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July 27/05 11:21 am - Master's Games: Results from Men's Road Races

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/05

Master's Games Edmonton AB

Road Race (July 24th)

Men 30 - 34 (77km)
1. Victor Ordonez Escobar (GUA)2:00:09
2. Jaime Alberto Garcia (COL)
3. Craig Good (CAN)
4. Marc-Wayne Addison (CAN)
5. Steve German (CAN)
6. Geoff MacDonald (CAN)
7. John Twells (CAN)
8. Octavio Corona (MEX)
9. Guri Randhawa (CAN)
10. Andy Wilson (CAN)
11. Tim Bulger (CAN)
12. Darren Anderson (CAN)
13. ??
14. Netzer Quan (GUA)
15. Christopher Hubick (CAN)
16. Andrew Phelps (CAN)
17. Dave Ellis (CAN)
18. Rob Found (CAN)
19. Jack VanDyk (CAN)
20. Paul Kowalzik (CAN)
21. Neil Johnson (CAN)all s.t.
22. Carlos Sanchez (GUA)0:05
23. Duane Myers (CAN)s.t.
24. Chris Goodman (CAN)0:07
25. Steve Baker (CAN)1:03
26. Reid Dalgleish (CAN)3:36
27. Todd Houston (CAN)12:08
28. Rodney Tiedemann (CAN)17:49
29. Jason Lamoureux (CAN)26:36
30. Colin Downie (CAN)27:15
DNF.Adam Currie (CAN)
DNF.Michael Haydo (CAN)
DNF.Tom Lepard (CAN)
DNF.Paul Robertson (CAN)
DNF.Brys Francis (CAN)
DNF. Jason Gray (CAN)
DNS. Brennan Bagdan (CAN)
DNS. Kevin Besner (CAN)
DNS. Devin Erfle (CAN)
DNS. Sean Klobucar (CAN)
DNS. Warren Lawrence (CAN)
DNS. Justin Mark (CAN)
DNS. Grant Shantz (CAN)
Men 35-39 (77km)
1. Michel Detry (BEL)1:55:18
2. Yuri Terekhov (RUS)at 0:01
3. Matthew Decore (CAN)
4. Alexander Torkachenko (RUS)
5. Carl Jacobson (CAN)
6. Cp Walsh (CAN)
7. Gary Gardiner (CNZ)
8. Jeffrey Franc-Law (CAN)
9. John Schindler (USA)
10. Todd Moore (CAN)
11. Scott Rusnak (USA)
12. Peter Stevenson (CAN)
13. Juan Carlos Bosmediano Contero (ECU)
14. Paul Berry (CAN)
15. Todd Barraclough (CAN)
16. Jay Murray (CAN)
17. Kevin Rokosh (CAN)
18. Mark Rumsey (CAN)
19. Scott Klarenbach (CAN)
20. Robert Martens (NED)
21. Sean Barr (CAN)
22. Mark Ruttiman (AUS)
23. David Gazsi (CAN)
24. Simon Craig (CAN)
25. James Lyon (CAN)
26. Edgar Betancur (CAN)
28. Michel Cyr (CAN)
30. Oleg Sashenkov (RUS)
31. Alexey Zakharov (RUS)
32. Ross Phillips (CAN)
33. Sean Williams (CAN)
34. Dennis Bland (CAN)2:12
35. Glenn Isaac (CAN)2:13
36. Jeff Spence (CAN)2:49
37. Clayton Paradis (CAN)3:29
38. Kevin Coghlan (CAN)6:31
39. Scott Singbeil (CAN)6:33
40. Charles Finstad (CAN)6:34
41. Brad Fehr (CAN)8:44
42. Murray Aubin (CAN)9:15
43. Bryce Templeton (CAN)9:52
44. Larry Welsh (CAN)10:47
45. Heinrich De Jongh (CAN)12:14
46. Daniel Rose (AUS)12:16
47. Pete Leibel (CAN)13:26
48. Brian Kullman (CAN)13:39
49. Derrick Koch (CAN)15:14
50. Martin Kaefer (GER)15:34
51. Daniel Ross Hunka (CAN)17:25
52. Michael Gerencser (CAN)19:55
53. Tim Brewster (CAN)20:08
54. Warren Schmitz (CAN)20:09
55. David Corr (USA)20:10
56. Gord McGuire Trainor (CAN)20:10
57. Clarence Poon (CAN)20:10
58. Norman (Lindsay) Holt (CAN)20:11
59. Simon Chow (GBR)20:22
60. Thomas Lee (CAN)20:23
61. James Carlson (CAN)20:24
62. Mark Woodhouse (CAN)21:05
63. Dave Redmond (CAN)32:55
64. Barry Christensen (CAN)33:16
DNF. Mark Baril (CAN)
DNF. Calvin Bell (CAN)
DNF. William Carry (CAN)
DNF. Andrew Hilton (CAN)
DNF. Menno Jongsma (NED)
DNF. Robert Lagace (CAN)
DNF. Robert Major (CAN)
DNF. Eric Martinson (USA)
DNF. John O'Loughlin (IRL)
DNF. Claudio Ongaro (CAN)
DNF. Daniel Richter (CAN)
DNF. Curtis Roper (CAN)
DNF. Shane Rush (CAN)
DNF. Rod Walker (CAN)
DNS. Dennis Caissie (CAN)
DNS. Alain Aubry (FRA)
DNS. Rob Barfuss (CAN)
DNS. Julio Cirici (GUA)
DNS. Greg Fulford (CAN)
DNS. Sean Huggins-Chan (CAN)
DNS. Nick Insole (CAN)
DNS. David Jack (CAN)
DNS. Marc Kneppers (CAN)
DNS. Cris LaBossiere (CAN)
DNS. Adrian Montiel (MEX)
DNS. Scott Richardson (CAN)
DNS. Manuel Antonio Siekavizza (GUA)
DNS. Scott Sim (CAN)
DNS. Ricardo Talavera (PUR)
DNS. Josean Torres (PUR)
DNS. Dr. Brad Tymchuk (CAN)
DNS. Michael Wolfe (CAN)
Men 40-44 (77km)
