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November 14/05 2:39 am - Nanaimo `Cross: Report and Results

Posted by Editoress on 11/14/05

Cross on the Rocks #2: BC Cyclocross Series Final Beban Park, Nanaimo BC
Courtesy Normon Thibault

November 12th

The Nanaimo cross crew were very excited to close out the first BC Cup series with the 8th race. We showcased a redesigned course at Beban Park, Nanaimo.

The Course
The course length was 2865M with each lap consisting of 160M of pavement, 1183 of ubder growth (rough grass), 1124M of hard gravel, 315M of the BMX Track (mixed pavement and dirt), and 83M in the Barn. It had big features thrown in as well with each lap having 2 sand sections, 1 larger run up, 1 set of stairs and a 3 pack of barriers in the barn. The opening and finishing straights were both paved. It featured rough hard and soft grass, tight forest sections, steep and not as steep climbs and some quick short downhills. The weather was perfect. There were far more spectators than racers on hand to cheer on the racers.

Race 1: Beginners
We had group of 11 beginners on the course right on time at noon. The beginner course took out 2 of the more technical sections of the course including 1 run up but was more that tough enough! Quickly establishing a lead was Triathlete Tara “Ferrari” Ross (Aviawest) (not to be confused with Tara Ross from Hamilton - Victory Brewing) just ahead of Jak New (Escape Velocity). By the end of lap one Ross had established a big lead with New battling it out with Carrie Sather and Tara Altimas (Ever Ti Bikes). Sather attacked her group in the 3rd lap and set off after Ross. Ross came in at 36:19 with Sather 30 seconds behind. Altimas dropped a fading New for 3rd. New was first male with Kyle Chatlain (Frontrunners) in 2nd and 60+ Triathlete, Kit Johaneson (Frontrunners) pulling in 3rd for the boys.

• Codie Ward (Frontrunners) was forced to drop out of the race as her cleat came right off her shoe. She would later race in the women’s race.
• Robin Dutton (Arrowsmith Bikes Nanaimo) also completed 2 laps in his first race since being hit by a car in June.

Race 1.5: The Kids
We had 3 boys out for the kids race over the abbreviated course with Wendy Simms (Kona) leading the way so that they did not get lost. Taking the holeshot was Nicholas Tarver with Curran Jongsma going right with him. Keeping them in his sights and holding in 3rd place was Nicholas Croome. Through the first lap Nicholas T. and Curran went wheel for wheel. Each time Curran went for the pass Nicholas T would crank it up. After lap 1 the order remained the same. Over the mini-barriers there were a few bobbles and funny re-mounts but Nicholas T. would not give up his position. It came down to the finishing straight away where Nicholas found himself under geared on his BMX and Curran played his last card sprinting by Nicholas and winning by about a meter. An enthusiastic Nicholas Croome came in for 3rd. (Some great pictures of the boys in our gallery)

Race 2: Intermediate-Masters and Women
The Men’s Intermediate and Master raced together for series points but we awarded them separately for top 3. It was a mad dash at the start with a group of Justin Mark (Tantalus-Giant), Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners), Nels Guloien (Sugoi), Brad Collins (Sugoi) and Kim Steed (Steed Cycle) establishing themselves at the front. After a couple of laps Guloien and Collins came off the back of the lead pack and Jason Sandquist (Frontrunners) made a huge effort and bridged up to the group. The four stayed together for the next laps with Mark pushing the pace with Jongsma, Steed and Sandquist holding position 3 and 4. On the last lap Jongsma broke away for the victory. There was a sprint for second between Steed and Mark with Mark taking it. Sandquist came in for 4th.

Starting 1 minute after the boys 10 women headed out for their 7 laps. The race at the front was between Stacy Spencer (Cycle Smart-Javelin) and Kelly Jones (Sugoi-Bianchi) who battled back and forth for the first 1.5 laps. Spencer then put in a steady attack and started to make time on Jones over the next laps. Holding in 3rd place was Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood Cycling Club). There were some great battles mid field between Barb Zimich (Team Costal) and Heather King (Wedgewood Cycling Club). At the line it was Spencer at 54:10 with Jones at 1:10 and Stewart 4:34.

