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November 7/05 12:17 pm - Aurora `Cross Results

Posted by Editoress on 11/7/05

Aurora `Cross (UCI) Aurora ON

U17 MaleDiff
1. Jared Stafford (Can) Cyclissimo Cycling Club17:35
U15 Male
1. Noah Summers (Can) Newmarket Eagles CC11:04
2. Conor O`Brien (Can) Ride With Rendallat 0:23
3. Kiernan Orange (Can) Ride With Rendall01:33
4. Jack Beers (Can) True North Cycles02:42
Master 40-49 Men
1. David Dermont (Can) True North Cycles40:20
2. Robert Orange (Can) Ride With Rendallat 0:48
3. John E Kalinowski (Can) Chain Reaction0:49
4. Peter Toth (Can) Team Alberta:ERTC/Redbike02:49
5. Ian Starke (Can)03:26
6. Tracy Shearer (Can) Juventus CC03:30
7. Peter Hennessy (Can)03:36
8. Adrian Jackson (GBr)03:40
9. Thomas Stevens (Can) Cycle Logik Racing03:54
10. Bobby Mrvelj (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing C04:11
11. Jeff Hehn (Can) Saskatoon Cycledelia - SK05:13
12. John Crumlish (USA) Westchester MBA - NY06:52
13. Darko Antic (Can)08:03
14. Philip Robinson (Can) Hup United - MA USA- 1 lap
15. Chris McDonald (Can)- 1 lap
DNS. Eric Orschel (Can) Sports Swap Racing
DNS. Augy Marmelo (Can) Team Biovail
DNS. Andrew Stewart (Can) Team Biovail
DNS. Paul O`Blenes (Can) The Cyclery
DNS. Garnett Abbey (Can) D`Ornella`s Racing Team
DNF. Pierre Perrin (Can) Midweek CC
Master 50-59 Men
1. Ed Campbell (Can) St. Catharines CC41:20
2. Joseph Brown (USA) Flying Rhino CC - MIat 3:13
3. Don Fox (Can) Team Alberta:Juventus CC3:33
4. Richard Wade (Can) Newmarket Eagles CC6:23
5. Martin Kohn (Can)8:42
6. Rob Galbraith (Can) Bicycle Works- 1 lap
7. Graham Clarke (Can)- 1 lap
8. Francis Morrow (Can) Hamilton CC- 1 lap
9. Richard Jackson (Can)- 2 laps
DNS. Bill Buckley (Can)
Master 30-39 Men
1. Normon Thibault (Can) Frontrunners - B.C.39:16
2. Pascal Bussieres (Can) Biogen Idec - QCat 0:06
3. Craig C Hawkes (Can) The Cyclery0:37
4. Michael Wissink (USA) Specialized Bikes - USA0:37
5. Luc Proulx (Can) ∑quipe Xprezo - QuÈbec0:55
6. Derek Shiers (Can) Avanti Racing Club-Washington02:32
7. Keith Bayly (Can) Deadgoat - Alberta3:03
8. Paul Greene (Can) Chain Reaction3:08
9. Kevin Simms (Can) Team Hardwood3:17
10. Stephane Deshaies (Can) St. Catharines CC3:34
11. Emile Fromet de Rosnay (Can)3:44
12. Steve Proulx (Can) The Cyclery3:49
13. Pierre Boilard (Can) Biogen Idec - QC3:50
14. Chris Wood (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs4:04
15. Steve Holditch (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs5:16
16. Pavle Stanojevic (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing C5:16
17. Marc Boudreau (Can) Ride With Rendall5:16
18. Chris Kiziak (Can) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team6:08
19. Richard Strong (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs6:27
20. Brian Haum (Can)6:46
21. Zachary Steinman (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs6:55
22. Abbey Garnett (USA)8:28
23. Andre Charlebois (Can) Mike`s Bike Shop - NB8:56
24. Andrew McRae (Can) FranksRedHot:Aztech8:59
25. Stephane Marcotte (Can) Cycle Solutions9:30
26. Greg Black (USA) Test Pilot - NY9:55
27. Sam Babe (Can)10:05
28. Erick Begin (Can) Lapdogs Cycling10:31
29. Scott Gerrie (Can) Team Biovail10:43
30. Clifford Vanclief (Can) The Hub Bicycle Club10:44
31. Roaul Khan (Can) ZM Cycle & Fitness CC- 1 lap
32. Joel Rose (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs- 1 lap
33. Alex Sanna (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs- 1 lap
34. Roderick Olliver (Can) Forest City Velodrome Assoc.- 1 lap
35. Brian Tait (Can)- 1 lap
36. Brian Rogers (Can) Brampton CC- 1 lap
DNS. Rodney Merchant (Can)
DNS. Kris Tobias (Can) Sports Swap Racing
DNF. Matthew Berridge (Can)
DNF. John McCormick (Can) The Hub Bicycle Club
DNF. Michael Lowry (USA) Minuteman Road Club - MA
DNF. Glenn Cameron (Can) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team
Master Women
1. Nicola Mann (Can) Avanti Racing Club-Washington37:45
2. Martha Handford (Can) IndependentFabrication-MA0at 3:18
