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November 13/05 11:05 am - Ontario Cyclocross Championships Results

Posted by Editoress on 11/13/05

Ontario Cyclocross Championships Ottawa, ON

Hosted by Ottawa Bicycle Club (OBC)

Senior Men
1. Peter Morse (ON) Chain Reaction0:52:53.0
2. Aaron Fillion (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:52:57.1
3. Mathew Hewitt (ON) franks red hot0:53:01.5
4. Travis Brown (ON) The Cyclery0:54:21.3
5. Bill Hurley (QC) The Cyclery0:54:53.4
6. Derrick C St John (ON) OBC0:56:18.4
7. Marcel Vautour (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:58:08.1
8. Warren Macdonald (ON) J & J Tabasco0:58:14.3
9. Glen Rendall (ON) Ride with Rendall0:58:32.3
10. Alan Reain (ON) Cycle Logik Racing0:59:53.5
11. Michael Dekelver (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:00:26.6
12. Neil Schiemann (ON) ottawa bicycle club1:00:31.4
13. Wai-Ben Wong (ON) Frank's Red Hot1:00:43.6
14. Fee John (ON) Velocity Racing1:00:57.6
15. Kyle Rothwell (ON) CAVERN CYCLES - SNEA1:02:31.1
16. Marco Li (ON) Aquila Racing/Racer- 1 lap
17. Nicholas Vipond (ON) Hardwood Hills- 1 lap
18. John Garwood (ON) Ottawa bicycle club- 1 lap
DNF. Eric Marcotte (ON) Independent
Espoir Men
1. Martin Lazarski (ON) Rocky Mountain Busin0:53:13.7
2. Peter Glassford (ON) EPICRIDE/DIGICA.CA0:54:09.8
3. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing0:55:54.7
4. Mark Batty (ON) Gears Racing.com0:57:44.2
5. Shawn Clarke (ON) The Cyclery0:58:08.9
6. Alexander Fulton (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:58:36.7
7. Michael Lalonde (ON) Les Rouleurs de l'Ou0:59:40.6
8. Cameron Jette (ON) Epic Ride/Digica.net1:00:37.1
9. Scott Kelly (ON) Scott Kelly1:04:16.7
DNF. Antoine Gauthier (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
Senior Women
1. Anita Lagler (ON) Wheels of Bloor0:50:39.5
2. Amanda Shaw (ON) Team Biovail0:50:46.2
3. Maogosha Pyjor (ON) Wheels of Bloor0:52:22.4
4. Melissa Chappel (ON) J&J/Tobasco0:53:07.7
5. Karen Watson (ON) McMaster Cycling Clu0:54:38.0
6. Cynthia Phelan (ON) Velocity Racing0:55:22.3
7. Briana Illingworth (ON) n/a1:03:29.4
Junior Men
1. Matthew Mccartney (ON) J AND J/TABASCO0:47:28.9
2. Zac Winn (ON) Impala Bicycle0:48:47.9
3. David Farnell (ON) J & J Tobasco0:51:25.4
Junior Women
1. Stephanie Beckett (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:05:57.1
Master A
1. Craig Hawkes (ON) The Cyclery0:56:25.2
2. Steve Proulx (ON) The Cyclery0:57:33.3
3. Stephane Deshaies (ON) St-Catharines Cyclin0:57:37.0
4. Kris Westwood (ON) The Cyclery0:57:43.3
5. Rodney Merchant (ON) Cervelo0:57:46.8
6. Paul Greene (ON) Chain Reaction0:58:30.4
7. Lorne Anderson (ON) La Bicicletta0:58:41.0
8. Stachon David (ON) Independent0:59:00.3
9. Emile Fromet De Rosnay (ON) Independent0:59:04.4
10. Roberto Vani (ON) Reynold-Koolini Racing0:59:20.2
11. Steve Holditch (ON) Waterloo Cycling Club1:00:46.1
12. Robert Kerr (ON) The Cyclery1:00:55.0
13. Justin Varney (ON) The Cyclery1:01:08.3
14. Marc Boudreau (ON) Ride with Rendall1:01:23.5
15. Brad Hunter (ON) EPICRIDE/DIGICA.CA1:01:28.2
16. David Munden (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:01:28.9
17. Mike Leach (ON) The Cyclery1:02:17.3
18. Pavle Stanojevic (ON) Mississauga Bicycle1:02:35.9
19. Michael Bennett (ON) OBC1:02:45.2
20. Glenn Cameron (ON) Bikespots - Pfaff RT1:02:48.9
21. Richard Strong (ON) Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs1:02:50.7
22. Mike Abraham (ON) Woodcock1:03:01.4
23. Paul Chedore (ON) Cycle Logik Racing1:03:05.0
24. Alistair Scott (QC) West Quebec Wheelers1:03:13.4
25. Vince Caceres (ON) The Cyclery1:03:40.1
