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September 3/05 1:47 am - Green Mountain Stage Race: Prologue

Posted by Editoress on 09/3/05

Green Mountain Stage Race Appalachian Gap, VT
Courtesy John Atkinson

Prologue: Appalachian Gap Hill Climb

Friday’s Green Mountain Stage Race (GMSR) Prologue was held under near perfect race conditions, encouraging strong performances from a record number of competitors. With more than 900 riders, every field has a deep pool of talent and the prestigious overall titles remain open to claim.

The Prologue’s grueling hill climb of the famed Appalachian Gap is a wake up call for many riders, especially those who train in flatter terrain, but Sarah Tillotson (ABD/ Trek-VW) of gentle Illinois hung tight to win the Pro Women’s Race. Team Lipton set the pace on the approach to the main climb, only to be replaced by Team Biovail for the more tilted portion of the track. Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing Cycling Team) also helped keep the intensity high, but with a well-timed push, it was Tillotson who crossed the line first. “I just kept as close as I could and made my move at the right time,” said Tillotson.

The Men’s Pro field is larger than ever with 130 riders this year. With so much competition, the Prologue highlighted the benefits of dependable teamwork and adequate preparation. So perhaps it’s no surprise that Target Training swept their man Anthony Colby, recently of Durango, Colorado, to the top of the victory podium and into the yellow jersey. A Target teammate, Argentinean Alejandro Acton, put the hammer down to the bottom of the hill, towing the rest of his squad plus members of the Louis Garneau, Broadmark Capital and Fior di Frutta teams. The lead changed hands several times through the steep pitches and turns, but even with an eight man break at 500m, only one rider still had something to give and Colby won with a solid lead. “Alejandro and the rest of the team kept the pace strong and helped reel in any breaks, setting me up for the final sprint,” related Colby.

Saturday’s Roxbury Circuit Race consists of two 34.5 miles laps on rolling terrain through picturesque farm fields and quiet Vermont towns. Look for Tillotson and Colby to come out strong to defend their yellow jerseys, but the GMSR is just getting going and it’s still anybody’s race.

Courtesy of Velocity Results

Men Pro/1/2
1. Anthony Colby (USA) TARGETRAINING29:47
2. Tom Peterson (USA) Broadmark Capitalat 0:06
3. Jesse Anthony (USA) Essex County Velo0:12
4. Dan Cassidy (USA) Louis Garneau Racing0:15
5. Justin Spinelli (USA) TARGETRAINING0:18
6. Dan Timmerman (USA) Fior di Frutta0:21
7. Philip Wong (USA) Fior di Frutta0:23
8. Sean Van Horn (USA) Broadmark Capital0:26
9. Joe Moody (USA) Louis Garneau Racing0:30
10. Matt Cooke (USA) LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies0:31
11. Eneas Freyre (USA) TARGETTRAINING0:37
12. Jamey Driscoll (USA) BLISS RACING0:44
13. Gerardo Castro (USA) Cobblestone-Nature Path0:48
14. Robbie King (USA) Louis Garneau Racing0:50
15. Christopher Jones (USA) SDBC (San Diego Bicycle Club)0:54
16. Charles McCarthy (USA) 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM0:55
17. Joshua Dillon (USA) Louis Garneau Racing0:56
18. Michael Norton (USA) Team presented by TD Banknorth0:57
19. Jean Sebastien Perron (Can) Fresh air experience1:01
20. Jason Harp (USA) Louis Garneau Racing1:03
21. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG1:11
22. Jerome Cote (Can) Ste-Foy Quebec Metro1:13
23. Graham Howard (USA) Advanage Genefits Croup1:14
24. Trevor Connor (Can) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles/FLCC1:15
25. Chris Peck (USA) Fior di Frutta1:18
