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October 31/05 11:35 am - Riders Wanted, London Six Day Final, 'Cross for a Cause, Sprockids Donation

Posted by Editor on 10/31/05

Team Terry 2006

Team Terry, a women's semi-pro road racing team based in Rochester, New York is currently seeking riders for its fifth consecutive season. The team will be focusing on a calendar of national and regional races primarily in the Northeastern US and Canada. If interested, please send a one page resume to

London Velodrome Six Day Final
Courtesy Rob Good

Session 1Sprint 1Sprint 2Final SprintPointsLaps Behind
Team Waterloo4714250
Team Delhi7210170
Team London2410161
Team Hamilton356141
Team Vancouver534121
Session 2Miss & OutFinal SprintAccumulated PointsLaps Behind
Team Waterloo58380
Team Delhi410310
Team Hamilton214301
Team London46261
Team Vancouver74232
Session 3Sprint 1Sprint 2Final SprintPointsLaps Behind
Team Waterloo348530
Team Delhi5214520
Team Hamilton2510471
Team London736422
Team Vancouver474382
Final Night 6
TeamRidersLaps BehindPoints
Team WaterlooRob Good / Adam Thuss053
Team DelhiVince DeJong / Eric Robertson052
Team HamiltonTaylor Martin / Garnet Abbey147
Team LondonJohn Craig / Jean Bertrand242
Team VancouverKeith Thorarison / Dave St James238
TeamRidersTotal Final Points
Team WaterlooRob Good / Adam Thuss59
Team DelhiVince DeJong / Eric Robertson52
Team HamiltonTaylor Martin / Garnet Abbey46
Team VancouverKeith Thorarison / Dave St James44
Team LondonJohn Craig / Jean Bertrand40

London Track League

Flying Lap
Alex Fournier 9.57
Chris Vlemmix 9.69
Neil Dignam 9.84
Brian Kelly 10.80
Dave Berman 10.90
Ernie Regan 12.10
Kyle Rupay 11.31
Julie Henry 11.37 ***
Billy Rudnicki 12.50
Amberly Berman 12.81

*** indicates new personal best

'B' Miss & Out
1. Michael Renneboog
2. Stephen Myer
3. David Bee
4. Neil Dignam
5. Brian Kelly
6. Alex Fournier

Velo-Kids Handicap
1. Amberly Berman
2. Julie Henry
3. Kyle Rupay
4. Billy Rudnicki
5. Ernie Regan

5 Lap Sprints
1. Alex Fournier
2. Michael Renneboog
3. Neil Dignam
4. Stephen Myer
5. Brian Kelly
6. David Bee
7. Dave Berman

Velo-Kids Handicap
1. Kyle Rupay
2. Julie Henry
3. Ernie Regan
4. Billy Rudnicki
5. Amberly Berman

5 Lap Sprints
1. Stephen Myer
2. Alex Fournier

'Cross 4 a Cause - Week 2
Courtesy Luc Arseneau

Well, after last week's cancellation due to Wilma, this week, we're going... Regardless of any of the Flinstones getting involved.

With the time change of the weekend, the biggest challenge will no longer be weather, but darkness! With that under mind, attached, you will find the map of this week's proposed modified course. The race will go counter-clockwise and the course will be 1399 metres long (about 100 m longer then week one).

Although we recommend head or bike lights, 90% of the course will be lit. So it is possible to race without a light (I personally tested with both options). We'll even have generators and lights where necessary.

So, Mountain bikes, elite rider, new racers, lights, no lights, we'll take them all. Remember, it's for a good cause (all registration money will go towards a good cause) and you level of racing will be adjusted with a handicap, everybody can win!

On the handicap rule, week one's winner now must complete an extra lap while last place finisher can do one lap less.

Another factor will be possible colder conditions as the weeks go by. Here is my advice:

* When riding in the cold, layering is always the idea. To wear the big heavy coat is not always best. It's better to have two or even 3 small jackets then a big one.

* Cyclo-cross keeps you real warm during the race. No worries about this part! The important time is before and especially after. Bring clothes to change as soon as your race is over. We'll have facilities opened.

* Where you lose the most heat is at the extremities (head, feet, hands). Good gloves are primary. Something to wear underneath your helmet (if helmet is too small, take the sponges (velcros) out for extra room) is also important. As for feet, well, you don't really need the flashing shoe covers? A good ol' pair of socks will do. Simply cut a hole for your cleats, and you're in business!

So bring your smile and enthusiasm tomorrow night (November 1st) for 6:00 pm at St-Anselme Park (Dieppe, NB).

Sprockids Donation
Courtesy Guri Randhawa

At a time when funding for cycling in Canada is almost non-existent, five Edmonton based Cycling Clubs have teamed up to donate $ 2140 to the Edmonton Sprockids Program. United Cycle, Juventus, ERTC, Velocity and Pedalhead Road Works have joined up to donate all proceeds from the Mid Week Inter Club Race Series to the Sprockids Program.

" Myself along with the other Club Presidents felt it was important to give back to the cycling community and to make sure that all kids had the opportunity to ride and race bikes regardless of their background. Cycling is a big part of my family and it is important to me that everyone have access to this wonderful sport." - Guri Randhawa.

Wayne MacKenzie, the program's Coordinator had this to say about the donation: "This wonderful donation will be used to purchase new kids sized Road & Track bikes as well as helmets, should they need them within the SPROCKIDS or LAMP programs. It is heartwarming to know that the our current cyclists have the future of cycling, and the kids in it, at heart through their donations".

Due to the overwhelming success of Sprockids, a new program for the Sprockids graduates has been created for 2006, as they had nowhere else to continue their training. The new Lori-Ann Muenzer Cycling Program (LAMP) will be a 13 week course which will include Rules & Etiquette for all cycling, and four weeks each of Road, Track, and Mountain / Cross cycling. The ABA has given the program the 2005 Grassroots Initiative Grant which will be used to train three new coaches, one in each discipline. The program will be available to all kids ages 8 - 13, that are Graduates of Sprockids, or are already advanced riders, and will be held at the Argyll Velodrome.

For more info on the program, please contact the Alberta Bicycle Association or Juventus Cycling Club.


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