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September 14/05 12:58 pm - Tour of Hokkaido, World Masters Track Championships

Posted by Editoress on 09/14/05

2005 Tour of Hokkaido
Courtesy Luc Arseneau

The first day of the 2005 Tour of Hokkaido was a successful one for the Canadians in Japan. Everything started on the right foot when we all got here healthy, did not miss any flights (not without running though!), and got all our bikes and luggage on time. We then had our full scheduled 36 hours to prepare for the prologue.

Once again this year, the Tour of Hokkaido proves to be one of the best organised events in the world and regroups 20 teams of 5 riders (5 national teams, 8 trade teams, and 7 university teams).

This whole happy ambiance around the team probably helped on the first day, a 4.6 km prologue around a park in Obihiro. In fact, all our riders were in the top 25! Mark Walters was our top finishers with a second place (6 seconds behind the winner). He was followed by Cory Lange (6th), Jeff Shertobitoff (9th), Derek MacMaster (19th), and Peter Wedge (25th). These strong performances puts us 2nd in the team classification. AISAN Racing Team rider Kazuiro Mori took the win and will where the leader's jersey tomorrow (Thursday) in stage one.

This puts us into a real good position as it won't be our job to control the race such early. There will be plenty of opportunity later on this week and stage one will be no exception to that with two major climbs at about 1000m. The finish will also be on a 1 km climb.

For this project, the Canadian team director is Luc Arseneau, soigneur is Nicholas Cowan and mechanic is Peter Wallace.

The World Masters Track Championships

Canada won 2 medals Monday in Manchester. The World Masters Track championships kicked off with Canada winning gold in the 50 - 54 age group with Gerard Louis Robert (Montreal) winning by over 1/2 a second in a time of 35.832 seconds in the 500m Time Trial.

In the 30 -34 age group, Steen Madson (Edmonton) earned a Bronze medal for the Kilo in a time of 1:07:251.