3. Carolyne Haill (Can) Chain Reaction4:05
4. Tabitha Ferguson (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs5:10
5. Vicki Thomas (Can) Ride With Rendall5:18
6. Alana Cassidy (Can) Saskatoon Cycledelia - SK6:34
7. Sarah Beers (Can) True North Cycles7:04
8. Heidi Nixdorf (Can) True North Cycles8:22
9. Patty Tetreault (Can) Rock`N`Road CC - Sackatchewan10:05
10. Prisca Natterer (Can) True North Cycles11:52
11. Michelle Jackman (Can) Franks Red Hot- 1Lap
DNS. Maryclare Haley (Can) Hamilton CC
Junior Men
1. Mike Bidniak (Can) Team Alberta:Juventus CC41:35
2. Garrett McLeod (Can) Valley Stove and Cycle - NSat 0:55
3. Tim Clarke (Can) Canary Cycles - Newfoundland2:25
4. Zachary Winn (Can) Impala Bicycles4:20
DNS. Kevin Hazzard (Can) Freewheel Cycle:McMaster CC
Elite Women
1. Lyne Bessette (Can)41:39
2. Wendy Simms (Can) Kona Les Gets (KLG)at 0:27
3. Tara Ross (Can) Victory Brewing3:04
4. Stacey Spencer (Can)4:16
5. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Team Biovail5:39
6. Amanda Shaw (Can) Team Biovail7:09
7. Sarah Robbins (Can) Team SK:SaskatoonC`ldia7:36
8. Anne Schwartz (USA)8:37
9. Jennifer Magur (USA) Team Biovail9:21
10. Maogosha Pyjor (Can) Wheels of Bloor- 1 Lap
11. Jaymie McGowan (Can) McMaster CC- 1 Lap
12. Cynthia Phelan (Can) Velocity Racing- 2 Laps
DNS. Lesley Chown (Can) St. Catharines CC
Elite/Espoir Men
1. Tim Johnson (USA) The Jittery Joe's - Kalahari1:04:46
2. Greg Reain (Can) Stevens RT:Cycle Logikat 2:10
3. Peter Wedge (Can) Kona Les Gets (KLG)2:58
4. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics Cycling - B.C.*3:11
5. Mathew Hewitt (Can) Oak Bay Bicycles5:03
6. Andrew Watson (Can) GearsRacing.com5:11
7. Martin Lazarski (Can) RockyMountain BusinessObjects*5:23
8. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling - B.C.5:47
9. Aaron Fillion (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club5:48
10. Peter Morse (Can) Chain Reaction6:21
11. Nick Friesen (Can) Team Alberta:Bike Shop-AB6:22
12. Ryan Belliveau (Can) Atlantic Cycling Center NB6:34
13. Per Strom (Can) Bicisport CC - Alberta*6:48
14. Jonathan Card (USA) Cane Creek - MI USA7:43
15. David Gagnon (Can) Sportif Bromont - QuÈbec7:51
16. Tristan Galbraith (Can) Kona Les Gets (KLG)8:10
17. David Coughlin (Can)9:33
18. Jer Walker (USA) Cane Creek - MI USA- 1 Lap
19. Rob Britton (Can) Team Saskatchewan- 1 Lap
20. Travis Brown (Can) The Cyclery- 2 Laps
21. Shawn Bunnin (Can) Team Saskatchewan- 2 Laps
22. Shaun Adamson (Can) Team Alberta:United Cycle- 2 Laps
23. Warren Tilbrook (Can) St. Catharines CC- 2 Laps
24. Shawn Clarke (Can) The Cyclery- 2 Laps
25. Timothy Carleton (Can) Sports Swap Racing- 2 Laps
26. Brooke Boocock (Can) Cycle Logik Racing- 2 Laps
27. John Roden (USA) Shickluna - NY- 1 Lap
28. Mike Sarnecki (Can) Team Alberta:Pedalhead - AB- 1 Lap
29. Keith Moore (Can) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs- 2 Laps
30. John Fee (Can) Velocity Racing- 2 Laps
31. Michael Dennis (Can) Midweek CC- 2 Laps
32. Mark Stables (Can)- 2 Laps
33. Alexander Fulton (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club- 2 Laps
34. John van Arragon (Can) The Hub Bicycle Club- 5 Laps
DSQ. Nathan Chown (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire
DNS. Kyle Douglas (Can) Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing
DNS. Mathieu Toulouse (Can)
DNS. Ian Manning (Can) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team
DNF. Ryan Hopping (Can) Team Alberta
DNF. Benoit Simard (Can) Specialized Bikes - USA
DNF. Drew MacKenzie (Can) Sugio Factory T:Giant
DNF. Dave Brown (Can) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team
DNF. John Lamey (Can)
DNF. Shawn Marshall (Can)
DNF. Jarrod Forrest (Can) Cycle 99.5
DNF. Phil Cortes (Can) UC Sable - New Brunswick
DNF. Osmond Bakker (Can) Cycle Logik Racing
DNF. Kyle Rothwell (Can) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees
DNF. Scott Kelly (Can) McMaster CC:Freewheel Cycle
DNF. Nicholas Vipond (Can) Team Hardwood


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