26. Charly Vives (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG1:20
27. Kenneth Johnson (USA) Rockville Harley-Davidson/Mendocino1:23
28. Paul Ward (USA) Team Snow Valley1:26
29. Dan Greenfield (USA) Louis Garneau Racing1:28
30. Chris Rozdilsky (USA) Fior di Frutta1:29
31. Maxime Vives (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG1:30
32. Ian Ayers (USA) Colavita / Sutter Home1:32
33. Yann Deville (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy1:32
34. Toby Walch (USA) Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania1:33
35. Todd Nordblom (USA) CCB INTERNATIONAL1:33
36. Matthew White (USA) Fior di Frutta1:35
37. Matthieu Roy (Can) Premier Tech1:36
38. Dan Neyens (USA) Broadmark Capital1:38
39. Jason Meidhof (USA) NCVC/Edge Technologies1:40
40. Michael Scherer (USA) Aerospace Engineering/UMG1:51
41. Eric Pearson (USA) NAV/Pedros1:52
42. Osmond Bakker (Can) CycleLogik Racing1:52
43. Ryan O'Connor (USA) 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM1:55
44. Ted King (USA) Louis Garneau Racing1:55
45. Ward Solar (USA) Cobblestone/Natures Path1:57
46. Bryan Collins (USA) Test Pilot1:58
47. Tom Burke (USA) West Michigan Coast Riders2:00
48. Sean Barrie (USA) Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Sh2:02
49. Solomon Woras (USA) Broadmark Capital2:03
50. Eric Kenney (USA) NAV/pedros2:08
51. Louis-Francois Guimont (Can) Premier Tech2:10
52. Lawrence Perera (USA) Fior di Frutta2:11
53. John Hanson (USA) Team presented by TD Banknorth2:13
54. Damian Kurzawinski (Can) Unattached2:13
55. Patrick Walsh (USA) CCB/Volkswagon2:21
56. J-P Provost (Can) Premier Tech2:23
57. Michael Cody (USA) Fior di Frutta2:27
58. Jason Beerman (USA) Champion System Racing2:29
59. Brian Butts (USA) Rockville Harley-Davidson/ Bicycle Pro S2:30
60. Matthew Novakovich (USA) Team Alaska/The Bicycle Shop2:31
61. Zoltan Tisza (USA) CRCA/AXIS2:32
62. William Letendre (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling2:33
63. Pleasure Jackson (USA) Broadmark Capital2:36
64. Jason Baer (USA) Louis Garneau Racing2:37
65. Hughes Lapointe (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SGRelegated
66. Brad Sheehan (USA) 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM2:38
67. Matthew Guse (Can) GearsRacing.com2:39
68. Benjamin Peters (USA) VeloEuropa Cycle sport2:41
69. Art Rand (USA) Webcor/Alto Velo2:41
70. Alec Donahue (USA) Louis Garneau Racing2:41
71. Chris Green (USA) Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania2:45
72. Yves Lefebvre (Can) Gypco-tele-annonce2:47
73. Chad Butts (USA) Verge Sport - Test Pilot2:47
74. Anthony Restuccia (USA) TARGETRAINING2:48
75. Damon Parke (USA) Louis Garneau Racing2:48
76. Andrew L. Shaw (USA) NCVC/Edge Technologies2:48
77. Aidan Charles (USA) CyclingCenter-Bioracer2:51
78. Logan Hodson (USA) Independent Fabrication2:54
79. Todd Cassan (USA) Rocinante2:56
80. Alexandre Bernard (Can) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur2:58
81. John McGill (USA) National Capital Velo Club (NCVC)3:01
82. Alexi Richer (Can) Premier Tech3:02
83. Ryan Fleming (USA) Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania3:02
85. Ariel Decardenas (Can) Premier Tech3:05
86. Matthew Okeefe (USA) CCB/Volkswagen3:08
87. Eryk Lyman (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG3:09
88. Peter Stewart (USA) Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Sh3:09
89. Timothy Unkert (USA) Unattached3:12
90. Adam Garlapow (USA) Shickluna3:15
91. Sebastien Rousseau (Can) Premier Tech3:17
92. Mark Grimmett (Can) CPEI, Dalvay/Taylors3:17
93. Martin Daviault (Can) Premier Tech3:18
94. Andrew Bishop (USA) Louis Garneau Racing3:25
95. Conor Hurley (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling3:25
