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November 22/05 12:10 pm - BC Cyclocross Championships, Birthdays

Posted by Editoress on 11/22/05

BC Cyclocross Championships Langley BC


Over 50 riders competed in this year's BC Cyclocross Championships at Aldor Acres in Langley on Sunday, November 20th. Under a blanket of fog and temperatures hovering around 5C, conditions were ideally suited for a battle for the BC Championship titles. Cold feet and muddy bikes were the order of the day.

The Juniors and Women started off the day of competition at 9:00am with Sean Stanhope taking a commanding lead early on and not looking back. Kelly Jones took control of the women's race and held on for the win. The battle for second place was tightly contested between Sara Steward and Kerry Van Kooy. Stewart managed to hold on for second and Van Kooy for third.

A field of 23 riders competed for the Master Men's title. Nels Guloien set a punishing tempo from the start with Chiron Kantakis following his lead. Guloien eventually rode away from Kantakis to take a solo victory.

A strong field of men showed up to compete for the Elite Men's title. Shortly after a frantic start, a crash took down a few of the riders including Andrew Kyle. After the first lap, Ricky Federau took the lead and never looked back. Kris Sneddon and Andreas Hestler were left behind in Federau's wake to battle for second place. Sneddon laid the beats down and came in for second with Hestler rounding out the podium. After Federau, the ride of the day would go to Kyle who battled his way from dead last after crashing to finish fourth place.

The quote of the day came from 1989 BC Cyclocross Champion Chris Barth on the run-up, "Come on guys, this isn't a walk-a-thon!"

Elite Men
1. Ricky Federau
2. Kris Sneddon
3. Andreas Hestler
4. Andrew Kyle
5. Drew Mackenzie
6. Dan MacDonald
7. Sven Sturm
8. Kevin Noiles
9. Kevin Calhoun
10. Tom Evans
11. Jason Fluckiger
12. Basse Clement
13. Patrick Love
14. Kim Steed
15. Rick Rodland
16. Will Pratt
17. Dan Molgat-Roy
DNF. Scott McGregor
DNF. Aart Van Kooy

Master/Intermediate Men
1. Nels Guloien
2. Chiron Kantakis
3. Mark Bennett
4. Simon Pulfrey
5. Bryce Fegley
6. Christian Hansen
7. Brian Griffin
8. Trevor Porter
9. Jay Loder
10. Brent Hambleton
11. Gord Ross
12. Mike Koski
13. Urs Bleuler
14. Jeff Hanninen
15. Adam Galbraith
16. Matt Stevens
17. Kenny James
18. Bob Chew
19. Dwayne Sales
DNF. Brad Collins
DNF. Tyler Dumont
DNF. Jak New
DNF. Stacey Moon

1. Kelly Jones
2. Sara Stewart
3. Kerry Van Kooy
4. Amanda Butler
5. Katherine Short
6. Barb Zimich

1. Sean Stanhope
2. Graeme Bant
3. Sebastian Sleep

Birthday greetings to....

Belated wishes to Linda Jackson who celebrated on the 13th,and Gord Fraser on the 19th.

A happy birthday to Eron Chorney celebrating today and Josh Hall tomorrow.


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