Race 3: Expert
The longest event of the day started with 22 guys and one girl (Wendy Simms-Kona) on the line. They faced 8 laps of the course. Starting out hard were Drew MacKenzie (Sugoi-Giant) and Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics). They established a nice gap over the chase group of Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain), Kris Sneddon (Kona-Les Gets), Andrew Kyle (Sugoi-Giant), Rob Brittan (Team Costal), Kevin Noiles (Escape Velocity) and Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain-Adobe). Further behind that group was Normon Thibault (Frontrunners-Brodie) and former National MTB Champion Ricky Federau (Gears Racing). After Lap 1 Pinfold and MacKenzie had a good sized gap with the second group losing a few members and Thibault and Federau making their way up to the chase group. Over lap 3 Federau had joined the chase group and the leaders were starting to come back. On lap four the lead group consisted of Pinfold and MacKenzie. Then Federau and Calhoun with Thibault finally making his way up to the chase group. Federau put in a little attack past the leaders and MacKenzie went with him. MacKenzie was not able to hold the leaders pace and started to drift back to the chase group of Pinfold, Calhoun and Thibault. Then MacKenzie’s Seat post snapped with 2 laps to go. Riding on his top tube on the road sections and standing for the rest he limped into the pits to borrow a bike for the finish. The chasing trio of Pinfold, Calhoun and Thibault exchanged attacks and leads over the last laps with them still remaining together heading into the bell lap. Thibault tried attacking on the BMX course but Calhoun and Pinfold would not be shaken. Heading into the run up Pinfold put on a big attack on foot, gapping both Calhoun and Thibault. Calhoun responded and dropped Thibault. At the line Federau 1:01:58 had time to get his warm up clothes on before Pinfold came across 1:22 later with Calhoun another 8 seconds, Thibault 4th and a hard finishing Sneddon for 5th. MacKenzie finished in 10th.

The course used for Sunday’s race will be the one for the National Championships in 2006. It was very well received. We have posted a number of pictures of the course as well as racing so that people can get a feel for the course. It proved to be pretty spectator friendly as well.

We awarded first places for the First ever B.C. Cup series to; Andrew Pinfold (Men’s A), Kim Steed (Men’s B) and Stacey Spencer (Women). Stacey Spencer and Sarah Stewart actually tied on points but it went to Stacey based on number of top finishes. Sarah just started racing this year winning the beginner event at the first race at Diver Lake.

The FSA RD200 Wheels from Orange Sport Supply were taken home by draw prize winner Dan Mc Donald. The $400 Helly Hansen Men’s Jacket was won by Menno Jongsma who was a racer as well as a volunteer.

The after party at Frontrunners went late into the night with DJ All Good spinning the tunes. There was over $1200 raised for travel for Nanaimo Athletes at the party. Great food, great drinks and funny runners and cyclists dancing!!

Thanks to everyone that came out including volunteers, spectators and racers.

Special thanks to our prize sponsors: Frontrunners, Adidas, Helly Hansen, NRG Distribution, Aerosmith Mountain Cycle, Orange Sport Supply and Schwalbe

With thanks for the support from: Nanaimo Parks and Recreation, the Vancouver Island Exhibition, Nanaimo and District Equestrian Association, Nanaimo BMX Association, City of Nanaimo and all of our volunteers.

Photos are posted. We will add more photos as people send them to us (if you have more send them!)

