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September 6/05 4:19 am - Alberta Provincial ITT Championships

Posted by Editoress on 09/6/05

Alberta Provincial ITT Championships and 4-Up TTT Lethbridge, AB September 3-4
Courtesy ABA

40 km ITT
Cat 1/2
1. Copeland, B (Juventus)0:52:26
2. Smibert, D (Synergy)0:54:04
3. Gunderson, T (bicisport)0:55:06
4. Sparling, J (bicisport)0:55:10
5. Taylor, S (Rundle Mtn. Cycle)0:55:31
6. Twells, J (Pedalhead Racing)0:57:12
Women A
1. Orzyck, T (Independent)1:05:40
Women B
1. Gurney, R (Crankmasters)1:13:36
Cat 3
1. Kangarloo, C (Synergy)0:56:25
2. Machacek, M (Synergy)0:57:52
3. Bland, D (Crankmasters)0:58:52
4. Kovacs, F (Synergy)0:59:24
5. Impey, J (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:59:25
6. Elm, S (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:59:33
7. Ries, J (pedalhead Roadworks)1:00:34
8. Frank, J (CABC/Projekt One)1:00:58
9. Woolstencroft, F (TRS Racing)1:01:08
10. McKerrell, B (CABC/Projekt One)1:01:19
11. Chappell, A (ERTC/redbike)1:02:14
12. Lapierre, J (Way Past Fast)1:05:08
dnf. Achuff, A (Pedalhead Racing)
Cat 4
1. Bannon, C (TRS Racing)0:57:28
2. Reid, R (Crankmasters)0:59:44
3. Soldan, S (Independent)1:00:45
4. Fox, D (Juventus)1:03:16
5. King, D (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)1:03:16
6. Robertson, P (Terrascape Racing )1:03:32
7. Bakke, E (Deadgoat)1:03:49
8. Yanicki, G (bicisport)1:07:27
9. Blonski, W (bicisport)1:19:20
Cat 5
1. Schmitt, C (Independent)1:06:31
2. Houston, T (Crankmasters)1:08:35
3. Taylor, G (Crankmasters)1:09:43
4. Kasprzyk, J (Crankmasters)1:09:44
5. Barfus, R (Headwinds)1:10:22
6. Buijs, J (Eurotech)1:12:04
7. Berry, G (Velocity)1:13:01
Master A Men
1. Brown, G (Rundle Mtn. Cycle)0:56:39
2. Dalgleish, R (Synergy)0:57:42
3. Williams, S (Olympia)1:01:09
4. German, S (The Bike Shop)1:01:54
Master B Men
1. Szymanski, Z (United Cycle)0:56:17
2. Dahms, T (Pedalhead Roadworks)0:59:21
3. Rayner, P (Crankmasters)1:01:11
4. Watson, D (Velocity)1:02:39
5. Mankewich, D (Alberta Randonneurs)1:05:45
6. Johnston, D (Independent)1:14:28
Master B Women
1. Soules, C (Crankmasters)1:08:14
Master C Men
1. Long, W (United Cycle)1:00:30
2. Heppleston, P (EMCC)1:02:09
3. Krivitsky, L (Crankmasters)1:03:09
4. Walters, S (Crankmasters)1:03:39
5. Zelemski, M (Terrascape Racing )1:08:29
Master C Women
1. Cameron, K (Crankmasters)1:18:38
Master D Men
1. Hodgkinson, P (Crankmasters)1:19:31
2. Oldham, J (Crankmasters)1:26:43
Master E Men
1. Cronin, D (Crankmasters)1:19:59
2. Bigg, P (EMCC)f.r.
52 km TTT
Place. Name (Club)Time
1. Sparling, J (bicisport)1:05:50
Collins, J (bicisport)
Strom, P (bicisport)
Veroba, R (bicisport)
2. Copeland, B (Juventus)1:06:37
Taylor, S (Rundle Mtn. C.C.)
Long, W (United Cycle)
Szymanski, Z (United Cycle)
3. Kovacs, F (Synergy)1:07:05
Smibert, D (Synergy)
Kangarloo, C (Synergy)
Dalgleish, R (Synergy)
4. Twells, J (Pedalhead Racing)1:09:56
Dahms, T (Pedalhead Roadworks)
Achuff, A (Pedalhead Racing)
Riess, J (Pedalhead Roadworks)
5. Rayner, P (Crankmasters CC)1:10:57
Bland, D (Crankmasters CC)
McKerrell, B (CABC/Projekt 1)
Frank, J (Headwinds CC)


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