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October 24/05 10:28 am - US `Cross: Verge #4, Reports and Results

Posted by Editoress on 10/24/05

Wissahickon Cross - Verge MACC Series Race #4 Philadelphia, PA


1. Barry Wicks (USA) Kona, 59:12
2. Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona, at 0:24
3. Mark McCormack (USA) Clif Bar, 0:50
4. Tim Johnson (USA) Garneau, s.t.
5. Jesse Anthony (USA) Team Clif Bar, 2:30
6. Jonathan Baker (USA) Primus Mootry Racing, 2:38
7. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Kodak Gallery Sierra Nevada, 2:49
8. Sten Raeymakers (Bel) AWS Cycling Team, 3:01
9. Ryan Leech (USA) Fort - GPOA!, 3:09
10. Matt White (USA) FiordiFrutta, 3:35

23. Tristan Galbraith (Can) Kona, 7:04
DSQ. Nathan Chown (Can) Ital Pasta/Fuji Canada/St.Catharines


1. Lyne Bessette (Can) Garneau, 38:07
2. Barbara Howe (USA) Velo Bella, at 0:45
3. Christine Vardaros (USA) Velo Bella, 0:47
4. Tara Ross (Can) Victory Brewing, 1:18
5. Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) Independent Fabrication, 1:20
6. Georgia Gould (USA) Kona, s.t.
7. Mackenzie Dickey (USA) Team Bicycle Alley, 2:46
8. Melanie Swartz (USA) Squadra Coppi/IM Saab, 2:48
9. Rebecca Wellons (USA) Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycling, 2:49
10. Betsy Schauer (USA) FORT-GPOA, 2:52

22. Lesley Chown (Can) St.Catharines C.C., 8:38

(Millman Media) - Facing two very different courses on Saturday and Sunday's Verge Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series, Team Garneau's Lyne Bessette and Tim Johnson continued their strong start to the 2005 cyclocross season. In the greasy mud of Saturday's UCI Cat 1 Wooden Wheels race in Granogue, Del. Lyne ran her 2005 win streak to five while Tim finished second, his fifth podium of the season. With a dry, fast course in Sunday's UCI Cat 2 Wissahickon Cross in Philadelphia, Lyne continued business as usual, winning number six in as many starts. Tim overcame a last row start, passing nearly 50 riders to finish fourth in a sprint finish.

As has become her calling card, Lyne shot off the front in both races, choosing to play "catch-me-if-you-can" rather than taking any chances riding in a group. With Saturday's dicey conditions Lyne's fast start paid dividends, allowing her a clean look at the slick course. Sunday's fast course suited Lyne's road speed perfectly, allowing her to sprint away and never look back.

"I had a lot of fun in the mud. But it was a scary course the first time I rode it in practice," said Lyne. "My first couple corners were not so hot but after that I managed much better. Sunday I stayed on the front and went away as soon as I could."

On Saturday, Tim showed the bike handling and strength that put him on the podium at the 1999 World Championships. Battling with Ryan Trebon (Kona) through the mud, Tim rode with a combination of finesse and power, good enough for second. For Tim, Sunday's race ended almost before it began. An overzealous official sent Tim to the back of the start grid after a perceived start line infraction. Making the best of a bad situation, he charged through the Elite Men's field, coming within 30 seconds of catching eventual winner Barry Wicks (Kona). Mark McCormack (Team Clif Bar) outsprinted Tim for third while Trebon finished second.

"I was a little surprised to go so well in a Cat 1 race, it's still early for me. That was such a hard course, with the elevation change, and the mud. It's all stuff I really like, but I wasn't expecting it at all," said Tim. "On Sunday I had to catch back up and those guys were just gone. I was picking people off, but I didn't catch back up to Mark and Ryan until three-to-go, so I was pretty wasted."

Tim and Lyne continue their 2005 season October 29-30 with the US Gran Prix Michelob ULTRA races in Gloucester, Mass.

Autre course, autre victoire pour Lyne Bessette

Lyne Bessette ( / Louis Garneau) a mérité la victoire au cyclocross Wissahickon, la quatrième épreuve de la série Mid-Atlantic, à Glenmoore, en Pennsylvanie. À la ligne d'arrivée, la cycliste de Knowlton a devancé l'Américaine Barbara Howe.

« Aujourd'hui (dimanche), il s'agissait de l'une des premières courses de la saison où il n'y a pas eu de pluie, a indiqué Bessette. Le parcours était assez rapide, mais il y avait beaucoup de virages qui le rendait plus difficile que ce nous croyions en début de course. Le terrain était mou en raison de la pluie qui est tombée au cours des derniers jours, mais au moins nous n'étions pas dans la grosse boue. »

Bessette ne le claironnera pas sur les toits, mais force est d'admettre qu'elle est devenue la fille à battre sur les parcours nord-américains de cyclocross. « Oui, c'est le cas jusqu'à présent, mais je ne veux pas m'en mettre trop sur les épaules, a avoué l'athlète de 30 ans. Il me reste encore de grosses courses à faire sur le circuit du Grand prix américain, ainsi qu'aux championnats canadiens. »

Le week-end prochain, Bessette prendra part aux troisième et quatrième épreuves du Grand prix américain. La semaine suivante, elle participera aux championnats canadiens qui seront présentés à Hardwood Hills, en Ontario, où elle tentera d'obtenir sa qualification en vue des championnats du monde.

Chez les hommes, Tim Johnson, le mari de Lyne Bessette, a connu un très bon week-end. Il a pris le quatrième rang à Glenmoore, alors que, la veille, il avait terminé deuxième à Wilmington (Delaware).


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