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October 3/05 9:32 am - BC and Alberta `Cross

Posted by Editoress on 10/3/05

Bayside Cyclocross #1, BC Cross #3

The first Bayside Cyclocross, race # 3 in BC Cross Series, was held under cool, dry conditions in Crescent Park. 65 participants competed in 3 categories. The course was fast and physically challenging.

In the Men B race, a group of about five stayed together for most of the race until Dawson managed to create a gap in the final laps. In the Women's race, Spencer took a large advantage from the start and easily maintained it. Spectators of the Men A race saw a dual between Pinfold and Britton until Pinfold pulled away with two laps to go.

Men B (35 Starters, 31 Finishers)
1. Byron Dawson
2. Scott McGregor
3. David Kenny
4. Nels Guloien
5. Brian Storey
6. Bryce Feely
7. Mark Bennet
8. Christian Hansen
9. Chris Sayers
10. Glenn Hendricks
11. Brent Hambleton
12. Dave Cressman
13. Jeff Spence
14. Kim Steed
15. Tyler Dumont
16. Grant Bullington
17. Owen Scott
18. Ryan Cousinead
19. Gord Ross
20. Barry Perictalk
21. Ron Klopher
22. Jeff Hannien
23. Urs Beuler
24. Kevin Thorpe
25. Roger Bing-Wo
26. Chris Smit
27. Meshkat Javid
28. James Carlson
29. Cam Finnigan
30. Kenny James
31. Dan Proulx

Women (9 Starters, 9 Finishers)
1. Stacey Spencer
2. Kerry Van Kooy
3. Amanda Butler
4. Sara Stewart
5. Claire Cameron
6. Lee Darling
7. Barb Zimich
8. Lesley Trivett
9. Sara Laliberte

Men A (21 Starters, 19 Finishers)
1. Andrew Pinfold
2. Rob Britton
3. Sven Sturm
4. Kevin Noiles
5. Stephan Widmer
6. Kevin Calhoun
7. Basse Clement
8. Fred Hodgson
9. Dan MacDonald
10. Rich Rodland
11. Patrick Love
12. James Sparling
13. Graeme Martindale
14. Aart Van Kooy
15. Chris Barth
16. Jay Murray
17. Jon Gormick
18. Raffi Titizian
19. Steve Cork

Bow Fietscross
Courtesy Kevin MacCuish, ABA

Bow Fietscross, held in beautiful sunny weather at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, on October 2nd


The weather was perfect for a race held mainly on the grass. The location was a new one for Calgary, on the Campus of SAIT Polytechnic right smack dab in the inner city. The combination of course, location and weather saw the highest turnout for a Bow Cycle cyclocross race since the Canadian national championship in 2000.

Competitors enjoyed an paved uphill start/finish, a slightly downhill 800 m pavement section to recover, or to hammer and try to make a gap on followers and a challenging course. The grassy course twisted and turned throwing off camber sections, high speed barriers, and a leg busting one two hill running punch at the racers.

Look for a bigger, and even better event for 2006. Tell your friends!

Sport Male
1. Chris Stipdonk (United Cycle)0:39:48
2. David Larson (Juventus)0:40:44
3. Jeff Sears (Independent)0:42:01
4. Reid Cummings (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:42:05
5. Rod Walker (Calgary Crankmasters)0:43:16
6. Don Fox (Juventus)0:43:54
7. Geoff Webb (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:44:36
8. Michael Zelensky (Terrascape)0:45:07
9. John Encarnacao (United Cycle)0:45:49
10. Michael Meeres (CABC/Projekt 1)0:45:52
11. Andrew Tomassini (The Bike Shop)0:46:15
12. JP Zquierdo (Independent)0:47:30
13. Richard Vervoort (Pedalhead)0:47:44
at 1 lap. Tim St. Germain (Independent)0:40:21
at 1 lap. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)0:42:46
at 1 lap. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)0:43:11
DNF. Gary Brown (RMCC)
DNF. Darcy Reynard (ERTC/redbike)
1. Mical Dyck (Terrascape)0:42:04
2. Marg Fedyna (ERTC/redbike)0:43:52
3. Susan Copeland (Juventus)0:46:18
4. Kristin Campbell (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)0:47:12
5. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy)0:50:27
Expert Male
1. Brent Johnson (Independent)0:48:25
2. Andrew Reed (RMCC)0:48:36
3. Brys Francis (United Cycle)0:48:49
4. Anthony Steenbergen (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:48:57
5. Martin Machacek (Synergy)0:49:21
6. Michael Johns (CABC/Projekt 1)0:49:47
7. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)0:50:39
8. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)0:51:05
9. Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:51:55
10. Andrew Hilton (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)0:52:08
11. Jason Frank (CABC/Projekt 1)0:52:20
12. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)0:52:28
13. Finn Pedersen (Team Pusch)0:52:32
14. Mike Prinz (Independent)0:53:07
15. Orest Massitti (bicisport)0:54:28
16. Jack Van Dyk (Terrascape)0:55:37
DNF. Lonn Bate (Terrascape)
DNF. Ed Garvin (Blacksheep)
DNF. Bob McKerrell (CABC/Projekt 1)
Elite / Open
1. Tim Heemskirk (United Cycle)1:00:00
2. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)1:02:13
3. Mike Sarnecki (Pedalhead)1:02:16
4. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)1:02:20
5. Cyrus Kangarloo (Synergy)1:02:26
6. Peter Toth (ERTC/redbike)1:04:11
7. Mike Bidniak (Juventus)1:04:24
8. Keith Bayly (Deadgoat)1:05:03
9. Craig Good (Synergy)1:05:15
10. Bruce Copeland (Juventus)1:05:35
11. Ryan Hopping (ERTC/redbike)1:06:15
at 1 lap. Steve Martins (Hardcore)1:00:15
at 1 lap. Craig Debellefeuille (Synergy)1:00:49
at 1 lap. Shaun Adamson (United Cycle)1:01:00
at 1 lap. Shawn Taylor (RMCC)1:01:24
at 1 lap. Peter Lawrence (Team Pusch)1:03:22
at 1 lap. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)1:04:43
DNF. Per Strom (bicisport)
DNF. Cameron McKnight (ERTC/redbike)
DNF. cp Walsh (Synergy)
DNF. Dion Clark (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)


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