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September 6/05 7:07 am - Alberta Youth Road Championships: Stage 2 and 3

Posted by Editoress on 09/6/05

Alberta Youth Road Championships September 4-5 Alberta

Stage 2: Road Race, Madden, Alberta
The second stage (road race) of the 1st annual Alberta Youth Road Championships took place in Madden, Alberta. 26 competitors competed in 6 categories. Eric Smith (Jr Men), Spencer Smitheman (U17 Men), Hilary Ebbern (U17 Women) and David Larson (U15 Men) took gold in their categories. Anastasia Stadnyk (U15 Female), the youngest competitor in the competition continued to show her future potential. Brayden McDougall (Canadian paralympic team) continued to put pressure on the U17 Men in the early stages of the race, while still taking home gold in the paralympic category. Click here for complete stage 2 results.
Monday's final stage will be a criterium race that will be followed by a BBQ and awards ceremony.

Stage 3: Criterium, University of Calgary Research Park
The third and final stage (criterium race) of the 1st annual Alberta Youth Road Championships took place in the University of Calgary Research Park. 27 competitors competed in 6 categories. Brian Robinson (Jr Men), Spencer Smitheman (U17 Men), Jessica Kisell (U17 Women), David Larson (U15 Men), and Anastasia Stadnyk (U15 Women) took gold in their categories. Eric Smith, winner of both the ITT and road race for the Junior Men, was unable to complete his gold medal sweep for the weekend after he crashed and was unable to finish his race. Click here for the complete results from this weekend's youth provincials.

The Alberta Bicycle Association would like to say thank you to all of the event sponsors (Olympic Oval and Cochrane Cycle), and all the volunteers that helped make this weekend's event a success. Thank you to all of the youth athletes that attended this year's event.

Road Race
U15 F - 4 laps (40km)
1. Anastasia Stadnyk (bicisport)1:51:27
U15 M - 5 laps (50km)
1. David Larson (Juventus)1:35:19
2. Brad Knapik (Independent)1:52:48
3. Mac Garvin (Blacksheep)1:58:15
DNF. Bradley Nixon (bicisport)
U17 F - 5 laps (50km)
1. Hillary Ebbern (Blacksheep)1:41:48
2. Michelle Beveridge (Blacksheep)1:41:56
3. Jessica Kisell (independent)1:42:09
4. Lauren Lankester (Blacksheep)1:48:50
5. Garielle Brown (Blacksheep)1:53:08
Para - 7 laps (70km)
1. Brayden McDougall (bicisport)2:29:18
U17 M - 7 laps (70km)
1. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)2:01:47
2. Neal Gregory (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:03:35
3. James Mollison (bicisport)2:09:20
4. Kyle Harris (Juventus)2:09:25
5. Sherwood Plant (Synergy)2:15:08
6. Stephen Andrichuk (Independent)2:27:51
7. Matthew Rein (Velocity)2:29:50
DNF. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)
Junior Men - 7 laps (70km)
1. Eric Smith (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:01:47
2. Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:02:38
3. Nic Andrichuk (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:03:35
4. Anthony Stadnyk (bicisport)2:06:40
5. Evan Wick (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:13:12
6. Lance Harris (Juventus)2:27:41s
U15 F - 25 Laps (30km)
1. Anastasia Stadnyk (bicisport)0:53:16 + 5 Laps
U15 M - 25 Laps (30km)
1. David Larson (Juventus)0:50:50
2. Bradley Nixon (bicisport)0:53:11 + 1 lap
3. Brad Knapik (Independent)0:51:46 + 2 laps
4. Mac Garvin (Blacksheep)0:51:52 + 2 laps
5. Michael Lankester (Blacksheep)0:53:16 + 5 laps
U17 F - 25 Laps (30km)
1. Jessica Kisell (independent)0:51:15
2. Lauren Lankester (Blacksheep)0:52:46
3. Michelle Beveridge (Blacksheep)0:51:53 + 1 laps
4. Garielle Brown (Blacksheep)0:53:12 + 3 laps
DNF. Hillary Ebbern (Blacksheep)
Paralympic - 40 Laps (48km)
1. Brayden McDougall (bicisport)1:15:45+ 6 laps
U17 M - 40 Laps (48km)
1. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)1:13:35
2. Neal Gregory (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)1:13:35
3. Will Monteath (Juventus)1:15:27 + 2 laps
4. James Mollison (bicisport)1:15:27 + 2 laps
5. Kyle Harris (Juventus)1:15:28 + 2 laps
6. Sherwood Plant (Synergy)1:15:16 + 3 laps
7. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)1:15:27 + 3 laps
8. Stephen Andrichuk (Independent)1:15:35 + 4 laps
9. Matthew Rein (Velocity)1:15:35 + 5 laps
Jr M - 40 Laps (48km)
1. Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)1:13:06
2. Anthony Stadnyk (bicisport)1:13:35
3. Nic Andrichuk (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)1:13:35
4. Evan Wick (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)1:13:35
5. Lance Harris (Juventus)+ 5 laps
DNF. Eric Smith (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)


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