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August 29/98 11:31 am - Grand Prix Féminin International Stage 3 results

Posted by Editor on 08/29/98

Grand Prix Feminin International - Stage 3

Results from todays 96.9km stage in Farnham.

Stage 3
1Melanie NadeauCANCC Vezar-Sugoi2:30:42
2Regina MarundeGERGermany
3Kim LangtonCANTeam Elita
4Chrissy ReddenCANCanada
5Sandy EspesethCANBC Team
6Élisabeth Chevanne-BrunelFRAQuébec Tour-Air Transat
7Cybil DiguistiniCANTeam Elitaall s.t.
8Anne SamploniusCANQuébec Tour-Air Transatat 3:30
9Melanie McQuaidCANCanada
10Teah GoldsteinCANBC Team
11Alison SydorCANCanada
12Lyne BessetteCANCC Vezar-Sugoi
13Amy JarvisCANTeam Elita
14Fanny LarivièreCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat
15Allyson FoxCANTeam Ontario
16Sabine SpitzGERGermany
17Sue PalmerCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat
18Patricia SinclairCANCanada
19Sophie RadeckiCANTeam Ontario
20Sophie St-JacquesCANTeam Elita
21Caroline AlexanderGBRTeam Elita
22Annie GariepyCANTeam Elita
23Melanie DorionCANTeam Elita
24Alison DunlapUSAGermanyall s.t.
25Karen TimewellCANBC Team3:37:00
26Darnelle MooreCANBC Team3:42
27Simone EsslingerGERGermany3:45
28Kathleen MillarCANTeam Ontario8:29
29Nadia RoyCANCC Vezar-Sugoi19:22
Sabine GentieuFRAQuébec Tour-Air TransatDNF
Nora RöschGERGermanyDNS
1Alison DunlapUSAGermany7:59:02
2Alison SydorCANCanadaat 0:04
3Lyne BessetteCANCC Vezar-Sugoi0:26
4Caroline AlexanderGBRTeam Elita0:43
5Sue PalmerCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat0:55
6Élisabeth Chevanne-BrunelFRAQuébec Tour-Air Transat3:28
7Sandy EspesethCANBC Team3:35
8Chrissy ReddenCANCanada3:38
9Kim LangtonCANTeam Elita3:39
10Cybil DiguistiniCANTeam Elita4:41
11Regina MarundeGERGermany6:38
12Melanie DorionCANTeam Elita7:10
13Melanie NadeauCANCC Vezar-Sugoi7:11
14Sabine SpitzGERGermany8:04
15Melanie McQuaidCANCanada8:11
16Anne SamploniusCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat9:38
17Teah GoldsteinCANBC Team10:12
18Amy JarvisCANTeam Elita10:21
19Patricia SinclairCANCanada11:33
20Allyson FoxCANTeam Ontario12:05
21Annie GariepyCANTeam Elita12:20
22Sophie St-JacquesCANTeam Elita12:31
23Karen TimewellCANBC Team16:27
24Fanny LarivièreCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat16:32
25Kathleen MillarCANTeam Ontario19:24
26Darnelle MooreCANBC Team21:52
27Simone EsslingerGERGermany24:53
28Sophie RadeckiCANTeam Ontario25:39
29Nadia RoyCANCC Vezar-Sugoi35:56
1Team Elita24:11:06
3Québec Tour-Air Transat24:12:05
5BC Team24:33:54
6Team Ontario24:40:31
7CC Vezar-Sugoi24:22:34
1Alison SydorCANCanada33
2Alison DunlapUSAGermany30
3Lyne BessetteCANCC Vezar-Sugoi29
1Alison DunlapUSAGermany47
2Alison SydorCANCanada41
3Lyne BessetteCANCC Vezar-Sugoi30

The GP International will conclude tomorrow with a 14.6km ITT at 9:30 am in the town of Brigham and a 40km criteium at 3pm in Cowansville.


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