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August 25/98 2:40 am - Mountain National team, CCA News

Posted by Editor on 08/25/98

Canadian National Mountain Bike Team
(courtesy CCA)

The following riders have been selected to represent Canada at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Mont Ste Anne, Québec. Please note that some of the positions are funded, and some not (as is usually the case).

Senior Pro Men Cross Country
1.Chris SheppardBritish Columbia
2.Andreas HestlerBritish Columbia
3.Roland GreenBritish Columbia
4.Peter WedgeNew Brunswick
5.Guido VisserQuébec
6.Bill HurleyNova Scotia
7.Eric TourvilleQuébec
Senior Pro Women Cross Country
1.Alison SydorBritish Columbia
2.Chrissy ReddenOntario
3.Lesley TomlinsonBritish Columbia
4.Amber ChorneyBritish Columbia
5.Melanie DorionQuébec
6.Trish SinclairBritish Columbia
7.Melanie McQuaidBritish Columbia
Espoir Men Cross Country
1. Seamus McGrathOntario
2. Geoff KabushBritish Columbia
3. Mathieu ToulouseQuébec
4. Neil GroverManitoba
5. Martin NuckleQuébec
6. Josh HallOntario
7. Marc SonntagBritish Columbia
Junior Men Cross Country
1.Ryder HesjedalBritish Columbia
2.Jean-Francois LarocheQuébec
3.Ryan DeyOntario
4.Phil KarasinskiOntario
5.Lane CooperAlberta
6.Ricky FederovBritish Columbia
Junior Women Cross Country
1.Carrie TuckAlberta
2.Marisol BernierQuébec
3.Melissa LunsteadOntario
4.Suzana SchrainmovaBritish Columbia
5.Sandra WalterBritish Columbia
6.Emilie GermainQuébec
Elite Men Downhill
1.Eric CseffOntario
2.Dave WatsonBritish Columbia
3.Frederic PoulinQuébec
4.Chris BuckrellOntario
5.Brent LyonBritish Columbia
6.Jimmy CollQuébec
Atl.Andrew ShandroBritish Columbia
Senior Elite Women Downhill
1.Lorraine BlancherBritish Columbia
2.Daamiann SkeltonBritish Columbia
3.Cecile GambinOntario
4.Sylvie AllenBritish Columbia
5.Chantal BoulianneQuébec
6.Aleisha ClineBritish Columbia
7.Tera MeadeBritish Columbia
Alt.Elladee BrownBritish Columbia
Junior Men Downhill
1.Dustin AdamsBritish Columbia
2.Tony PejrilBritish Columbia
3.Eric BelangerQuébec
4.Peter McLeanOntario
5.Vincent RoyQuébec
6.Tim ColemanBritish Columbia
Junior Women Downhill
1.Lalena DesautelsOntario
2.Elizabeth WindsorAlberta

Other CCA News

The Development Committee will be making their decision with respect to the Makeup Downhill race (held at the Nationals, after the boycotted event at Rocky Mountain House) on Thursday (August 27th). We have been promised a report for Friday morning.

With respect to the Canada Cup Final Standings: the situation is that there are a number of riders who were listed as D.N.S. in the official results after the Nationals. The CCA is working on clarifying the results, and has promised to update us as soon as possible. The Canada Cup standings are going to change, we are just waiting to find out which riders need to have their results recalculated.


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