26. Doug Fraser (ON) Cavern Cycles- Sneek1:04:23.6
27. Joel Rose (ON) Waterloo Cycling Club1:04:37.6
28. Stephane Marcotte (ON) Cycle-Solutions1:05:32.4
29. Gibson Boyd (ON) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dee1:05:32.7
30. Michael Fy (ON) Brockville Cycling C1:05:58.4
31. Jay Heins (ON) Jay Heins1:07:42.1
32. Aarron Jackson (ON) Gears & Grinds Racing1:07:44.9
33. Clifford Vanclief (ON) The Hub Bicycle Club- 1 lap
34. Alex Sanna (ON) Waterloo Cycling Club- 1 lap
35. David Wright (ON) Independent- 1 lap
36. Rod Olliver (ON) FCVA- 1 lap
37. Mark Samborsky (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club-2 laps
DNF. Scott Gerrie (ON) Team Biovail
Master Men B
1. David Dermont (ON) True North Cycles0:44:20.2
2. John E Kalinowski (ON) Chain Reaction0:44:25.7
3. Robert Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall0:45:02.4
4. Paul O'blenes (ON) The Cyclery0:45:43.7
5. Roy Andrigo (ON) Team Pusch0:45:46.5
6. Colin Campbell (ON) The Cyclery0:45:47.8
7. Jon Gee (ON) Multi-Laser Racing0:46:34.7
8. Tom Stevens (ON) Cycle Logik Racing0:46:45.0
9. Marc Chiarelli (ON) Ride With Rendall0:46:47.5
10. Peter Hennessy (ON) Independent0:48:34.3
11. Garnett Abbey (ON) DORNELLAS0:48:44.5
12. David Bilenkey (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:49:34.8
13. Eric Betteridge (ON) OBC0:49:35.8
14. Bernard Durand (ON) Ride with Rendall0:49:36.2
15. Peter Schuck (ON) westboro crank maste0:49:41.2
16. Stephen Basiren (ON) J&JCycleTabasco0:49:47.8
17. Ronald Ross (ON) Cycle Logik Racing0:50:12.4
18. Peter Conn (ON) Ottawa BC0:50:46.8
19. Pierre Perrin (ON) Midweek CC0:51:19.2
20. Allen Cameron (ON) Westboro CrankMaster0:51:19.2
21. Len Harris (ON) Independent0:52:20.7
22. Darko Antic (ON) ind0:52:25.8
23. Jean Emard (PQ) Vellend Tech0:54:19.2
24. Pierre Leblanc (ON) Independant0:55:08.7
25. Serge Tongoc (ON) Ride With Rendall0:55:44.3
26. Andrew Gustyn (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:57:07.4
27. Doug Beckett (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:04:46.8
Master Men C
1. James H. Laird (ON) Multi Laser0:45:43.2
2. Ed Campbell (ON) St. Catharines CC0:45:44.4
3. Greg Christie (QC) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:47:59.8
4. Ian Austen (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:55:24.6
5. Vytas Janusauskas (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:56:42.7
6. Graham Clarke (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club0:59:15.2
7. Brian Farnell (ON) J & J Tobasco0:59:31.5
Master Men D
1. Pierre Gendron (QC) Quebec Sportif0:53:16.1
2. Jan Kocemba (ON) independent0:53:46.0
3. Gary Romkey (ON) OBC0:54:49.8
4. Phillips Ron (ON) OBC0:55:34.8
5. Carroll Roy (QC) Sport Excellence0:56:33.7
. Les Humphreys (ON) Almonte Bicycle Club- 1 Lap
Boys under 13
1. Yohan Patry (QC) Espoirs Laval0:57:43.3
Boys under 15
1. Conor O'Brien (ON) ride with rendall0:46:51.8
2. Luke Winn (ON) Impala Bicycle0:51:21.2
3. Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall0:52:31.0
4. Chris Ciszewski (ON) 0:56:04.8
Boys under 17
1. Jared Stafford (?) Cyclissimp0:49:06.0
Master Women
1. Carolyne Haill (ON) Chain Reaction0:54:26.1
2. Tabitha Ferguson (ON) Waterloo CC/Flying D0:55:29.1
3. Vicki Thomas (ON) Ride with Rendall0:55:49.6
4. Jen Adams (ON) OBC0:57:08.9
5. Nancy Manning (ON) ottawa bike club0:58:34.5
6. Andrea Bacik (ON) MBRC0:59:54.9
7. Heidi Nixdorf (ON) True North Cycles1:01:41.2
8. Patricia Konantz (QC) OTTAWA BICYCLE CLUB1:04:48.5
9. Prisca Natterer (ON) True North Cycles1:07:24.8
10. Maryclare Haley (ON) hamiltoncycling club1:09:36.5


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