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November 20/05 11:04 am - Forest City Velodrome: Ontario Cup #2: report, results and standings

Posted by Editoress on 11/20/05

Forest City Velodrome

The past 10 days have been "Over the Top" in more ways I can tell you ... From the high of receiving our Trillium Grant, to the low of tending to one of our up and coming riders after crashing, during what was suppose to be a fun Madison, in front of one of largest crowds of the season.

In the last 5 laps of the 30 minute Madison, an exchange between teammates Vince Dejong & Adam Thuss went terribly wrong. Exact details are still being analyzed but, the end result was that Adam was sent over the handlebars landing face first on the track. The impact caused Adam to lose a tooth and receive extensive track rash to his face but luckily no broken bones.

I spoke with Adam's Dad this afternoon. He was released from the hospital and was able to walk to the car for the long ride home. Adam was in good spirits considering the impact. During the check up, Adam had to provide a urine sample. He asked the nurse if she needed "A" and "B" samples ..... both samples apparently came back negative.

Earlier in the evening, Bermuda when down on the last lap of the Points race. The rider causing the crash was DQ'd from the race. The race committee is looking at further sanctions. A decision will be made by Wednesday.

On a happier note, the racing on Saturday night was a Fundraising event for the London "Italian Seniors Project". The large crowd was thoroughly entertained with a wide variety of track racing. We are still counting the admissions and it looks like over $1,000.00 will go to the Project. A Big thank you to all the Volunteers who made the entire day flow so easily.

I am also pleased to announce that the Ontario Trillium Foundation has been able to provide funding to the Forest City Velodrome. The grant will be used for operations, camps for women & young racers. The grant was not as much as we applied for, but it will go a long way in supporting the Velodrome. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the grant application, and to the volunteers that make our Velodrome operate so efficiently.

Get Well Adam & Bermuda ... we hope to see you at the track soon.

Yours in Sport rg

November 19th Results

Velo-Kids Kilo
1. Kyle Rupay1:35:7
2. Payton Dearing1:48:3
3. Connor Haycock1:54:0
4. Amberley Berman1:57:4
3000 M Masters
1. Brooks Rapley4:06:5
2. Malcolm Eade4:18:7
3. David Jack4:20:4
4. Simon Dearing4:21:7
5. Garnet Abbey4:21:9
6. Chris Vlemmix4:27:2
7. Sean Smith4:29:7
8. Dave Haycock4:34:7
9. Rob Rupay4:45:2
10. Martin Thuss4:54:0
11. Brian Kelly4:54:3
12. David Berman5:18:0
3000 M Ladies
1. Joanna Wiersma4:46:3
2. Emma Wensing4:50:7
3. Julie Henry5:31:23
3000 M Juniors
1. Vince DeJong3:55:5
2. Matt Robertson4:01:4
3. Alex Korten4:11:3
4. Joseph Veloce4:11:7
5. Stephen Meyer4:24:7
6. Darren Korten4:36:2
7. Alex Fournier4:40:7
4000 M Seniors
1. Keith Thorarison5:27:8
2. Dave Byers5:44:9
3. Dave St James5:45:7
4. Kurt Schreiter5:52:0
5. Jean Bertrand5:55:1
6. Neil Dignam5:56:1
7. Mike Angiers6:03:6
8. Chris Hampton6:04:6
Masters A Points Race (50 Laps)
1. Garnett Abbey17
2. Brooks Rapley16
3. Malcolm Eade14
4. Chris Vlemmix10
5. Simon Dearing7
6. Dave Haycock4
7. David Jack4
8. Sean Smith3
Masters B Points Race (50 Laps)
1. Emma Wensing19
2. David Bee17
3. Martin Gledhill15
4. Rob Rupay10
5. Martin Thuss10
6. Brian Kelly5
7. Julie Henry0
8. Joanna Wiersma0
Junior Points Race (50 Laps)
1. Vince DeJong1 lap + 19 pts
2. Alex Korten20
3. Joseph Veloce15
4. Matt Robertson13
5. Stephen Myers7
6. Alex Fournier1
7. Darren Korten
Senior Points Race (50 Laps)
1. Adam Thuss20 pts
2. Keith Thorarison19
3. Jean Bertrand12
4. Kurt Schreiter10
5. David Byers8
6. Neil Dignam5
7. Chris Hampton2
8. Mike Angiers
Italian Pursuit (5 Laps)
Heat 1. Martin Gledhill defeated David Bee
Heat 2. Martin Thuss defeated Adam Thuss
Final . Martin Gledhill defeated Martin Thuss
Ladies Sprints (5 Laps)
Sprint 1
1. Emma Wensing
2. Joanna Weirsma
3. Julie Henry
Sprint 2
1. Joanna Weirsma
2. Emma Wensing
3. Julie Henry
Sprint 3
1. Emma Wensing
2. Joanna Weirsma
3. Julie Henry
1. Brooks Rapley
2. Chris Vlemmix
3. Garnet Abbey
4. Sean Smith
5. Malcolm Eade
6. Simon Dearing
7. Dave Haycock
8. David Jack
9. Dave Berman
10. Brian Kelly
1. Joseph Veloce
2. Alex Korten
3. Stephen Myers
4. Alex Fournier
5. Darren Korten
1. Keith Thorarison
2. Adam Thuss
3. Kurt Schreiter
4. David Byers
4. Mike Angiers
6. Neil Dignam
7. Chris Hampton
Tandem Flying Lap
(Terry Detheridge & Vince DeJong)9.67
1. Team Orange (Vince DeJong & Adam Thuss)
2. Team Green (Keith Thorarison & Neil Dignam)
3. Team Blue (Garnet Abbey & Stephen Meyers)
4. Team Red (Rob Good & Kurt Schreiter)
Scratch Race ˆ (5 Laps)
1. Kyle Rupay
2. Billy Rudnicki
3. Payton Dearing
4. Connor Haycock
5. Amberley Berman
Flying Lap
1. Kyle Rupay11.07
2. Billy Rudnicki11.87
3. Ernie Regan12.01
4. Payton Dearing12.14
5. Amberley Berman12.53
6. Connor Haycock13.06
Handicap Race ˆ (3 Laps)
1. Amberley Berman
2. Payton Dearing
3. Kyle Rupay
4. Billy Rudnicki
5. Connor Haycock

Standings (after 2 events) in pdf format.


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