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October 10/05 9:58 am - Herald Sun Tour, Lots of 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 10/10/05

Herald Sun Tour - Australia

Stage 2 - Bendigo 151 km

1 Dainius Kairelis (Ltu) Amore & Vita 3:20:55
2 Matt Lloyd (Aus) VIS Jayco at 0:01
3 Baden Cooke (Aus) Française des Jeux 0:02
4 David McKenzie (Aus) HLP/Superstore s.t.
5 Brett Lancaster (Aus) VIS Jayco 0:03

16 Dominique Perras (Can) HLP/Superstore 0:05


1 Sean Sullivan (Aus) Savings and Loans 3:26:30
2 Joshua Collingwood (Aus) Savings and Loans at 0:01
3 Nicolas Portal (Fra) AG2r Prévoyance 0:04
4 David McKenzie (Aus) HLP/Superstore 0:05
5 Christophe Oriol (Fra) AG2r Prévoyance s.t.

9 Dominique Perras (Can) HLP/Superstore 0:08

Stevens Cross Cup - Hamburg, Germany
Courtesy David Gazsi

1 Camiel Van den Bergh (Ned)
2 Christian Heule (Sui)
3 Wilant van Gils (Ned)
4 Simon Zahner (Sui)
5 Jiri Pospisil (Cze)

11 Greg Reain (Can)

Bessette Doubles Up, McCormack Wins Sprint in Tacoma
Courtesy USA Cycling

With only one bit of elevation on the course to separate the strongest riders in Sunday's second stop of the 2005 Crank Brothers US Gran Prix of Cyclocross, the 80-meter long Kona Knapp Time Run-Up proved a pivotal point in Sunday's Rad Racing Gran Prix of Cyclocross at Fort Steilacoom Park in Tacoma, Wash. While the Elite Women's race went to Canada's Lyne Bessette (Cyclocrossworld-Louis Garneau) for the second day in a row, a tactical 60 minutes of racing unfolded in the Elite Men's event, with cyclocross veteran Mark McCormack (Team Clif Bar) getting the best of the argument in a sprint finish.

Showing top form for the opening of the season, Bessette soloed off the front of a bewildered women's field, chalking up her second win in as many days and her third win in the last week. While unable to put a dent into Bessette's margin a chase group of four materialized ˆ Barbara Howe (Velo Bella), Ann Knapp (Kona), Wendy Simms (Kona), and Georgia Gould, winner of the FOCUS First Lap prize. With Bessette long gone, the chasing quartet lined up to sprint out the final two spots on the podium. Howe came over the top of Knapp and Simms for second, her best-ever finish in a US Gran Prix race. Knapp rounded out the podium.

While Saturday's winner, Ryan Trebon (Kona Les Gets), tried another off-the-front effort in Tacoma, a better prepared Elite Men's field was having none of it. A high end group of seven chased down Trebon before the halfway point, turning the race into a series of tactical attacks, thrusts, and parries. With nearly 20 years of cyclocross racing to his credit, McCormack used his accumulated wile in concert with legendary brute strength to push the pace and weed out the pretenders the second-to-last time up the Knapp Time Run-up. With the other riders back on their heels, McCormack drove home an impressive sprint to win the race ahead of Trebon and Tim Johnson (Cyclocrossworld-Louis Garneau). Andy Jacque-Maynes (Specialized) won the Elite Men's FOCUS First Lap prize as the race's fastest rider on the opening lap of the Fort Steilacoom Park.

Elite Men
1. Mark McCormack (Team Clif Bar)
2. Ryan Trebon (Kona Les Gets)
3. Tim Johnson (Cyclocrossworld-Louis Garneau)
4. Geoff Kabush (Maxxis)
5. Barry Wicks (Kona Les Gets)

Elite Women
1. Lyne Bessette (Cyclocrossworld-Louis Garneau)
2. Barbara Howe (Velo Bella)
3. Wendy Simms (Kona)
4. Ann Knapp (Kona)
5. Georgia Gould

Junior Men
1. Bjorn Selander (Alan Factory)
2. Danny Summerhill (TIAA-Cref)
3. Alex Howes (TIAA-Cref)

