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September 19/05 10:01 am - BC Cup Cyclo-Cross Series Event 1

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/05

BC Cup Cyclo-Cross Series - Event 1 Divers Lake Nanaimo BC, September 18th
Organized by Frontrunners 'Cross

The Nanaimo cross crew were very excited to be the first race in the BC Cup series for 2005. We showcased a new course at Diver Lake. This course was tight and packed as much distance as you can possibly fit into a small park. It featured soft grass, tight forest sections, steep and not as steep climbs and some quick short downhills. The weather was perfect and there was a large spectator contingent on hand to cheer on the racers.

Race 1: Beginners
A small but aggressive group of beginners took to the course right on time at noon. There was a tight battle at the front with a group of triathletes trying out cross. 5 of the 6 people in the beginner race were from a triathlon background! Sub 9.5 hr Ironman athlete Darren Mealing (Frontrunners-Adidas) battled with top Victoria female triathlete, Sarah Stewart for the first couple of laps. Darren then pulled away for the win. 16 year old Cody Ward (Frontrunners) came from last place to 4th getting quicker and sassier (as people commented on her “special” carry style) as the race went on.

Race 2: Intermediate, Women and Masters
With three races wrapped up into one there was a lot of action among the categories. Kelly Jones (Sugoi Factory) took an early lead in the women’s race and looked smooth on the twisty course. In the Intermediate race Craig Richey (Cove) and Dave Perrin had a great battle going until Craig was able to pull away on one of the steep climbs and create a gap. In the Masters race Stefan Jakobsen (Frontrunners) and Jason Sandquist (Frontrunners) were head to head for half the race. A series of bobbles by Sandquist allowed Jakobsen time to pull away in search of riders from the intermediate wave.

Race 3: Expert
A large start for an Expert race in B.C. with 25 riders on the line. With a first lap 6 pack up for grabs the pace was very quick from the gun. One of the local legends of cross, Carter Hovey (BRI) took the first lap prime and then got a gap with three other riders; Drew MacKenzie (Sugoi-Giant), Rob Britton (Costal) and Kevin Noiles.

Behind these three riders the technical aspect of the course was taking its toll with several riders rolling their new cross tubulars and having to drop out or run to the pits. Among the casualties was Wendy Simms (Kona) who rolled her tubular on the first lap as she battled for position with her boyfriend, Normon Thibault (Frontrunners-Helly Hansen). There was a special betting pool going at the event pitting Normon and Wendy against each other with fans, spectators and supporters chipping in $5 and guessing the finish time gap. The rolled tire put a huge dent into the race plan for Wendy.

At the front the top riders were pulling away from the group with Hovey the main leader. On the last lap McKenzie was able to attack and take the win over Britton with Hovey coming in for 3rd. Simms came back to finish 13th.

The awards and prizes were a show in themselves with several side competitions (including wind sprints) being held for the top draw prizes..

The coveted “Rusty Rim” Club Trophy for the series was handed over to Frontrunner who had 11 racers out at the event.

Thanks to everyone that came out including volunteers, spectators and racers.
Special thanks to: Frontrunners, Adidas, Helly Hansen, NRG (Nelson), Aerosmith Mountain Cycle and Nanaimo Parks and Recreation.

Photos are posted
We will add more photos as people send them to us (if you have more send them!)

Next race in Nanaimo is on November 12th at Beban Park. This race is the last race in the BC cup series and will be double points. The course will also feature a lot of the course that will be used for Nationals in 2006

Next race in the B.C. Cross Cup Series is on September 25th; Fort Langley Classic.

For more information on Nanaimo cross races log onto:

Beginners (6 Laps)
1. Darren Mealing (Frontrunners)34:39
2. Sarah Stewart (Vancouver)at 0:55
3. Ken Jones (Frontrunners)2:18
4. Codie Ward (Frontrunners)2:20
5. Meskat Javid (Vancouver)1 lap
DNF. Alison Keple (Frontrunners)
Intermediate (8 Laps)
1. Craig Richey (Cove Bikes)48:50
2. Dave Perrin (Victoria)at 0:35
3. Rumon Carter (Frontrunners)4:45
4. Paul Brend (Organic Athlete)1 lap
5. Brad Smith (Arrowsmith)1 lap
Masters (8 Laps)
1. Stefan Jakobsen (Frontrunners)48:35
2. Jason Sandquist (Frontrunners)at 3:52
3. Dave Nowak (Frontrunners)4:55
4. Dave Cressman (Wedgewood)1 lap
5. Brent Hambleton (Independent)1 lap
6. Michael Hchuff (Pedalhead)1 lap
7. Dan Proulx (Elite Wave)2 laps
8. David Kenny (Juventus)2 laps
Women (8 Laps)
1. Kelly Jones (Sugoi Factory)52:40
2. Stacey Spencer (Cyclesmart/Javelin)at 1:57
3. Nicola Mann (Avanti/TI Cycles)5:05
4. Shera Molday (Wedgewood)6:35
Elite (10 Laps)
1. Drew MacKenzie (Sugoi/Giant)56:31
2. Rob Britton (Team Coastal)at 0:05
3. Carter Hovey (BRI)0:29
4. Kevin Noiles (Independent (Sackville, NS))0:43
5. Kevin Calhoun (Independent (Vancouver))1:30
6. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain)1:43
7. Matt Patterson (Bicisport)3:09
8. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)4:07
9. Troy Woodburn (Independent (Victoria))4:33
10. Fred Hodgson (Frontrunners)4:58
11. Andrew Kyle (Sugoi/Giant)5:12
12. Michael Judge (SRAM/?)5:48
13. Wendy Simms (Frontrunners)1 lap
14. Rick Rodland (Independent (Langley))1 lap
15. Trevor Bant (Rocky Mountain)1 lap
16. Justin Mark (Tantalus/Giant)1 lap
17. Patrick Love (Independent (N. Vancouver))1 lap
18. Dan Molgat-Roy (Pedalhead/Roadworks/Sleemans)1 lap
19. Jonathan Gormiul (Steed)1 lap
DNF. Brad Collins (BSP)
DNF. Rob Gosselin (Atomic)
DNF. Jason Fluckner (Bayside)
DNF. James Sparling (Independent (Alberta0)
DNF. Steve Cork (Business OBI/Escape Velocity)
DNF. Dan Skinner (Independent (Victoria)


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