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July 27/05 7:00 am - Masters Games: Women's Road Races

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/05

Master's Games Edmonton AB

Road Race (July 24th)

Women 30-34
1 Nicole Lavoie (CAN)1:35:31
2 Tricia Orzeck (CAN)
3 Heather Oswald (CAN)both s.t.
4 Anna Paton (CAN)1:40:37
5 Nicole Joelson (CAN)s.t.
6 Rachel Gurney (CAN)1:45:33
7 Laura Braun (CAN)1:48:01
8 Michelle Hook (CAN)1:48:03
9 Lesley Trivett (CAN)1:50:33
10 Rita Richter (CAN)-1 lap
11 Jodie Bowey (CAN)-1 lap
DNF Rosemary Emery (CAN)
DNS Katrina Bluetchen (CAN)
Women 35-39
1 Susan Copeland (CAN)1:42:09
2 Sian Barraclough (CAN)1:42:10
3 Lisa Dorian (CAN)
4 Diana Joness (CAN)
5 Alana Cassidy (CAN)
6 Leslie Schlebach (CAN)
7 Leslie Mittendorf (USA)
8 Carey Sather (CAN)all s.t.
9 Kristy Lerch (CAN)1:47:23
10 Andrea Hlady (UCI)1:47:24
11 Barb Braun-Rubuliak (CAN)1:51:31
12 Shelly Christensen (CAN)1:52:19
13 Nadine Cabak (CAN)1:52:21
14 Tania Bell (CAN)2:08:53
DNF Dixie Le Vesconte (CAN)
DNS Wendy Bachelu (CAN)
DNS Susan Blum (CAN)
DNS Nathalie Friebel (CAN)
DNS Donna Gilmour (CAN)
DNS Trish Grajczyk (CAN)
DNS Lisa Lamoureux (CAN)
DNS Deb Rawluk (CAN)
Women 40-44
1 Sarah Robbins (CAN)1:37:51
2 Susan Cooper (USA)s.t.
3 Pamela Egger (CAN)1:37:53
4 Dorothy Wong (USA)s.t.
5 Sherri Iwaschuk (CAN)1:40:31
6 Joanne Breau (CAN)1:40:33
7 Renee Schroeder (USA)1:42:56
8 Linda Chow (GBR)
9 Isabel León Moncada (MEX)
10 Sturgess Teresa (CAN)
11 Lynda Davey (CAN)all s.t.
12 Sandra Yaworski (CAN)1:45:21
13 Frances Buckley (IRL)1:45:48
14 Julia Keenliside (CAN)1:51:21
15 Aline Cederwall (CAN)1:54:56
16 Norma Lachance (CAN)1:54:58
17 Diane Smith (CAN)1:56:27
18 Cynthia Hayes (USA)1:59:32
19 Heather Rachar (CAN)2:02:43
DNF Gail Wozny (CAN)
DNS Tracey Maclean (CAN)
Women 45-49
1 Barbara Zimich (CAN)1:42:52
2 Petra Kluender (GER)
3 Joy Mekechuk (CAN)
4 Elizabeth Benishin (UCI)all s.t.
5 Lisa Jaffary (CAN)1:42:56
6 Olga Henao De Figueroa (COL)1:43:11
7 Linda D Ilio (CAN)1:45:02
8 Carolyn Soules (CAN)st
9 Audrey Berg (CAN)1:47:19
10 Susan Bladyko (CAN)1:49:41
11 Gail Kuzminski (CAN)1:55:22
12 Valerie Trainer (CAN)2:06:57
13 Janis Conron (CAN)-1 lap
DNF Terry Kornutiak (CAN)
DNS Carla Flores (USA)
DNS Debbie Paul (AUS)
DNS Nancy Pauw (CAN)
DNS Beverley Robinson (UCI)
DNS Wendy Schroeder (CAN)
DNS Julie Shuttleworth (GBR)
Women 50-54
1 Joanne Schmitz (USA)1:45:56
2 Karen Cameron (CAN)1:51:03
3 Linda Both (USA)1:51:16
4 Carmen Garcia-Rossi (GUA)1:51:43
5 Kate Reed (CAN)1:51:48
6 Mary Ann Kluge (USA)1:56:20
DNS Sheila McGuirk (USA)
Women 55-59
1 Lydia Barter (USA)1:49:22
2 Peggy Riley (CAN)st
3 Marie Kaplan (CAN)1:49:23
4 Sandy Cousins (CAN)1:49:24
5 Marcy Dibbs (CAN)1:51:25
6 Allyson Vought (USA)2:02:38
7 Rita Boyko (CAN)2:02:55
8 Deborah Boyd (CAN)2:03:56
9 Carol Johns (CAN)2:06:04
10 Sandra Schettler (CAN)2:15:38
DNS Narda Roushdi (USA)
Women 60-65
1 Carole Evans (NZL)
2 Fran Watson (AUS)1:56:09
3 Ivanna Teneycke (CAN)-1 lap


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