velo)0:53.2
130 Robbie Yost (Subway)0:53.5
131 Radisa Cubric (Aerospace Engineering)0:54.2
132 Adam Hodges Myerson (Team
133 James Badia (Manulife Financial)both s.t.
134 Hayden Brooks (AG Edwards)0:55.1
135 Ronny Couliez (Fiordifrutta)0:55.5
136 Joshua Taylor (Snow Valley/SealOn)0:57.9
137 Raul Alejandro (Tri-State Velo)1:00.9
138 David Werling (Team
139 Chris Wilson (Tri-State Velo)1:02.4
140 Doug Greek (Mercy Cycling Team)1:03.1
141 Greg Coggin (Tri-State Velo)1:09.2
142 Ben Raby (Bianchi/GP/PCW)1:13.2
143 Jonny Sundt (Jittery Joe's Kalahari)1:13.9
144 Authur Critser (LSV/Kelly Comp.)1:24.8
Pro/1/2/3 Women
1 Kristin Armstrong (T-Mobile)7:19.1
2 Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)at 0:06.6
3 Genevieve Jeanson (The Bicycle Store)0:08.3
4 Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders)0:15.7
5 Katie Mactier (T-Mobile)0:16.2
6 Chrissy Ruiter (Ford-Basis)0:16.5
7 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:17.5
8 Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile)s.t.
9 Kori Seehafer (T-Mobile)0:19.8
10 Annette Beutler (Quark Cycling Team)0:21.5
11 Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders)0:21.7
12 Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing)0:23.0
13 Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team)0:23.8
14 Lyne Bessette (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:24.3
15 Kristin Danielson (Ford-Basis)0:24.5
16 Grace Fleury (Quark Cycling Team)0:26.5
17 Laura Vangilder (Quark Cycling Team)0:27.1
18 Felicia Greer (Webcor Builders)0:27.8
19 Mari Holden (T-Mobile)0:30.3
20 Kele Hulser (Ford-Basis)0:30.7
21 Katharine Carroll (Ford-Basis)0:30.8
22 Jennifer Stephenson (Team Biovail)0:30.9
23 Helen Kelly (Quark Cycling Team)0:32.9
24 Catherine Powers (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:33.2
25 Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:33.7
26 Rachel Heal (Victory Brewing)0:34.5
27 Betina Hold (Webcor Builders)0:36.6
28 Melissa Sanborn (Subway)s.t.
29 Kathryn Curi (Webcor Builders)0:36.8
30 Mackenzie Dickey (Team Lipton)0:37.0
31 Lisa Vetterlein (Velo Girls)0:38.1
32 Erin Mirabella (Squadra Coppi)0:39.4
33 Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:40.7
34 Amy Moore (Victory Brewing)s.t.
35 Merrill Collins (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:41.1
36 Liza Rachetto (Team Lipton)0:41.3
37 Nicole Freedman (Ford-Basis)0:44.4
38 Gina Grain (Victory Brewing)0:44.8
39 Brooke Ourada (T-Mobile)0:45.0
40 Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders)s.t.
41 Meredith Miller (Team Lipton)0:45.2
42 Candice Blickem (Quark Cycling Team)0:46.3
43 Valeria Sanders (Velo Girls)0:46.4
44 Kelly Benjamin (The Bicycle Store)0:47.5
45 Amanda Shaw (Team Biovail)0:47.8
46 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)0:47.9
47 Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)0:49.3
48 Paola Mandrinan (Team Biovail)0:50.0
49 Suz Weldon (Subway)0:50.4
50 Stephanie Bourbeau (Team Biovail)0:52.5
51 Kerry Traynor (Velo Girls)0:53.4
52 Rebecca Larson (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:53.5
53 Megan Monroe (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:53.9
54 Kristen Lasasso (Team Lipton)0:54.8
55 Becky Broeder (Bianchi/GP/PCW)0:54.9
56 Sima Trapp (Subway)0:55.0
57 Katherine Lambden (Team Lipton)0:55.1
58 Anna Milkowski (Team Lipton)0:55.4
59 Carla Figueroa (Squadra Coppi)0:55.6
60 Sharon Allpress (Velo Girls)0:56.1
61 Crystal Howard (Subway)0:56.4
62 Christina Peick (Colavita/Cooking Light)0:57.5
63 Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing)0:57.9
64 Natasha Elliott (Team Biovail)s.t.
65 Moriah MacGregor (Velo Girls)1:01.3
66 Pam Hinton (Velo Girls)1:02.2
67 Brenda Lyons (Victory Brewing)1:03.2
68 Allison Beall (Velo Girls)1:04.2
69 Megan Elliot (Bianchi/GP/PCW)1:06.3
70 Erin Alders (Squadra Coppi)1:06.8
71 Rebecca Wellons (Verducci/Breakaway)1:07.2
72 Hiroko Shimada (Velo Bella)1:08.0
73 Sherri Stedje (The Bicycle Store)1:09.9
74 Elizabeth Begosh (Velo Bella)1:11.2
75 Jennifer Reither (Subway)1:13.8
76 Melodie Metzger (Velo Bella)1:14.0
77 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing)1:14.9
78 Pauline Frascone (Verducci/Breakaway)1:18.0
79 Jane Ziegler (Velo Bella)1:19.2
80 Jennifer Magur (Team Biovail)1:21.9
81 Aimee Vasse (Squadra Coppi)1:27.5
82 Sami Fournier (Velo Bella)1:28.5
83 Elisa Gagnon (Team Lipton)1:30.2
84 Julia Farrell (Verducci/Breakaway)1:43.5
85 Chrissy Saraceni (Verducci/Breakaway)1:56.4
86 Chamblee Moreadith (Velo Girls)1:57.6
87 Alisha Lion (Ford-Basis)2:11.3
88 Teresa Holmgren (Squadra Coppi)2:13.1


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