96. Michael Barton (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling3:25
97. Adam Hodges Myerson (USA) Team presented by TD Banknorth3:35
98. Damien Colfer (USA) NHCC/Team NH3:38
99. Brian Fouche (USA) LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies3:45
100. Aaron Molloy (USA) 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM3:51
101. Ian Manning (Can) BikeSports - Pfaff Racing Team3:53
102. Jean Simon Fortin (Can) CICB WOOD GUNDY4:00
103. Steve Maurice (Can) CIBC Wood Gundy MSL4:01
104. Kyle Wolfe (USA) 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM4:03
105. Jake Hollenbach (USA) CCB/Volkswagen4:04
106. Scott Anderson (USA) Advantage Benefits Group4:06
107. Steve Bednash (USA) Atlantic Velo/Northeast Regional Team4:08
108. David Wiswell (USA) Unattached4:09
109. Tom Gosselin (USA) Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania4:10
110. Mukunda Feldman (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:12
111. Troy Critchlow (USA) Broadmark Capital4:12
112. Carl Desroches (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG4:13
113. Robin Bolduc (Can) Equipe Velo Sommet4:21
114. Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni4:22
115. Marc-Wayne Addison (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG4:26
116. Francis Martin (Can) Premier Tech4:26
117. Olivier Trempe (Can) Club Cycliste Ste-Foy4:30
118. Paul Mica (USA) NCVL/Edge Technologies4:39
119. Marc Bertucco (USA) ABD Cycling Team4:45
120. Jason Stevenson (USA) NCVC/Edge Technology4:53
121. Alejandro Acton (USA) TARGETRAINING4:54
122. Aaron Brown (USA) Team Nerac.com5:00
123. Neil Fitch (USA) Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania5:05
124. Mark Olson (USA) Advantage Benefits/Endevour Cycling Team5:14
125. Chris Karam (USA) Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania5:44
DNF. Andrew Chadeayne (USA) Swan Cycles/ Chris Cookies
Women 1/2/3
1. Sarah Tillotson (USA) ABD/Trek-VW35:38
2. Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Unattachedat 0:04
3. Stephanie Bourbeau (Can) Team Biovail0:04
4. Natasha Elliott (Can) Team Biovail0:20
5. Aimee Vasse (USA) Unattached0:27
6. Kate Sherwin (USA) Victory Brewing Cycling Team0:42
7. Nada Pasko (Can) Unattached0:51
8. Mackenzie Woodring (USA) Advantage/Endeavor Cycling Team0:53
9. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Team Biovail1:01
10. Katherine Lambden (USA) TEAm Lipton1:03
11. Rosanne Lent (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC1:12
12. Kerry Litka (USA) Dansko Wheelworks1:13
13. Heather Labance (USA) Skylands Cycling1:14
14. Zoe Owers (USA) TEAm Lipton1:14
15. Jessica Spence (Can) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dee's Racing1:24
16. Lea Davison (USA) Team Balance Bar/Devo1:35
17. Becky Koh (USA) CRCA/Radical Media1:38
18. Krystal Jeffs (Can) McMaster Cycling Club1:38
19. Anita Lagler (Can) wheels of bloor1:39
20. Joanne Kembery (USA) DC Velo/Martens Volvo1:48
21. Amanda Shaw (Can) Team Biovail1:48
22. Erin Garvin (USA) Fuji2:08
23. Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Subway2:15
24. Ann Marie Miller (USA) Verizon Wireless Wheelworks2:16
25. Ellen Moses (USA) CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery2:18
26. Pauline Frascone (USA) Independent Fabrication/Kempner2:19
27. Kami Tremblay (USA) Gear Works/ Spin Arts Cycling Team2:19
28. Beth Renaud (USA) CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery2:20
29. Anne Guzman (USA) Terry Precision2:22
30. Caroline Theberge (Can) Premier Tech2:29
31. Rebecca Wellons (USA) Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycling2:37
32. Heather Lamson (Can) Radical Edge2:39
33. Megan Guarnier (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC2:45
34. Lynn Patchett (USA) RMS FitTech2:46