Masters 35+
1. Richard Feldman
2. Dale Knapp
3. John Gallagher

Strathcona Cyclo-cross - Edmonton, Alberta
Courtesy ABA

Presented by United Cycle

Sunday, October 9th - Strathcona Science Park, Edmonton

Sport Men
1 Gunnar Giese United Cycle 49.08
2 David Larson Juventus 50.15
3 Roger Clemens United Cycle 50.31
4 Reid Cummings Cyclemeisters 50.36
5 Dan Hunka Juventus 51.17
6 John Encarnacao United Cycle 51.34
7 Axel Hallbauer ERTC/redbike 51.45
8 Trevor Pombert United Cycle 51.51
9 Gary Middleton Juventus 52.28
10 Pat Ferris Blizzard 52.41
11 Maurray Aubin ERTC/redbike 53.07
12 Mark Woodhouse Independent 53.07
13 Marcelo Lafuente Pedalhead Radworks 53.21
14 Aaron Amar Pedalhead Radworks 53.55
15 Michael Meeres CABC/Projekt One 54.03

-1 lap
16 Mike Kohlenberg United Cycle
17 Lance Harris Juventus
18 Kyle Harris Juventus
19 Connor Witzke Juventus
20 Jeff Davis ERTC/redbike
21 Darcy Reynard ERTC/redbike

-2 laps
22 Will Monteath Juventus
23 Mac Garvin Black Sheep
24 Don Fox Juventus DNF

1 Sarah Robbins Cycledelia 47.49
2 Sian Barraclough Velocity 49.01
3 Alana Casidy Rock n Road 51.47

-1 lap
4 Patti Tetrault Rock n Road
5 Shona Schleppe Pedalhead Roadworks
6 Stephanie Roorda Synergy
7 Carrie Grover DirtGirls
8 Joanne Breau Bicisport
9 Samantha Grover Juventus

Expert Men
1 Brys Francis United Cycle 50.37
2 Brennan Bagdan Pedalhead Roadworks 50.48
3 Chris Stipdonk United Cycle 51.22
4 Mark Rumsey Hardcore 51.51
5 John Riess Pedalhead Roadworks 51.59
6 Sandy Hilton Pedalhead Roadworks 52.04
7 Tracy Shearer Juventus 52.41
8 Marty Machacek Synergy 52.48
9 Ken Riess Pedalhead Roadworks 52.52
10 Jeff Helm Cycledelia 53.01
11 Tim Riess Pedalhead Roadworks 54.57
12 Bob Burden Juventus 55.22
13 Ed Gauvin Black Sheep 55.54

-1 lap
14 Jeff Klassen ERTC/redbike
15 Brian Kulman Synergy
16 Claude Breau Bicisport
17 Wayne Long United Cycle
18 Mike Johns CABC/ProjektOne DNF

1 Tim Heemskerk United Cycle 1.03.50
2 Shawn Bunnin Cycledelia 1.04.47
3 Nick Friesen The Bike Shop 1.05.21
4 Evan Sherman United Cycle 1.05.33
5 Sean Barr Pedalhead Roadworks 1.05.33
6 Mike Sarnecki Pedalhead Racing 1.05.47
7 Brent Johnson Independent 1.06.49
8 Kevin Williams Cycledelia 1.06.58
9 Ryan Hopping ERTC/redbike 1.07.12
10 Shaun Adamson United Cycle 1.07.48
11 Craig DeBellefeuille Synergy 1.07.56
12 Robin Baille Cycledelia 1.08.07
13 James Sparling Bicisport 1.08.09

-1 lap
14 Dan Wood ERTC/redbike
15 Per Strom Bicisport
16 Peter Toth ERTC/redbike
17 Shane Rush Velocity
18 Andre Sutton Hardcore
19 Cam McKnight ERTC/redbike
20 Matt Walker Cycledelia
21 Mike Bidniak Juventus
22 Craig Good Synergy
23 Cyrus Kangarloo Synergy DNF
24 Keith Bailey Deadgoat DNF
25 Bruce Copeland Juventus DNF


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