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October 30/05 12:29 pm - Ontario 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 10/30/05

Wellington Brewery-Speed River Cycling Club Halloween 'Cross Race
Courtesy Steve Head

Day one of the race was held Saturday (October 29th) at Kelso Conservation Area. This event is the first ever two-day cyclo-cross event in Ontario. Day Two is tomorrow (Sunday) at Kelso. In addition to the podium awards presented for tomorrow's top finishers, awards will also be presented based on Overall Standings for both races.

The event has been made possible due to the support of our sponsors: Wellington Brewery, Speed River Bicycles, Even Construction, Redden Media, Outdoor Gear Canada, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Tim Hortons - Aberfoyle, True North Cycles, The Hub Bike Shop, Vellend Tech

1Luke WinnImpala BicyclesMin47:30325
2Jack BeersIndependentMin323
PlaceNameClubCat.Time Pts
1Zach WinnImpala BicyclesJr1:10:157 laps25
WOMEN (Junior, Senior, Master)
PlaceNameClubCat.Time Pts
1Anita LaglerWheels of BloorSW50:205 laps25
2Tara RossVictory BrewingSWat 1:3023
3Maogosha PyjorWheels of BloorSWat 1:4021
4Carolyne HaillChain ReactionMWat 5:0519
5Tabitha FergusonWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsMWat 5:5017
6Karen WatsonMcMaster CCSWat 6:4516
7Sarah BeersTrue North CyclesMWat 7:3515
8Celeste Jones-BaumgardtAquilaJWat 9:0014
9Andrea BacikMississauga BRCMWat 9:5013
10Heidi NixdorfTrue North CyclesMWat 11:2012
11Prisca NattererTrue North CyclesMW-1 lap10
12Mary Clare HaleyHamilton CCMW-1 lap9
13Lesley ChownSt. Catharines CCSWDNF0
PlaceNameClubCat.Time Pts
1Andrew StewartBiovailB45:555 laps25
2Roy AndrigoTeam PuschBs.t.23
3Peter HennessyIndependentBat 0:0521
4Ian StarkeIndependentBat 1:1519
5Mike VantilSilver Spokes CCBs.t.17
6Bobby MrveljMississauga BRCBat 1:3016
7Hugh HillTeam HardwoodBat 1:3515
8Paul DeanWesthaven HomesCat 3:4014
9John WaltonLondon Centennial WheelersCat 4:4013
10Martin KohnIndependentCat 4:5512
11Richard WadeNewmarket EaglesCat 5:3510
12Glen LaycockIndependentBat 6:109
13Augy MarmeloIndependentBat 7:308
14Don PerryNewmarket EaglesCat 8:507
15Jan KocembaIndependentDat 10:106
16David TuttleIndependentB-1 lap5
17Richard JacksonSt. Catharines CCC-1 lap4
18Bill BuckleyIndependentCDNF0
PlaceNameClubCat.Time Pts
1Paul GreeneChain ReactionA1:01:557 laps25
2Rodney MerchantIndependentAat 1:3523
3Daniel SalterD'Ornellas RacingAat 2:5021
4Chris CavacuitiIndependentAat 3:5019
5Paul StanojevicMississauga BRCAat 4:1017
6Steve HolditchWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsAat 4:3016
7Richard StrongWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsAat 5:1515
8Kris TobiasSport SwapAat 6:2014
9Zach SteinmanWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsAat 6:5513
10Joel RoseWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsAat 8:2010
11John McCormickThe Hub Bicycle ShopAat 9:559
12Alex SannaWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsA-1 lap8
13Roaul KhanZM Cycling ClubA-1 lap7
14Phillip MooreCyclepath OakvilleA-1 lap6
15Cliff VancliefThe Hub Bicycle ShopA-1 lap5
16John PucicD'Ornellas RacingA-1 lap4
17Brian TaitIndependentA-1 lap3
18Rod OlliverForest City VelodromeADNF0
19Chris HaukCoach / All Season SportsADNF0
20Chris WoodWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsADNF0
21Scott GerrieIndependentADNF0
PlaceNameClubCat.Time Pts
1Nathan ChownItal Pasta - Transport BelmireSr1:03:428 laps25
2Mike GarriganEpic Ride / DigicaSrs.t.23
3Andrew WatsonGearsRacing.comSrat 1:3521
4Peter MorseChain ReactionSrat 1:5019
5Warren TilbrookSt. Catharines CCSrat 3:1017
6David DermontTrue North CyclesSrat 3:3016
7John KalinowskiChain ReactionSrat 5:4515
8Tim CarltonSport SwapSrat 6:0514
9Stephane DeshaiesSt. Catharines CCSrat 7:0513
10Shawn MarshallIndependentSrat 7:3012
11Peter GlassfordEpic Ride / DigicaSrat 7:4510
12Zach GammageEpic Ride / DigicaSr-1 lap9
13Keith MooreWaterloo CC / The Flying DogsSr-1 lap8
14Cameron JetteEpic Ride / DigicaSr-1 lap7
15Scott KellyMcMaster CCSr-1 lap6
16Stephane MarcotteCycle SolutionsSr-1 lap5
17Darko AnticIndependentSr-1 lap4
18Erik BoxThe Hub Bicycle ShopSr-2 laps3
19Dave CoughlinIndependentSrDNF0
20Shane HollingsheadIndependentSrDNF0
21Tara RossVictory BrewingSWDNF0


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