35. Caitlin Bever (USA) Verizon Wireless Wheelworks2:50
36. Michelle Costello (USA) mission in motion/tvc2:51
37. Beth Allen (USA) Austin Flyers2:52
38. Kristina Eaton (USA) Verizon Wireless Wheelworks2:54
39. Laura Schmidt (USA) Terry Precision3:02
40. Sarah Chubb Sauvayre (USA) CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery3:04
41. Julie Hutsebaut (Can) Terry Precision3:15
42. Alie Kenzer (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks3:18
43. Kristy Scheffenacker (USA) Velo Bella3:22
44. Joelle Numainville (Can) Espoirs Laval3:23
45. Elisa Gagnon (Can) TEAm Lipton3:26
46. Karen Ulrich (USA) CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery3:34
47. Jennifer Magur (USA) Team Biovail3:37
48. Amanda Lawrence (USA) Verducci Racing/Breakaway Bikes3:39
49. Terri Wentzel (USA) Maine Cycling Club3:40
50. Caitlyn McCullough (USA) SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC3:47
51. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision3:48
52. Reem Jishi (USA) CRCA/Radical Media3:49
53. Elizabeth Carrington (USA) Peachtree Bikes4:02
54. Amy Wallace (USA) Verizon Wireless Wheelworks4:24
55. Marianne Stover (USA) Independent Fabrication/Kempner4:43
56. Marie-Pier Bedard (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale4:50
57. Kristine Church (USA) University of Colorado4:59
58. Tammy Meehan (USA) Iowa City Cylcing Club5:36
59. Caryl Gale (USA) TEAm Lipton5:42
60. Jaymie McGowan (Can) McMaster5:46
61. Julie Monagle (USA) Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks6:03
62. Debbie Tirrito (USA) GMBC/Catamount6:06
63. Cheryl Olson (USA) Advantage Benefits8:22
64. Olivia Jaras (USA) Colavita Racing / vortex racing9:01
65. Ashley Robinson (USA) RMS FitTech10:45
66. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella45:30
67. Hiroko Shimada (USA) Velo Bella46:20
Men 3
1. Dan Dombroski (USA) GS CIAO31:57
2. Dominic Gillen (USA) 3 Sportsat 0:09
3. Eric Tremble (USA) GMBC/Catamount0:09
4. M. Justin Lubeley (USA) CRCA-Blue Ribbon/Translations0:11
5. Guillaume Mailhot (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG0:12
6. Christopher Schmidt (USA) Unattached0:20
7. Adam St. Germain (USA) Team Casterama0:28
8. Bill Yabroody (USA) OSVC/AFD0:32
9. Paolo Zenoni (USA) Westwood Velo0:32
10. Alvaro Arnal (USA) Human ZOOM !0:33
11. Russell Talbot (USA) Capital Velo Club0:49
12. Dave Galvin (USA) Monticello Velo Club0:51
13. Joseph Carpisassi (USA) EC Velo0:51
14. Isaac Howe (USA) Colavita Racing0:54
15. Will Sladek (USA) Unattached0:57
16. Kipp Bradford (USA) Providence Velo Club0:57
17. Peter Bell (USA) NCC / BikeReg.com0:58
18. Stew Campbell (USA) NHCC/Team NH1:00
19. Pete Lawrence (USA) Advantage Benefits/Endeavor1:06
20. Travis Livermon (USA) Pacesetter steel service1:06
21. Eric Phaneuf (USA) Onion River Sports1:08
22. Stephen Weller (USA) Essex County Velo1:08
23. Zachary Kramer (USA) Louis Garneau Racing1:10
24. Jonah Tower (USA) Quad Cycles / Arlington Bicycle Club1:11
25. Adam Sullivan (USA) Team Casterama1:17
26. Alex Whitmore (USA) Washington Square Tavern1:24
27. Daniel Zmolik (USA) CUEVAS Development1:26
28. Kyle Douglas (Can) 3 Rox Racing1:36
29. Kirk Kardashian (USA) NAV/Pedros1:40
30. David McDonnell (Can) Newmarket Eagles1:43
31. Pascal Sauvayre (USA) CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Translations.com1:46
32. Dan Jackowitz (USA) Trailblazer - CCCC1:50
33. David Fahnestock (USA) LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies1:54
34. Douglas Thompson (USA) Trailblazer - CCCC1:57
35. Patrick Peterson (USA) A.C.T.1:58
36. Peter Tregunno (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club2:00
37. Marshall Ambros (USA) NECSA/Cuevas2:01
38. Rich Sturim (USA) Louis Garneau Racing2:05