1. Larry Zimich (CAN)1:54:56
2. Peter Toth (CAN)2:40
3. Chris Squire (CAN)
4. Phil Rayner (CAN)
5. Roger Worthington (USA)
6. Tony Wakelin (CAN)
7. Tim Woodcock (CAN)
8. Garnett Abbey (CAN)
9. John Riess (CAN)
10. Todd McCallum (CAN)
11. John Bence (CAN)
12. Michael Koski (CAN)
13. Eric Saltzman (USA)all s.t.
14. Joe Howard (CAN)2:45
15. Craig Fraser (CAN)
16. Kevin Walsh (CAN)
17. David Gerrard (CAN)
18. William Turner (CAN)
19. Rod Lewis (CAN)
20. Folker Jakel (CAN)
21. Gary Sewell (CAN)
22. Robert Cameron (CAN)
23. Andy Aufschnaiter (CAN)
24. Orest Massitti (CAN)
25. Phill Vermette (CAN)
26. Tom Stewart (CAN)
27. Michael Johns (CAN)
28. Blair Scott (CAN)
30. Ed Ricci (CAN)
31. Ted Dahms (CAN)
32. Jay Shockey (CAN)
33. John Tagliamonte (CAN)
34. Steve Schiefler (CAN)
35. John A Gilchrist (GBR)
36. Michael O Connor (CAN)
37. Marcus Waterreus (CAN)
38. Jeff Barnes (CAN)
39. Mauro Felizia (USA)
40. Robbin Penney (CAN)4:51
42. Greg McKee (CAN)5:17
43. Todd Robertson (USA)6:35
44. Mark Labrentz (CAN)7:00
45. Jim Yeske (CAN)s.t.
41. Vincent Lee (CAN)7:01
46. Phil Rayner (CAN)7:35
47. Andre Comte (CAN)7:50
48. Jeffery Bell (CAN)8:28
49. George Berry (CAN)10:41
50. William Ralph (CAN)10:43
51. Craig Horon (CAN)14:02
52. Stephen Mundy (CAN)15:06
53. David Ariano (CAN)16:07
54. Brad King (CAN)16:08
55. Denis Ross (CAN)s.t.
56. Ed Fortin (CAN)16:56
57. Bogdan Braun (POL)20:28
58. Lindsay Dodd (CAN)21:02
59. Lloyd Kupchanko (CAN)23:03
60. Mark Wood (CAN)25:13
61. Stan Rachar (CAN)25:28
62. Donald McRae (CAN)25:59
63. Andre Prefontaine (CAN)26:22
64. Paul Broska (CAN)28:00
65. Perry Kulmatyski (CAN)s.t.
66. Bruce Copeland (CAN)
DNF. Dan Belot (CAN)
DNF. Morris Bowey (AUS)
DNF. Richard Haigh (CAN)
DNF. Andrew Hill (CAN)
DNF. John Litherland (CAN)
DNF. Gary Middleton (CAN)
DNF. Peter O'Callaghan (AUS)
DNF. Gary Paltzat (CAN)
DNF. Allan Plesniarski (CAN)
DNF. Tracy Shearer (CAN)
DNF. Del Sneath (CAN)
DNF. Richard Terlecki (CAN)
DNF. John Tolkamp (CAN)
DNF. Craig Weller (MAS)
DNF. David Matthews (CAN)
Men 45-49 (77km)