Next and last race in B.C. for the year is the Provincial Championships in Fort Langley on November 20th. For more information check out:

For more information on Nanaimo cross races log onto: <

4 laps Slightly Shorter Circuit
1. Tara Ross - F (Aviawest)36:19
2. Carrie Sather - F at 0:30
3. Tara Altimas - F (Ever Ti Bikes)1:14
4. Jak New - M (Escape Velocity)1:22
5. Kyle Chatlain - M (Frontrunners)5:35
6. Kit Johaneson - M (Kal Rats)6:08
7. Erin Ward - F (Frontrunners)6:11
8. Carrie Farr - F (Runners of Compassion)8:37
9. Alison Keple - F (Frontrunners)1 lap
DNF. Robin Dutton - M (Frontrunners)
DNF. Codie Ward - F (Frontrunners)
2 laps of short circuit
1. Curran Jongsma (M)7:04
2. Nicholas Tarver (M)at s.t.
3. Nicholas Croome (M)0:47
Masters - 7 laps
1. Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners)51:55
2. Jason Sandquist (Frontrunners)at 0:26
3. Nels Guloien (Sugoi)1:05
4. Trevor Hopkins (Norco-Flora Glow)1:22
5. Brian Griffin (Wenting Cycle)1:56
6. Dave Nowak (Frontrunners)3:24
7. Jamie Gauthier (Frontrunners)7:50
8. Dan Proulx (
9. Grant Bullington (Frontrunners)7:19
10. Derek Tripp (Nanaimo Cycling Club)10:41
11. Ken Jones (Frontrunners)1 lap
12. Michael Achuff (Pedalhead)1 lap
13. David Kenny (Mid-Week CC)1 lap
DNF. Corey Piket (Frontrunners)
Intermediate - 7 laps
1. Justin Mark (Tantalus-Giant)52:05
2. Kim Steed (Steed Cycles)at 0:02
3. Mark Bennett (Cables and Cops)40
4. Brad Collins (Sugoi)47
5. Christian Hansen 2:10
6. Ken Dean (Tantalus-Kona)3:14
7. David Holden (Aviawest)4:01
8. Trevor Jones (Cowichan Valley Cycling) 5:41
9. Graham Versailles (Escape Velocity)5:45
10. Chiron Kaztakis (Escape Velocity)8:11
11. Meshkat Javid 1 lap
DNF. Eric Gowland (Victoria Wheelers)
Women - 7 laps
1. Stacey Spencer (Cycle Smart-Javelin)54:10
2. Kelly Jones (Sugoi-Bianchi)at 1:10
3. Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood Cycling Club)4:34
4. Christy Love (Wedgewood Cycling Club)5:41
5. Leah Guloien (Sugoi-Giant)7:16
6. Barb Zimich (Team Costal)9:55
7. Heather King (Wedgewood Cycling Club)10:14
8. Lee Darling (Team Costal)1 lap
9. Shera Molday (Wedgewood Cycling Club)1 lap
10. Codie Ward (Frontrunners)1 lap
Expert - 8 laps
1. Ricky Federau (Gears Racing)1:01:58
2. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)at 1:22
3. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)1:28
4. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners-Brodie)1:50
5. Kris Sneddon (Kona-Les Gets)1:57
6. Rob Brittan (Team Coastal)2:04
7. Dan MacDonald (Opus-OGC)2:13
8. Kevin Noiles (Escape Velocity)2:44
9. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain-Adobe)2:47
10. Drew Mackenzie (Sugoi-Giant)2:52
11. Fred Hodgson (Island Cycle)5:05
12. Rick Rodland (Norco-Flora Glo)5:32
13. Andrew Kyle (Sugoi-Giant)5:55
14. David Perrin (Independent)6:01
15. Graeme Martindale (Frontrunners)6:12
16. Craig Richie (Cove Bikes)6:26
17. Patrick Love (Independent)7:01
18. Wendy Simms (Kona-Frontrunners)1 lap
19. Dan Molgat Roy (Pedalhead-Sleemans)1 lap
DNF. Scott Macgregor (Steed Cycle)
DNF. Troy Woodburn (Pro City Cycle)
DNF. Robert Gosselin (Atomic)
DNF. Jason Fluckiger (Baysicle)

73 riders


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