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September 18/05 10:31 am - Quebec Cyclo-cross

Posted by Editoress on 09/18/05

Quebec Cyclocross Cup #1 St. Basile QC
Courtesy Race organizer Team Xcluziv and

Saturday the 17th of September was the opening day for the Quebec Cyclocross Cup. This is a relatively new sport in Quebec with hopes that as it becomes more popular, the number of competition riders will grow. The first of six races was held in St. Basile, 20 miles from the centre Quebec City

"As organiser of two Quebec Cups, I can count on the support of Francis Groleau to have a professional (or something like) Belgian style race. The level is getting higher over here but still, there is no prize money set in the racing rules", said the Belgian who now owns the Xcluziv bike trade. "The big sponsors would rather invest in hockey, no wonder if you know that a "junior league" player can earn as much as a regular Belgian elite cross rider. It's quite hard to convince the young guys to get on the bike instead of putting the skates on."

The first race of the Quebec Cup was, despite some organisational troubles, a success. "We took the organisation in our hands only one week ago. The official organiser quit so there was one race less on our calendar" the former top Belgian mountain biker says. "I couldn't really live with that so I contacted Francis Groleau, my co-organiser. With no less than 60 participators, the race should be considered as a success."

Next to the organising of races and the group training rides, Jurgen is also (still) an active rider. "Indeed I am. It's fine to give advice and do some of the weekly training sessions but you still have to prove that you know what you're talking about so I remain as competitive as possible."

Not bad as Jurgen won the Amateur race after leaving Luc Proulx with the runner up spot. In the woman's category, young talent Catherine Descheane crashed so Marie-Pier Bedard took the advantage to clinch the victory beating Caroline Lavoie and Joannie Caron. Finally, Jean Roy won the Masters category as he finished in first place with a big time bonus on Rik Gagnon and Sylvain Gagne.


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