1. David Beirne (USA)2:01:28
2. Marian Pyszczek (CAN)
3. Marcel Hollenstein (CNZ)
4. Iman Koeman (CAN)
5. Tony Routley (CAN)
6. Jamie Davidson (CAN)
7. Ihor Hayda (UKR)
8. Stanley Andrie (USA)
9. Chris Cameron (CAN)
10. Bill Sanders (CAN)
11. Paul Sim (CAN)
12. David Dunnison (CAN)
13. Corky Kurtz (USA)
14. Juan Alfonso Perez (ECU)
15. David Dutton (CAN)
16. Steve Crowley (CAN)
17. Mike Allina (CAN)
18. Zbigniew Szymanski (CAN)
19. Dan Lowndes (CAN)all s.t.
20. Tommy Mak (CAN)0:40
21. Gregoire Crevier (CAN)0:42
22. Norm Smith (AUS)0:53
23. Willem Van Den Berg (CAN)0:55
24. Don Fox (CAN)1:17
25. Jack Funk (CAN)1:43
26. Ken Rebel (CAN)1:43
27. Louis Riel (USA)1:52
28. Jeff Innes (CAN)2:08
29. Doug Urness (CAN)2:09
30. Rick Chorneyko (CAN)2:12
31. Hilary Vaughan (CAN)3:34
32. Carl Covello (CAN)3:48
33. Philip Mark (CAN)5:27
34. Gary Haug (CAN)5:29
35. Ron Bourget (CAN)7:36
36. Shane Frahm (CAN)7:36
37. Boris Gabriel (GUA)7:36
38. Robert Nagy (CAN)7:36
39. Ray Dunstan (NZL)7:37
40. Jim Bichel (CAN)7:38
41. Michael Meeres (CAN)7:38
42. Allan Ceccon (CAN)7:38
43. Jim Wiley (CAN)7:40
44. Garth Patterson (CAN)7:41
45. Robert Hunter (CAN)7:42
46. Stan Magee (CAN)7:42
47. Glen Playfair (CAN)9:16
48. David Johnston (CAN)11:34
49. Lance Adamson (CAN)11:46
50. Paul Kozak (CAN)11:47
51. Tom Baribeau (CAN)11:48
52. Ken Chin (CAN)12:24
53. Stan Lipnowski (CAN)14:22
54. Curtis Gillespie (CAN)16:57
55. Joe Yurkovich (CAN)17:14
56. Daniel Kallal (CAN)24:48
57. Pete Beaudette (CAN)25:28
58. Carl Oleinyk (CAN)26:19
59. Douglas Ference (CAN)26:22
60. Don English (CAN)27:36
DNF. James Chernichen (CAN)
DNF. Robert Hawboldt (CAN)
DNF. Ronald Ible (CAN)
DNF. Gerry McCuaig (CAN)
DNF. John Nilssen (CAN)
DNF. John Plant (CAN)
DNF. Craig Premack (CAN)
DNF. Robert Sayer (CAN)
DNF. Wayne Smith (CAN)
DNF. David Steinke (CAN)
DNS. Fred Gault (CAN)
DNS. Jose Genao (CAN)
DNS. Stephen Gilchrist (CAN)
DNS. Michael Fairest (GBR)
DNS. Sylvan Adams (CAN)
DNS. Roy Andrigo (CAN)
DNS. Edgar Duenas (GUA)
DNS. Barry Hoffman (CAN)
DNS. Otto Kamstra (CAN)
Men 50-54 (77km)
