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August 25/98 10:11 am - B.C. Hillclimb Championships, Starting Tomorrow...

Posted by Editor on 08/25/98

B.C. Hillclimb Championships - MT. Washington Hillclimb
(courtesy Ed Schum)

Course Length: 16.5 km Vertical Rise: 1150 Metres

CAT 1/2
1. Adam WalkerRip n Hammer Edmonton45:10
2. Min Van VelzenTrek/VWVancouver46:04
3. Mathew UsborneProcycleDuncan47:40
4. Mike FlegelPowerbar/BlacksCourtenay48:13
5. Darren VoglerEdgar&MinerVictoria48:22
6. Jim MackieBrown Bros. FordVancouver49:06
7. Jon WatkinEdgar&MinerVictoria50:08
8. Shane SavageCampioneVancouver52:18
9. Hugh TrenchardVictoria53:23
10.Adam FaulknerCampioneVancouver53:45
11.Jamie GrantVancouver53:55
12.Hendrik WoutersNanaimo55:05
13.Chris WoutersNanaimo55:05
14.Peter WoodlandVancouver56:29
15.David McLeodJuan de FucaVictoria58:42
Cat. 3
1. Warren BeattieFort Street CycleVictoria 52:27
2. Aaron CoulterForbidden CycleCourtenay 52:27
3. Victor BrudovVancouver 54:35
4. Hubert LamVancouver 55:05
5. Rainer RoedgerComox V. CCCourtenay 55:17
6. Aias ClenpuegoEscape VelocityVancouver 56:49
7. David SchneiderEscape VelocityVancouver 59:38
8. Mike SevcovNanaimo BCNanaimo1:08:43
Cat. 4/5
1. Lucien ErvingtonPowell River 47:44
2. Fred HodgsonGiantNanoose Bay 50:41
3. S. Paetkau 51:30
4. Craig MortonCampioneVancouver 52:27
5. Simon NorrisCopper Canyon 52:56
6. Bryn ShapperdSimon‚s C./FitnessCourtenay 53:58
7. A. SloanVancouver 57:45
8. David TzauVancouver1:03:13
9. Lonnie NathanCVCC/SpokesCampbell R.1:03:29
10.Louis BrossarNanaimo BCNanaimo1:04:35
Cat 5
1. T. WoodburnVictoria 59:02
2. Paul ButtemerCVCCCourtenay1:00:15
3. John NilssenSaltspring Isl.1:28:29
1. Angus ErringtonVictoria WheelersVictoria 55:17
2. Eric Ponaytof-SchaanVictoria1:04:24
1. Annie GornallSimon‚s/CVCCComox1:24:59
2. Glenda HarlingNanaimo BCNanaimo1:25:48

Coming Up Tomorrow

The Grand Prix Féminin International du Canada begins tomorrow in Cowansville, Québec with a 3.4 kilometre Prologue individual time trial. The first rider goes off at 6:30 pm. The race continues the next day with a 103.4 kilometre road stage that begins and ends in Bedford, and ends on Sunday with a 40 kilometre (20 lap) criterium back in Cowansville. We will be bringing you as many results as possible, and mountain bike pro Chrissy Redden (Team Ritchey) has agreed to given us daily reports on the action, as she competes on the Canadian mountain bike team with Alison Sydor and Lesley Tomlinson.

Also starting tomorrow - the World Track Championships in Bordeaux, France. We will bring you results (particularly the Canadian team) on this event as well through the rest of the week.


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