Day 1

Male 70 + Years
500m Time Trial
1st. Ron Truman (AUS)40.373
2nd. Luigi Fabbri (URU)40.495
3rd. Keith Harrison (USA)41.409
4th. Derek Thurrell (GBR)42.269
5th. Terry Spradley (USA)43.046
6th. Roger Smith (GBR)43.059
7th. Raymond Groves (GBR)43.332
8th. Wallace Collins (GBR)44.444
9th. Max Read (AUS)44.942
10th. Derek Smith (GBR)45.621
11th. Danny Morgan (GBR)46.433
12th. Bill Bicknell (GBR)46.729
13th. Derek Waters (GBR)51.261
14th. George Beretta (GBR)54.047
Male 65 - 69 Years
500m Time Trial
1st. James Kloss (USA)38.791
2nd. Atte Koskinen (FIN)39.76
3rd. Roland Crayford (GBR)39.816
4th. Richard Keller (IRL)39.921
5th. Brian Dacey (GBR)40.511
6th. Ron Grant (AUS)40.734
7th. Peter Tranberg (DEN)40.978
8th. Henry Fort Pino (FRA)41.25
9th. Victor Possee (GBR)42.751
10th. Laurence Rissbrook (GBR)43.625
11th. John Wynne (GBR)43.916
12th. Neil Orrell (GBR)44.373
13th. John Scott (GBR)44.619
14th. Neville Bush (GBR)44.865
15th. John King (GBR)46.934
Male 60 - 64 Years
500m Time Trial
1st. Geoffrey Cooke (GBR)36.837
2nd. Earl Henry (TRI)37.943
3rd. Barrie Hartley (GBR)39.072
4th. Denis Fahey (AUS)39.251
5th. Peter Smith (GBR)39.323
6th. Max Pendleton (GBR)39.877
7th. Tony Pearce (GBR)40.22
8th. Kevin Keast (GBR)40.6
9th. Karl Erik Jensen (DEN)40.99
10th. Dave Gretton (GBR)41.443
11th. Patrick Davis (IRL)42.763
12th. Geoffrey Purcell (GBR)42.968
13th. Peter Jenn (GBR)43.028
14th. Gilles Delange (FRA)45.376
Male 55 - 59 Years
500m Time Trial
1st. Gerard Louis Robert (CAN)35.832
2nd. Carlos Enrique Reybaud (ARG)36.336
3rd. Stanley Gregg (USA)36.967
4th. Wendell Bole (RSA)38.068
5th. Mark Rodamaker (USA)38.371
6th. Reid Schwartz (USA)38.397
7th. Michael Olive (GBR)38.791
8th. Alistair Staley (GBR)38.836
9th. Ian Bell (GBR)39.205
10th. William Thompson (USA)39.631
11th. Frederick Hofman (USA)39.747
12th. Philip Underwood (GBR)40.088
13th. Hugh Davis (IRL)40.757
14th. Piet Slikker (NED)41.1
15th. Colin Berry (GBR)41.309
16th. Kevin Gill (GBR)41.717
17th. Alberto Modesti (ITA)41.775
18th. Chris Streather (GBR)42.129
19th. Graham Truelove (GBR)42.312
20th. Jeffrey Jones (GBR)42.394
21st. Douglas Conroy (GBR)44.529
Male 50 - 54 Years
500m Time Trial
1st. David LeGrys (GBR)34.873
2nd. David Willmott (AUS)35.79
3rd. Robert Pelegrin (USA)37.133
4th. Kenny Jubber (RSA)37.152
5th. Andy Laing (GBR)37.573
6th. Ian Humphreys (GBR)37.671
7th. David Smith (GBR)37.677
8th. Graham Gregory (GBR)37.767
9th. Steve Davies (GBR)38.013
10th. Mark Minting (GBR)38.045
11th. Bernhard Kluender (GER)38.403
12th. Doug Clark (USA)38.515
13th. Patrick Gellineau (USA)39.71
14th. Martin Birney (IRL)39.795
15th. Hiroshi Hatori (JAP)40.134
16th. Peter Sadler (GBR)41.331
17th. Martin Bush (GBR)41.389
18th. Keith Moore (GBR)42.619
19th. Gerard Maybery (GBR)42.874
20th. Ilija Kovacevic (GBR)43.238
Male 45 - 49 Years
750m Time Trial
1st. Alphonso Whaley (USA)49.616
2nd. Steve Cronshaw (GBR)51.998
3rd. Kenneth Todd (USA)52.853
4th. Dominique Sioul (FRA)53.055
5th. Ivor Reid (GBR)53.488
6th. Mark Zaschke (GBR)53.852
7th. Brad Thurrell (GBR)54.287
8th. Arch Davis (AUS)54.464
9th. Bart Nel (RSA)54.618
10th. Mitch Law (AUS)55.183
11th. David Mann (USA)55.361
12th. Mark Francis (GBR)55.641
13th. Keith Williams (GBR)55.67
14th. Andrea Neri (ITA)55.865
15th. William Newman (RSA)56.123
16th. Peter Verhoeven (AUS)56.565
17th. Chris Turvey (GBR)56.844
18th. Brian Fudge (GBR)56.87
19th. Marcel Hollenstein (NZL)57.495
20th. Bob Burden (CAN)57.85
21st. Jeff Beach (GBR)1.04.454
Male 40 - 44 Years
750m Time Trial - 3 laps
1st. Peter Barnard (AUS)50.535
2nd. Matthew Diefenbach (USA)52.303
3rd. Kenji Yano (JPN)52.448
4th. Timothy Caulfield (CAN)52.974
5th. Stephen Clayton (GBR)55.263
6th. John Marriner (GBR)55.426
7th. Robert Dacey (GBR)55.636
8th. Corne Bence (RSA)55.767
9th. Alastair Taylor (GBR)55.865
10th. Ian Greenstreet (GBR)55.936
11th. Leigh Shepherd (RSA)56.184
12th. Jesper Schack (DEN)56.537
13th. Blair Buss (GBR)56.66
14th. Walter Basili (ITA)58.256
15th. Fabrizio Pili (ITA)58.511
16th. Mike Heesom (GBR)1.01.342
Female 45 + Years
Points Race
1st. Marion Bax (NED)21 points
2nd. Marsha Macro (USA)16 points
3rd. Petra Kluender (GER)12 points
4th. Ann Marie Love (USA)12 points
5th. Olga Figueroa (COL)2 points
6th. Elizabeth Randall (AUS)2 points
7th. Evelyn Kenyon (GBR)0 points
8th. Ann Staley (GBR)0 points
DNF. Julie Shuttleworth (GBR)
Female 40 - 44 Years
Points Race
12.5Km - 50 Laps
1st. Annette Hanson (USA)32 points
2nd. Debbie Preller (USA)12 points
3rd. Sophie Wood (GBR)5 points
4th. Angela Undrell (GBR)3 points
5th. Carol Scott (GBR)3 points
6th. Elizabeth Clayton (GBR)1 point
DNF. Julie Barnett (AUS)
Male 35 - 39 Years
1000m Time Trial - 4 laps
1st. Neil Potter (GBR)1.05.745
2nd. Kenny Williams (USA)1.06.658
3rd. Markus Holmsten (FIN)1.07.534
4th. James Spanswick (AUS)1.09.267
5th. Jayson Austin (AUS)1.10.379
6th. Christopher Henderson (USA)1.10.471
7th. James Tainter (USA)1.10.637
8th. Frank Kovacs (CAN)1.11.423
9th. Adam Smith (USA)1.11.688
10th. Martin Huerga (ARG)1.11.694
11th. Simon Churton (GBR)1.12.056
12th. Stefan Collins (GBR)1.12.272
13th. Stefan Cwiklinski (GBR)1.12.488
14th. Malcolm Goggin (IRE)1.13.969
15th. Gavin Martin (GBR)1.15.317
16th. Martin Burrows (GBR)1.16.084
17th. Tony Childs (GBR)1.16.587
18th. Brian Edmonds (GBR)1.17.238
19th. Steve Thomas (GBR)1.17.646
20th. Martyn Shaw (GBR)1.19.225
21st. Tadashi Tanuma (JAP)1.20.527
Female 30 - 39 Years
Points Race
15Km - 60 laps
1st. Isabelle Nguyen Van Tu (FRA)24 points
2nd. Anna Jones-Perrin (AUS)17 points
3rd. Sonya Keay (AUS)10 points
4th. Tabatha Cole (AUS)8 points
5th. Norizan Musa (MAS)4 points
6th. Michelle Enslin (RSA)3 points
7th. Cheryl Owens (GBR)@ 1 lap
DNF. Lee Johns (AUS)
Male 30 - 34 Years
1000m Time Trial - 4 laps
1st. Mike Beers (USA)1.06.124
2nd. Ben Elliott (GBR)1.06.598
3rd. Steen Madsen (CAN)1.07.251
4th. Gwyn Carless (GBR)1.09.473
5th. Ray Clarke (IRL)1.09.530
6th. Martin Osman (GBR)1.10.378
7th. Mario Nell (RSA)1.10.425
8th. Thierry Forler (FRA)1.10.767
9th. Ryan James (GBR)1.10.784
10th. Stephen Bonnici (GBR)1.11.613
11th. Christophe Nicolle (FRA)1.11.787
12th. Phill Huff (GBR)1.11.871
13th. Jason Streather (GBR)1.12.407
14th. Alain Bornet (FRA)1.13.605
15th. David Jackson (GBR)1.17.750
16th. Cyrille Santerre (FRA)1.20.455