1. Neal Stoughton (USA)1:59:57
2. Olav Stana (CAN)
3. Gerry Van Gaans (CAN)
4. Janusz Grelecki (CAN)
5. Richard Distlerath (USA)
6. Nels Guloien (CAN)
7. George Janos (CAN)
8. Daniel Walden (CAN)
9. Bernhard Kluender (GER)
10. Robert Cheskey (CAN)
11. Bill Cox (AUS)
12. Tim Buckley (CAN)
13. Hans Roeger (CAN)
14. Ed Heacock (CAN)
15. Fernando Angel (USA)
15. Rudie Lammens (NED)
17. Mike Nicholls (CAN)
18. Gordon Clarke (CAN)
19. Richard McGillivray (CAN)
20. Albert Souza (CAN)
21. David Whitten (CAN)
22. Rob Howse (CAN)
23. Gary Edwards (CAN)
24. Roger St. Jean (CAN)
25. Mike Sevcov (CAN)all s.t.
26. Cliff Morrison (CAN)4:51
27. Marcelo Calles (ECU)4:58
28. Bob Andrews (CAN)5:12
29. Ronald Baines (CAN)5:47
30. Wayne Collingwood (AUS)7:09
31. William Riley (CAN)7:27
32. Neil Haggard (CAN)8:15
33. John Flegg (CAN)8:49
34. Ivan Todosijczuk (CAN)9:07
35. Mitch Davidson (CAN)9:25
36. Paul Macdonald (CAN)11:25
37. Allan McCalder (CAN)12:02
38. Alexander Gonzalez (VEN)12:36
39. Michael Zelensky (CAN)16:05
40. Chris Tye (CAN)18:31
41. Adam Forest (CAN)19:45
42. Patrick Ferris (CAN)19:52
43. Randy Murchison (CAN)20:13
44. Andries Botha (CAN)20:33
45. Dave Hughes (CAN)20:50
46. Allan McIntosh (CAN)21:10
47. Peter Szeghy (SVK)23:36
48. Leo Kelly (CAN)29:57
49. Gary Hilderman (CAN)30:41
50. David Poetker (CAN)
DNF. Gilbert Blanchette (CAN)
DNF. Martin Bush (GBR)
DNF. Michael Sweet (CAN)
DNF. Ed Gillmor (CAN)
DNF. Cristian Guirola (GUA)
DNF. John Langley (CAN)
DNF. Wayne Letawsky (CAN)
DNF. Duane Martindale (CAN)
DNF. Glenn Swan (USA)
DNF. Walter Thornhill (RSA)
DNS. Paul Shuttleworth (GBR)
DNS. John Olesen (CAN)
DNS. Francis Matus (CAN)
DNS. Ian McAndrews (CAN)
DNS. David Kosick (CAN)
DNS. Alan Jette (CAN)
DNS. Alexey Bagdasarov (RUS)
DNS. John Daniels (CAN)
DNS. Peter Farran (CAN)
DNS. Krzysztof Grzesiowski (CAN)
DNS. Bruce Harries (CAN)
DNS. Dennis Mizerski (CAN)
DNS. Joe Nelson (USA)
DNS. David Patten (GBR)
Men 55-59 (77km)
1. Edwin Demery (GBR)2:08:07
2. Jeff Smith (AUS)
3. Kevin Thomson (NZL)
4. Robert Thompson (CAN)
5. Luis Bernhardt (CAN)
6. Frank Pabian (USA)
7. Christian Jupillat (FRA)
8. Karl Schneider (CAN)all s.t.
9. Donald Davidson (CAN)0:08
10. Jorge Bisteni (MEX)0:27
11. Claude Breau (CAN)0:36
12. Peter Heppleston (CAN)0:37
13. John Sullivan (CAN)1:03
14. Wayne Long (CAN)1:30
15. Pedro Barzaga (USA)1:30
16. Gilbert Bessin (CAN)1:31
17. Colin Giffney (NZL)1:33
18. Richard Marks (CAN)1:33
19. Michael Faulkner (CAN)1:33
20. Robert Boileau (CAN)1:33
21. Gregory Jones (CAN)1:46
22. Bryan Wiese (CAN)2:41
23. Thomas Brouwer (CAN)5:14
24. Donald McCabe (CAN)5:14
25. David McCammond (CAN)5:16
26. Bob Stoffberg (CAN)5:16
27. Ronald Lowe (CAN)7:01
28. Tony Morris (CAN)9:36
29. Manuel E. Sanchez (USA)9:49
30. Stewart Hutchings (CAN)10:50
31. Gabriel Scigliano (CAN)12:16
32. Dennis Cebuliak (CAN)12:20
33. Thomas Facklam (USA)14:08
34. Lev Krivitsky (CAN)15:38
35. Douglas Laver (CAN)15:38
36. Stanislaw Imosa (POL)15:32
37. James Stewart (CAN)17:24
