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October 3/05 10:11 am - Blizzard Bike Club News, Ontario Cup Track: Race #1

Posted by Editoress on 10/3/05

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC
Courtesy Pat Ferris

Oct. 2nd

Robin Baillie was the runaway winner of Sunday’s Cyclo-cross race. He covered fourteen laps in the 1 hour event. 2004 Club ‘Cross Champion Mike Heintzman was second and Pat Ferris third and Roger St. Jean 4th at 13 laps completed.

Conditions were very muddy. The run ups were sticky and slow and the downhill sections very slippery.

Gary Hilderman was 5th, Gord Harris 6th and Kevin Cooper 7th at 12 laps. Sam Keats was 8th at 11 laps and Barb Polehoykie 9th at 9 laps completed.

This is the first race of the six race series. The top point getter will win the series and the race day winner on Oct. 23 will be the Club Cyclo Cross Champion.

Cyclo-cross is like a steeplechase, combining biking off-road with short running sections.
Coming up:
-Thursday - Cyclo cross race at North Peace School at 6:30 pm.
-Sunday - Cyclo-cross race at Beatton River Park at 2 pm.

Forest City Velodrome London ON

Saturday September 1st

The racing at the first Ontario Cup Track event of the year was as hot as the weather outside. Saturday was the inaugural race of the 2005-06 series. 25 riders raced in the afternoon session with another 10 riders adding to the field at evening events. Because the day was broken into 2 sessions the riders did the Individual Times events in the afternoon with the head to head competition at night in front of hundreds of enthusiastic cycling fans who came to see some very competitive racing in the evening.

The day started with the 500m Time Trial. Eleven year old Kyle Rupay from Peterborough set quick time for the Velo-kids at 48.75 seconds, very respectable for his first attempt. The Senior women were lead by Toronto's Emma Wensing covering the distance in 43.50. John Craig of London was fast, improving his time from provincials by 2.3 seconds down to 40.00 seconds.

In the Senior & Junior men's Kilo, the racers were having to get used to the pain of this race. Young Madison racer Vince DeJong cut 4 seconds off his previous best time to win the Junior event in a time of 1:16.75 seconds, the neat thing is his time would have placed him 4th in the senior men's competition. Looks like good things down the road for our Juniors in 2006. Using a bike from our rental fleet Stratford's Adam Thuss, who represented Canada at the Junior World Championships in 2004, was 2 seconds quicker than his closest rival clocking in at 1:14.06 seconds in the Kilo.

The evening saw a ton of racing, 5 rounds of Match sprinting (the boys were tired at the end). In the finals Keith Thorarison beat Taylor Martin (2 - 0) to win the Men's Sprint. John Craig made it 2 for 2 by just edging Garnett Abbey (Burlington) in the sprint final for Masters, Emma Wensing edged 16 year old Hayley Roberts in the women's event. In the Junior 3 up sprint Joe Veloce who just learned how to ride the track was the winner. Honorable mention goes to Belmont's Alex Fournier who was a very close 2nd.

Also in the evening session, were Scratch races, Handicaps, and Madison events. all results can be found on our webite.

A very good, safe, intense day of racing.

Other Velodrome News:

Get well to Albert who has spent a couple of days in Hospital last week, Albert is resting comfortably and should be at the track this weekend.

Wednesday October 5th: The Velodrome will be closed all day for a Corporate function.

Final preparation for the 6 Day Race, the last 2 weekends of October. If you are interested in racing I must hear from you this week. The program is being printed shortly.

Saturday October 8th: Special Guest Appearance (to be confirmed) expect an update later this week.

All Sessions at the track will be running for the next 3 weeks.

Only "8" Shares are left to be sold, These are a piece of the track, Cost is $500.00 minimum. and includes an evening of race action from the VIP Box.

See you at the track

Results from Ontario Cup Track, Event #1

500M TT


Kyle Rupay, 48.75
Andrew Simpson, 50.6
Billy Rudnicki, 53.75
Amberley Berman 55.15


Emma Wensing, 43.50
Hayley Roberts, 46.51
Julie Henry, 52.07


John Craig, 40.00
Garnett Abby, 42.74
Brian Kelly, 44.60
Rob Rupay, 44.85
Paul Poppy, 45.40



Vince DeJong, 1:16:75
Joe Veloci, 1:20:12
Alex Fournier, 1:24:14


Adam Thuss, 1:14:06
Taylor Martin, 1:16:05
Keith Thorarison, 1:16.66
Kurt Schreiter, 1:17:37
Andy Fell, 1:20:23
Jamie Russel, 1:21:47
David St James, 1:22:14
Jean Bertrand, 1:22:37
Piers Davidge, 1:22:52
Jason Valenti, 1:23:04
Piers Davidge
Jason Valenti

Sprints (Seniors and Juniors)
Sprint # 1

1. Joe Veloci
2. Alex Fournier

Sprint # 2

1. Jean Bertrand
2. Jason Valenti

Sprint # 3

1. Taylor Martin
2. James Russell

Sprint # 4

1. Keith Thorarison
2. David St James

Sprint # 5

1. Kurt Schreiter
2. Andy Fell

Sprint # 6

1. Adam Thuss
2. Piers Davidge

Repecharge (2 to go on to finals)

1. Jamie Russell
2. Alex Fournier


Sprint # 1

1. Adam Thuss
2. Jamie Russell

Sprint # 2

1. Kurt Schreiter
2. Alex Fournier

Sprint # 3

1. Keith Thorarison
2. Joseph Veloci

Sprint # 4

1. Taylor Martin
2. Jean Bertrand

Semi-Finals (best of 3)
Thorarison beat Schreiter 2 -0

Martin beat Thuss 2 - 1

Finals for 3rd and 4th (best of 3)
Thuss beat Schreiter 2 - 1

Finals for 1st and 2nd (best of 3)
Thorarison beat Martin 2 - 0

Sprints (Masters)

Sprint # 1

1. John Craig
2. Rob Rupay
3. Paul Poppy

Sprint #
1. Garnet Abby
2. Peter Junek
3. Brian Kelly

Sprint for 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th

3. Paul Poppy
4. Brian Kelly
5. Rob Rupay
6. Peter Junek

Finals for 1st and 2nd (best of 3)
John Craig beat GarnetAbby 2 - 1

Sprints (Ladies best 2 of 3)

Emma Wensing beat Hayley Roberts 2 - 1

Scratch Race

Seniors - 50 Laps

1. Eric Robertson
2. Andy Fell
3. Keith Thorarison
4. Jean Bertrand
5. Piers Davidge
6. Dave St James

Open - 25 Laps

1. Joseph Veloci
2. Vince DeJong
3. John Craig
4. Garnet Abby

Handicap Races ( 3 Laps)

Race # 1

1. Kyle Rupay
2. Billy Rudnicki
3. Brian Kelly
4. David Bee

Race # 2

1. William Londono
2. Amberley Berman
3. Julie Henry

Race #3

1. Kyle Rupay
2. Amberley Berman
3. Brian Kelly
4. Billy Rudnicki

Madison Demo Race

1. TEAM ORANGE - Taylor Martin & Jean Bertrand
2. TEAM YELLOW - Adam Thuss & Kurt Schreiter
3. TEAM TEAL - Rob Good & Vince DeJong
4. TEAMRED - Keith Thorarison & Peter Junek
5. TEAM BLUE - Neil Dignam & Dave St James
6. TEAM GREEN - Eric Robertson


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