39. Ryan Macdonald (USA) Colavita Racing2:08
40. Pete Emerson (USA) Fior di Frutta/Ridgefield Bank2:08
41. Peter Morgan (USA) Trailblazer - CCCC2:08
42. Chad Young (USA) Team Snow Valley pb Seal-On2:12
43. Christopher Burke (USA) Providence Velo Club2:13
44. Timothy Gresh (USA) Snow Valley presented by Seal-On2:13
45. Marco Sanchez (USA) Sanchez-Metro/CRCA2:14
46. Ted Neu (USA) CRCA/VisitBritain.com2:17
47. Zach McBride (USA) Advantage Benefits2:23
48. Matthew Purdy (USA) North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web Solution2:27
49. Eben Kellogg (USA) 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM2:27
50. Angus Henry (Can) Unattached2:31
51. Eric Moyer (USA) cadence2:31
52. Jurgen Nebelung (USA) Portland Velo Club2:33
53. Samuel Wheeler-Martenis (USA) CCB/Volkswagen2:36
54. Armand Della Monica (USA) CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Translations.com2:39
55. Antoine Malo (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG2:45
56. Joshua Bartlett (USA) NHCC/Team New Hampshire2:45
57. Massimiliano Accaputo (USA) Expo Wheelmen/eMax Sports/MCS2:46
58. Brian Keegan (USA) Unattached2:46
59. Benjamin Coleman (USA) NCC-BikeReg.com2:47
60. Scott Sullivan (USA) Team Casterama2:49
61. Bryan Borgia (USA) Tokeneke Road Club2:50
62. Titus Leung (USA) Arc en Ciel2:53
63. Chad Byers (USA) Unattached2:58
64. John Meehan (USA) Iowa City Cycling Club2:59
65. Nicholas Winfield (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club3:01
66. Xavier Nadeau (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG3:06
67. Vincent Hudon (Can) VELOCLUBLONGUEUIL3:08
68. Jon Moro (USA) AGH NHVelo / Pactimo3:09
69. Alexander Fulton (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club3:17
70. Matt Rossman (USA) Dartmouth College Cycling3:22
71. Alan Adams (USA) Broadmark Cycling3:23
72. David Gruber (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy3:23
73. Badih Schoueri (Can) Unattached3:25
74. Marc Bavineau (USA) Essex County Velo3:28
75. Mike Bennett (USA) Boston velo/pepsi3:32
76. Marc Mauceri (USA) CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Translations.com3:36
77. David Miller (USA) Team Casterama3:38
78. Michael Dekelver (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club3:46
79. Bruce Pierce (USA) Trailblazer - CCCC3:55
80. Dao Phuong (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG4:03
81. Chris Kohnle (USA) Capital Velo Club/Pig Iron Sports4:10
82. Tom Arcari (USA) Trailblazer - CCCC4:12
83. Chris Ivey (Can) Unattached4:19
84. Andrew Kruger (Can) Cycle Logik Racing4:24
85. Peter Girard (USA) Linscott Real Estate Racing4:26
86. John Doyle (USA) Advantage Benefits/ Endeavour4:28
87. Alex Quintero (USA) ACT-Cuevas Development4:35
88. Daniel Malik (USA) Trizilla4:48
89. Julian Cushing (USA) East coast velo4:48
90. Scott Glenney (USA) Trailblazer - CCCC5:03
91. Terrence Martineau (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club5:09
92. Ben Carbonetti (USA) New Hampshire Cycling Club (NHCC)5:14
93. Christopher Rehm (USA) Quad Cycles / Arlington Bicycle Club5:19
94. Luis Perez (USA) CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U255:32
95. Jason Sears (USA) Essex County Velo5:56
96. Eli Hengst (USA) Rockville Harley-Davidson/M Street Racin6:01
97. Jean-Francois Gagne (Can) Espoirs Laval / National SG7:14
98. Patrick Goguen (USA) NCC/Bikereg.com7:57
99. Juston Manville (USA) North Atlantic Velo9:11
Men 30+
1. Joshua Frick (USA) DC Velo/Martens Volvo31:12
2. Ramon Benitez (USA) Immediate Mortgage/HydroMax Artemisat 0:49
3. Geordie Probert (USA) arenal c.c0:56
4. Roger Aspholm (USA) Westwoodvelo1:09
5. David Gazsi (Can) Cycle Logik Racing1:09
6. Edward Angeli (USA) Benidorm-Property Research Corp.1:17