Day 2

Female 50+ Years
500m Time Trial - 2 laps
1st. Elizabeth Randall (AUS)43.117
2nd. Marsha Macro (USA)43.432
3rd. Evelyn Kenyon (GBR)43.897
4th. Ann Staley (GBR)44.75
51 Eva Fabbri USA DNF
Female 45 - 49 Years
500m Time Trial - 2 laps
1st. Joanne Fenwick (GBR)41.195
2nd. Ann Marie Love (USA)41.295
3rd. Petra Kluender (GER)41.534
Female 40 - 44 Years
500m Time Trial - 2 laps
1st. Annette Hanson (USA)38.011
2nd. Julie Barnett (AUS)38.547
3rd. Debbie Capewell (GBR)40.795
4th. Makiko Hamada (JAP)40.969
5th. Carol Scott (GBR)41.051
6th. Sophie Wood (GBR)41.627
7th. Debbie Preller (USA)41.805
8th. Julia Shaw (GBR)42.097
9th. Angela Undrell (GBR)42.678
Male 70+ Years
4th to 6th Place
4th. Terry Spradley (USA)14.123
5th. Derek Smith (GBR)
6th. Raymond Groves (GBR)
1st to 3rd Place
1st. Keith Harrison (USA)14.487
2nd. Ron Truman (AUS)
3rd. Luigi Fabbri (URU)
Male 65 - 69 Years
4th to 6th Place
4th. Brian Dacey (GBR)14.172
5th. Roland Crayford (GBR)
1st to 3rd
1st. James Kloss (USA)12.796
2nd. Peter Tranberg (DEN)
3rd. Ron Grant (AUS)
Male 60 -64 Years
4th to 6th
4th. Dave Gretton (GBR)13.892
5th. Karl Erik Jensen (DEN)
6th. Peter Smith (GBR)
1st to 3rd
1st. Geoffrey Cooke (GBR)12.421
2nd. Earl Henry (TRI)
3rd. Tony Pearce (GBR)
Male 45 - 49 Years
4th to 6th Place
4th. Mark Zaschke (GBR)13.18
5th. Steve Cronshaw (GBR)
6th. Kenneth Todd (USA)
1st to 3rd Place
1st. Alphonso Whaley (USA)11.385
2nd. Larry Nolan (USA)
3rd. Richard Voss (USA)
Male 40 - 44 Years
4th to 6th Place
4th. Matthew Diefenbach (USA)12.261
5th. Timothy Caulfield (CAN)
6th. Roberto Mattei (ITA)
1st to 3rd Place
1st. Shigekazu Maruyama (JPN)11.779
2nd. Peter Barnard (AUS)
3rd. Kenji Yano (JPN)
Female 35 - 39 Years
500m Time Trial - 2 laps
1st. Janet Birkmyre (GBR)37.64
2nd. Ellen Hunter (GBR)37.863
3rd. Tabatha Cole (AUS)40.018
4th. Sonya Keay (AUS)41.554
5th. Karen Glynn (GBR)41.857
6th. Michelle Enslin (RSA)42.168
7th. Nicky Peters (GBR)42.447
8th. Jeanette Baxter (GBR)44.361
9th. Cheryl Owens (GBR)46.279
Female 30 - 34 Years
500m Time Trial - 2 laps
1st. Annerine Wenhold (RSA)37.915
2nd. Isabelle Nguyen Van Tu (FRA)38.573
3rd. Anna Jones-Perrin (AUS)39.683
4th. Norizan Musa (MAS)39.802
5th. Lee Johns (AUS)41.285


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