DNF. Bertil Petersson (USA)
DNF. Richard Boyd (CAN)
DNF. Graeme Dibbs (CAN)
DNF. William Doyle (CAN)
DNF. Glenn White (CAN)
DNF. Mark Jones (CAN)
DNF. Michael McCann (CAN)
DNF. Terry Owens (CAN)
DNF. Paul Van Camp (USA)
DNS. Ray Brien (AUS)
DNS. Sergio Aguilar (GUA)
DNS. John Albright (CAN)
DNS. Paul Manley (USA)
DNS. Wim Pauw (CAN)
DNS. John Pritchard (GBR)
DNS. Paul Skinner (CAN)
DNS. Stan Walter (CAN)
Men 60-64
1. Bob Lindsay (CAN)1:35:21
2. Harrie Van der Horst (NED)
3. Aldo Sfalcin (CAN)
4. Des Snider (CAN)
5. Peter Morris (CAN)
6. Gino Crema (CAN)
7. Halvorsen Helge (CAN)
8. Victor Barnett (GBR)
9. Paul Morphet (GBR)
10. Andrzej Litwinienko (POL)
11. Willem Langenberg (CAN)
12. Jean-Claude Leclerc (CAN)
13. Pierre Bianchetti (CAN)
14. Bush Ron (NZL)
15. Harry Balke (CAN)
16. Ed Webb (USA)
17. Peter Reichman (CAN)
18. Lawrence De George (USA)
19. Peter Hein (CAN)
20. Tom Steenaerts (CAN)
21. Glenn Baron (CAN)1:39:09
22. Frank Kern (CAN)1:39:14
23. Peter Miller (CAN)1:43:18
24. Richard Wood (CAN)1:45:25
25. Colin Rossiter (AUS)1:47:20
. Lowell Kulak (CAN)-1 lap
. Nowacki Woiciech (USA)-1 lap
DNS. Billheimer Jonathan (CAN)
DNS. Carter Paul (CAN)
DNS. Evans Barry (CAN)
DNS. Gray Hugh (AUS)
DNS. Latscha Herbert (GER)
Men 65-69
1. Altweck Otto (GER)1:42:26
2. De Breuker Rogier (BEL)1:42:27
3. Powell Malcolm (CAN)
4. Hirsch Gary (CAN)
5. Dacey Brian (GBR)
6. Tucker Scott (USA)all s.t.
7. Peters Don (USA)1:42:28
8. Dekok Jacob (CAN)
9. Emery David (CAN)both s.t.
10. Corrie Warren (CAN)1:42:29
11. Goodleff Gerry (CAN)
12. Possee Victor (GBR)both s.t.
13. Sankey David (GBR)1:42:31
14. Robinson Denis (AUS)1:47:54
15. Porter Tim (CAN)1:47:55
16. Lineker Robert (CAN)2:06:45
lapped. Radzikowski Tomasz (USA)
lapped. Parkinson John (CAN)
lapped. Major George (GBR)
DNF. Daly John (CAN)
DNS. John Auer (USA)
DNS. Brian Bowden (CAN)
DNS. John Burdett (CAN)
DNS. Don Chase (CAN)
DNS. Pete Floyd (USA)
DNS. Guy Pickavance (CAN)
DNS. Jaak Ruus (EST)
DNS. Zbigniew Tobola (POL)
Men 70-74
1. Robert Visser (USA)1:47:09
2. Phil Greenaway (CAN)1:47:14
3. Heinz Von Zur Gathen (CAN)1:47:15
4. Ken Orr (CAN)1:47:16
5. Roy Pemberton (NZL)
6. Robert Wilson (USA)both s.t.
7. George Evans (NZL)1:47:17
8. Terry Stone (GBR)1:47:22
9. Donald Robinson (NZL)1:47:23
10. Larry Reade (USA)1:59:26
11. Erich Schroder (CAN)2:16:26
lapped. Pritam Singh (IND)-1 lap
DNS. Bigg Peter (CAN)
DNS. Castillo Armando (GUA)
DNS. Fabbri Luigi (URU)
DNS. Griffith Donaley (CAN)
DNS. Seslar R. Budd (USA)
DNS. Shorten Richard (USA)
DNS. Soeckler Karl (GER)
DNS. Wagner Dick (USA)
Men 75-79
1. Edmunds John (CAN)1:57:47
2. Smith Derek (GBR)
3. Gibbs Richard (CAN)both s.t.
4. Georgas Jimmie (CAN)1:57:50
5. Broadbent Geoffrey (CAN)2:00:14
6. Cushway Roy (CAN)2:00:27
7. Andre Van Oost (BEL)2:00:45
DNS. Gilbert Cuchetet (FRA)
DNS. Stanley James (AUS)
DNS. Jerzy Lesniak (POL)
Men 80-84
1. Robert Bergen (USA)1:57:10
DNS. Doug Bentley (CAN)


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