7. Cary Moretti (Can) Team Biovail-Cervelo1:20
8. Xavier Melendez (USA) NEXT-CRCA1:26
9. Jon Gallagher (USA) Cole Sport1:33
10. Don Powell (USA) ORSRacksDirect.com1:35
11. Ed Ceccolini (USA) Westwood Velo1:37
12. Fabio Piergentili (USA) Union Velo Club1:37
13. Jay Gump (USA) Unattached1:40
14. Ben Silberfarb (USA) VeloEuropa Cycle Sport1:51
15. Craig Nunes (USA) ART'S CYCLERY1:58
16. David Taylor (USA) CRCA- Blue Ribbon/Translations.com1:59
17. Chris Harnish (USA) Tradewind Sports-Carvalho Cycle Tours1:59
18. Kevin Molloy (USA) CRCA/AXIS2:03
19. Tim Watson (USA) Unattached2:08
20. Matthew Howard (USA) CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Translations.com2:10
21. Alan Potter (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling2:16
22. Donny Mills (USA) SRT2:25
23. Todd Watters (USA) Union Velo2:28
24. Steve Roszko (USA) NCC / BikeReg.com2:39
25. Ian McLeran (USA) Stage1/Fusionthink2:44
26. Paul Wonsavage (USA) Onion River Sports2:46
27. Michael Moore (Can) GearsRacing.com2:53
28. Noel Wanner (USA) Unattached2:54
29. Paul Nyberg (USA) Benidorm-Property Research Corp.2:54
30. Will Kembery (USA) DC Velo/Martens Volvo2:55
31. Eric Bowker (USA) Gary Fisher Bicycles3:00
32. Myron F Baker Jr (USA) Vergesport.com3:01
33. Kenny Shardlow (USA) AFD/OSVC3:03
34. Wade Summers (USA) Benidorm - Property Research Corp3:08
35. Coldrey Daniel (Can) Cycle Logik Racing3:14
36. Stephan Marcoux (Can) Unattached3:15
37. Michael Wonderly (USA)
38. Martin Valiquette (Can) SkiVeloVincentRenaud3:24
39. David Ricklefs (USA) Onion River Sports3:25
40. Paul Tolomiczenko (Can) Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif3:25
41. Eric Streckfuss (USA) Westwood Cycle Masters Team3:26
42. John Foley (USA) Bike Alley3:33
43. Espen Kateraas (USA) Westwood Velo3:34
44. Steven Dowler (USA) DC Velo/Martens Volvo3:34
45. Kevin Bessett (USA) GMBC/Catamount3:39
46. Paul Migner (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP3:42
47. Mike Maloney (USA) AFD/OSVC3:43
48. Maximino Veiga (USA) FASTAR3:44
49. Jean-Francois Blais (Can) VCM-Cycles Regis3:48
50. Eric Fleming (USA) VeloEuropa Cycle Sport3:51
51. Michael Magur (USA) Verge Sport3:54
52. Christopher Benoit (USA) VeloEuropa Cycle Sport3:57
53. David Krimmel (USA) Unattached3:58
54. Jay Provencher (USA) Onion River Sports4:03
55. Greg Montello (USA) VeloEuropa Cycle Sport4:04
56. Andrew Brewer (USA) Onion River Sports4:05
57. ??4:06
58. Scott Struve (USA) Stage 1 Cycling4:10
59. Troy Fenderson (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling4:14
60. David Connery (USA) Corner Cycle4:16
61. Rick Kotch (USA) Union Velo Club4:18
62. David Lyman (USA) Union Velo Club4:20
63. Kevin Adamczyk (USA)
64. Jay Busse (USA) Union Velo4:30
65. Shawn Mottram (USA) AFD/OSVC4:40
66. Greg Martin (USA) Independent Fabrication4:44
67. Juan Pablo Castro (USA) Team Ideal Tile4:50
68. Ian Sinclair (USA) McLagan National Financial/FASTAR4:52
69. Michael Cavros (USA) AFD/OSVC4:54
70. Jan Wiejak (USA) Test Pilot4:57
71. Donald Snoop Jr (USA) Verge Test Pilot5:02
72. Ron Jacobs (USA) Bicycle Link/MBRC5:06
73. Justin Medeiros (USA) AFD/OSVC5:25
74. Gregg Galletta (USA) WonderWheels5:31
75. Marc Boudreau (Can) Unattached5:32
76. Karl Rahn (USA) CRCA/AXIS5:34
77. Robert Kramer (USA) Bicycle Link/MBRC5:39
78. Juan Darias (USA) Union Velo5:50
79. Derek Zisk (USA) AFD/OSVC5:51
80. Greg Mueller (USA) Cole Sport6:02
81. John Doll (USA) AFD/OSVC6:28
82. Kurt Scheerer (USA) Test Pilot6:30
83. Mark Jamieson (USA)
84. Stephen Badger (USA) CRCA/Sakonnet Technology Elite6:38
85. Tom Horrocks (USA) Cole Sport6:51
86. Paul Lynch (USA) bicyclelink/mbrc6:55
87. Richard Morin (USA) Union Velo7:11
88. David Devine (USA) Union Velo8:38


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